Special Clinical Focus

  • Pancreatic cancer surgeries
  • Pancreatitis surgeries
  • Minimally invasive pancreas surgeries
  • Removal of the left-hand part of the pancreas
  • Removal of the pancreatic head
  • Pancreatic drainage surgeries

About us

Prof. Kraus is a specialist pancreatic surgeon in Frankfurt am Main. Here, the specialist pancreatic surgeon is the Senior Consultant at the General, Abdominal and Minimally Invasive Surgery Clinic and at the Pancreatic Centre at the Nordwest Hospital. Among the services, which the specialist pancreatic surgeon, Prof. Kraus, performs, are explorative laparotomy (an open abdominal procedure for diagnostic purposes) and laparoscopy (key-hole surgery), radical surgical resection (surgical removal) of malignant tumours, drainage procedures for inflammation or to eviscerate inflamed necrotic areas. Prof. Kraus also performs biliary tract reconstructions, bypass surgery for inoperable findings and suturing of pancreatic injuries. Whenever possible, the specialist pancreatic surgeon uses intraoperative ultrasound, minimally invasive surgery and video surgery.
So, the particular treatment emphases of Prof. Kraus in Frankfurt include pancreatic surgery, surgery for pancreatic inflammation and minimally invasive pancreatic surgery. The particular treatment emphases of the specialist pancreatic surgeon also include distal pancreatectomy, proximal pancreatectomy and so-called pancreatic drainage surgery.
Using the most up to date surgical techniques, the specialist pancreatic surgeon treats the following conditions: acute inflammation of the pancreas, chronic inflammation of the pancreas and pancreatic stones, as well as, for example, pancreatic cancer and carcinoma of the pancreatic body and neuroendocrine pancreatic tumours.
Surgery plays a major role for Prof. Kraus in the treatment of pancreatic tumours. The removal of the pancreatic tumour with its surrounding lymph nodes represents the single treatment for pancreatic cancer, which can lead to a cure.
Pancreatic procedures are surgically highly complex procedures, which demand enormous specific surgical experience. Today, following surgery, a good quality of life can be achieved.
Of these complicated pancreatic procedures, over 400 pancreatic surgical procedures have been performed by the specialist pancreatic surgeon, Prof. Kraus (Surgical Administration) over the last five years at the Nordwest Hospital in Frankfurt. In the process, all the surgical procedures were performed personally by the specialist pancreatic surgeon, Prof. Kraus, or under the direct supervision and assistance of the specialist pancreatic surgeon.
The specialist pancreatic surgeon, Prof. Kraus, has performed over 500 pancreatic resections, and has also visited and sat on numerous internationally renowned oncological treatment facilities as a scientific collaborator and, in the process, has gained additional experience. This has allowed the specialist pancreatic surgeon, Prof. Thomas Kraus, to extend his expertise as a very experienced abdominal surgeon, vascular surgeon and transplantation surgeon.
His wide ranging surgical training helps the specialist pancreatic surgeon in his complex upper abdominal surgery. Prof. Kraus has extensive experience in pancreatic surgery, hepatic surgery and biliary surgery. As Senior Consultant of some years standing at Heidelberg University Hospital, Prof. Kraus was the head of the Oncological Surgery section and was in charge of transplantation surgery there.
In addition, Prof. Thomas Kraus has been acknowledged as a specialist for the surgical treatment of tumorous cancers in the intestinal tract in Germany.

The specialist pancreatic surgeon, Prof. Kraus, and a circle of highly specialised consultants form the specialist team of pancreatic surgeons, who are very well able to meet the quality standards in pancreatic surgery and to implement structured advanced training at the Pancreatic Centre at the Nordwest Hospital thanks to their close collaboration and mutual support.
Since the quality of both the surgical and of the oncological treatment of the specialist pancreatic surgeon is measurable, the consistently documented performance figures have contributed to a successful certification as a Centre of Competence by the German General and Abdominal Surgery Association (DGAV).

The consistent surgery figures of the pancreatic surgeon are considered to be indicators for the Pancreatic Centre in Frankfurt and for its head, Prof. Kraus, to be able to represent the treatment quality achieved and to be able to display this for the patient.

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Other services

  • Acute pancreatitis
  • Chronic pancreatitis
  • Pancreatic stones
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Pancreas carcinoma
  • Neuroendocrine pancreatic tumors


Additional staff

Dr - Bernhard Ziegler - Pancreas surgery - Frankfurt

Bernhard Ziegler


Dr - Kersten Grimm - Pancreas surgery - Frankfurt

Kersten Grimm

Consultant, Co-Chair Colorectal Surgery

Dr - Stefan Berkhoff - Pancreas surgery - Frankfurt

Stefan Berkhoff

Consultant, Co-Chair Colorectal Surgery Unit

Dr - Kathrin Fleischer - Pancreas surgery - Frankfurt

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Dr - Davorin Wagner - Pancreas surgery - Frankfurt

Davorin Wagner


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