Special Clinical Focus

  • Computer-aided planning and performance of the implantations
  • Immediate implants / mini-implants
  • Autogenous bone culture / stem cell therapy to build up the jaw
  • Lumineers / veneers / all-ceramic crowns / ceramic implants
  • Laser treatment for peri-odontitis and surgical microbe reduction
  • Digital casting without triggering the gag reflex


About us

Dr Ralf Luckey MSc is a specialist oral surgeon / implant surgeon in Hanover. Here, he is the practice owner of the “Diagnostic Centre for Implantology and Facial Aesthetics”. Based on his Master’s degree in Dental Implantology, as a certified implantology specialist and Consulting Physician of the DZOI (the German Centre for Oral Implantology), Dr Luckey has also been honoured as a Premium Implantology Expert.

After Dr Ralf Luckey completed his studies at the Medical University of Hanover, he also obtained his doctorate here, under Prof. Hausamen in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Subsequently, he also successfully completed his second degree, a Master of Science, at the Europa University, Krems / Vienna, under the guidance of Prof. Krekeler. In his Master’s thesis, the specialist implantologist focused on the topic of dental implantology and, in particular, on the “Increase in Efficiency of Computer-based Navigation-supported Implantology in Anatomically Difficult to Treat Regions”.

Inter alia, Dr Luckey was engaged as a registrar at the German Centre for Dental Implantology before he founded his own specialist practice for oral implantology. He also acts as a consulting physician and the Director of Dentistry at the Department of Dentistry and Implantology at the Eilenriede Hospital in Hanover. As a consulting physician, Dr Luckey also maintains a private practice at the Dahlem Clinic in Berlin.

As a dentist working in oral surgery, he can account for 20,000 successful dental implants. His long-standing and well-founded experience makes Dr Luckey a Premium Implantology Expert, a specialist in implantology and, at the same time, a consulting physician of the DZOI. He is also employed by the DGZI as a consultant in dental implantology. Dr Luckey is active as a national and international speaker.

In 2003, the specialist implantologist also completed the European Specialist Examination and is thus one of the few German dental implantologists to have successfully passed this examination. He also holds the additional qualification of the European Dental Association, the EDA, as a specialist in implantology.  

As well as the many postgraduate and advanced qualifications, which Dr Luckey himself undertakes and completes, he also passes his knowledge and experience on to up-and-coming dental implantologists. So, for example, he is authorised by the DZOI to give advanced training in the Implantology curriculum at the German Centre for Oral Implantology, for the training of specialist dental implantologists.

Dr Luckey himself is one of the few specialists in Europe to hold the Licence in Autogenous Bone Culture and Stem Cell Therapy, for the performance of bone restructuring where there is no longer any bone available, in order to place implants. He is also one of the few specialists in the field of ceramic and mini-implants, which he has now been using successfully for more than a decade.

In the context of his by now 24 years of experience in implantology, Dr Luckey is in demand as a specialised journalist and has published scientific contributions in leading journals (Qintessenz, Spitta, etc.). The Premium Implantology Expert has also authored books and is the co-author of several text-books. As well, he has been awarded the DGI Conference Prize. Dr Luckey was awarded an honorary doctorate for his scientific work in the area of navigation surgery.

The range of services of the Diagnostic Centre for Implantology and Facial Aesthetics in Hanover include, for example, computer-aided implantation planning, immediate implants and zircon (ceramic) tooth replacement, as well as, in the area of dental anaesthetics, veneers and tooth-brightening. (bleaching).

Regenerative peri-odontitis treatments are performed by Dr Luckey using Emdogain, with laser treatments, which promote bone restructuring and ensure the retention of the tooth. In addition, the laser kills off bacteria.

Harvesting bone from the pelvis provides autogenous material for the transplantation in order to compensate for a lack of bone in the jaw, for example. The advantage of harvesting bone from the pelvis is that there are very few complications. The loss, even of cranial bone or bone from the maxilla or the mandible, can be compensated for by the transplantation of pelvic bone. At the same time, in the view of the specialist implantologist, Dr Luckey, a healthy jawbone is a basic requirement for an implant. The practice is certified under ISO 9001 and the Public Health Department has granted approval for the preparation of autogenous tissues and for autogenous blood therapy to accelerate bone and implant healing.

In order to prepare crowns and bridges without dental casting, Dr Luckey’s clinic works with the aid of digital technology. That means opto-electronically, with digital workflow, whereby the patient’s gag reflex and nausea are avoided when making a cast. At the same time, Dr Luckey is also specialised in the treatment of anxious patients, for whose treatment a specialised psychologist can be consulted.

Diagnostic Services

  • Digital casting (no longer any gag reflex)
  • Digital volume tomography (DVT)
  • Microbiological monitoring (DNS)
  • Digital virtual implant planning (Robodent)
  • Digital radiology chips for individual dental diagnosis
  • Functional analysis of the temporomandibular joint (CMD)


Therapeutic Services

  • Emergency dental implant service
  • Laser surgery
  • One-stop implant surgery and implant prosthetics
  • Autogenous bone culture (Biosseed)
  • Stem cell therapy (Rigenera)
  • Plastic surgery

Special Offers / Arrangements / Rooms

  • Foreign languages: English, Russian, Spanish, as well as all Arabic languages via an interpreter service
  • Several hotels of all categories can be found within close proximity to the clinic
  • Shuttle service from the airport and railway station


Leading Medicine Guide

of selected experts in the specialist field Oral Surgery / Dental Implant Surgery

Other services

  • Anxious patients
  • Atrophy of the jawbone
  • Peri-odontitis (peri-odontosis)
  • Disorders of the chewing function
  • Aesthetic flaws
  • Metal allergy, plastic allergy (treatment according to holistic principles)