Special Clinical Focus

  • Hip endoprosthetics
  • Knee endoprosthetics
  • Prosthesis replacement surgery
  • Direct anterior approach
  • AMIS approach
  • Surgical templates tailored to the patient

About us

Prof. Henrik Schroeder-Boersch
Prof. Henrik Schroeder-Boersch is a specialist orthopaedic surgeon with additional qualifications in the fields of special orthopaedic surgery and sports medicine.
As a specialist in orthopaedics and special orthopaedic surgery with years of experience, Prof. Schroeder-Boersch specialises, in particular, in endoprosthetics, that is, the use of artificial joints. Above all, hip and knee prosthetics are particular emphases of his surgical activity. Here, as well as the initial implantation of hip and knee prostheses, he also performs replacement surgery for worn or loose endoprosthetics in the hip and knee.

The Aukamm Clinic
The Aukamm Clinic is a specialist orthopaedics clinic, which has a total of 57 beds and in which, as in-patient doctors, Prof. Schroeder-Boersch and his colleagues perform more than 2,400 surgical procedures each year. In the course of this, the patients are always given complete care, from the diagnosis to the surgical treatment and to the comprehensive follow-up care. The individual care, which, unfortunately, is sometimes wanting in large departments, is highly valued by patients.

From the patients’ point of view, the Aukamm Clinic has an excellent reputation. On the rating portal, www.klinikbewertungen.de, the Aukamm Clinic’s ratings are unrivalled, with 6 stars each for “Quality of Advice” and “Medical Treatment”, and, according to the patient evaluations, the Clinic is one of the best hospitals in the Rhine-Main region. You will find our evaluations here (in German).

Your new knee prosthesis
Insights into the correct techniques for implantation in the field of knee prosthetics has multiplied markedly in recent years. Prof. Schroeder-Boersch has always been a trailblazer here, insofar as, since 2006, he has been the organiser and chairman of a large number of national and international training courses. His innovative, electronic textbook on achieving a soft tissue balance in knee joint replacement has been viewed over 10,000 in professional circles.

Prof. Schroeder-Boersch continues to conduct regular visiting lectures for senior consultants at the Aukamm Clinic on the topic of knee and hip joint prosthetics. State-of-the-art templates tailored to the individual patient are also utilised in the implantation of knee prostheses. You will find further information on the made-to-measure knee here (in German).

Your new hip prosthesis
In order to meet the increasing expectations of the patients, both high-quality implants have been developed and the surgical techniques have been further optimised in recent years. Here, as one of the few surgeons in the Rhine-Main region, Prof. Schroeder-Boersch has utilised the muscle-conserving direct anterior approach (also known as the AMIS approach) in the implantation of hip prostheses since 2009. This technically demanding surgical technique allows full weight-bearing mobilisation at an early stage and reduces postoperative limping almost completely. An extensive assessment of the conservative alternatives, however, is always a part of the counselling since each patient has his own requirements and perceptions.

Diagnostic Services

  • Digital X-ray with digital planning of hip and knee prosthetic surgery
  • 4-D spinal mapping
  • High-definition DVT (digital volume tomography) to display the bones of the knee joint
  • Sonography

Therapeutic Services

  • Muscle-conserving anterior approach in hip endoprosthetics
  • Navigation techniques in hip endoprosthetics
  • Surgical templates tailored to the patient in knee endoprosthetics

Special Offers / Arrangements / Rooms

The Helios Aukamm Clinic has single and double rooms. Further service packages can also be arranged. As well as German and English, thanks to our registrars, we are also able to ensure communication both in Arabic and in Russian.

As the state capital, Wiesbaden has a wide range of hotels. A good 4-star hotel (the Hotel Aukamm) is within walking distance. Other hotels of all standards are located in the city centre, just over a mile (2 km) away. The Clinic collaborates very closely with the directly adjacent rehabilitation clinics (the Median Aukammtal Rehabilitation Clinic and the Median Klaus Mielhke Clinic).

Leading Medicine Guide

of selected experts in the specialist field Endoprosthetics

Other services

  • Osteoarthritis of the hip
  • Osteoarthritis of the knee
  • Coxarthrosis
  • Gonarthrosis


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Railway stations in the vicinity

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