Special Clinical Focus

  • Hyperthermia and radiotherapy for breast cancer
  • Hyperthermia and radiotherapy for pelvic tumors
  • Pain irradiation for diseases of the musculoskeletal system
  • Re-irradiation
  • Comparative planning for photon and proton therapy (in collaboration with Paul Scherer Institute, Center for Proton Therapy, Villigen, Switzerland)

About us

Our core team consists of more than 35 staff members: specialized medical personnel, medical physicists and medical technicians, logistics and administration. Each specialty and each staff member bears responsibility for the institute and is an important building block in the quality and quality assurance of patient care. Important decisions in the surgical and strategic areas are mutually discussed with all department heads and, if possible, are arrived at by consensus.

The institute in its construction is unique in Switzerland. All offices and treatment rooms are located on two floors with daylight, also the radiotherapy rooms. We are very much interested in personally accompanying patients during therapy. To maintain open communication, we regularly inform our patients about the possibilities and limits of therapy and closely include relatives, family doctors and referring physicians in the consultations. The necessity of radiotherapy is always decided together with the responsible specialist.

Our institute is very well networked both nationally and internationally and is one of the 5 largest radiotherapy centers in Switzerland. Additionally, we participate in 10 interdisciplinary case discussions per week at the cantonal hospitals of Aarau, Olten and Baden to ensure optimal patient care.

We are the only institute in German speaking Switzerland that offers hyperthermia in combination with radiotherapy. Areas of expertise in superficial hyperthermia are the recurrence of previously irradiated breast cancers, as well as combination hyperthermia/radiotherapy in melanomas. Areas of expertise in deep hyperthermia include primary, recurrent or previously irradiated pelvic tumors, especially invasive bladder cancer, cervical cancer and rectal cancer.
An additional focus is the irradiation of chronically inflamed or degenerative diseases, which inadequately respond to standard therapies or chronically recur. Here the close collaboration with rheumatologists or orthopedic specialists is ensured.

Diagnostic Services

  • Our own planning CT
  • Fusion for planning with local 3 Tesla MRI, our own PET-CT and functional MRI for neuro-radiooncology patients
  • Comparison planning for photon therapy - proton therapy with the PSI (Paul Scherrer Institute) for breast and prostate cancer

Therapeutic Services

  • Three linear accelerators with a comprehensive treatment spectrum including high precision therapy (stereotactic irradiation)
  • Conventional x-ray equipment, especially for benign irradiation and skin tumor irradiation
  • Deep hyperthermia equipment
  • Superficial hyperthermia equipment



  1. Close cooperation with the Proton Center of the Paul Scherrer Institute Villigen for comparison planning and for patient selection, for example in breast cancer and prostate cancer
  2. Member of the RTOG (Radiotherapy Oncology Group) of the USA. Direct cooperating partner is the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.

Special Offers / Arrangements / Rooms

Consultation hours for second opinion in radiation oncology

Consultation hours for radiation therapry:

  • radiation for chronic inflammatory diseases (rheumatology
  • degenerative, painful disorders of the musculoskeletal system

Consutlation hours for hyperthermia (in cooperation with oncological personnel)

Ward for privately insured patients with English speaking personnel

Thermal bath with spa hotel in Schinznach Bad (10 km from Aarau) Availability of lodging for outpatient radiotherapy

The institute is surrounded by a small park (grass, old trees)

Leading Medicine Guide

of selected experts in the specialist field Radiation Therapy | Radiation Oncology

Other services

  • Curative / palliative radiotherapy for breast cancer
  • Curative / palliative radiotherapy for prostate cancer
  • Curative / palliative radiotherapy for lung cancer
  • Rheumatological diseases, degenerative diseases (arthrosis)
  • Inoperable soft-tissue sarcoma (radiowave hyperthermia)
  • Bladder cancer (organ-preserving radiowave hyperthermia)


Airports near

  • Zurich Airport50 km
  • Basel Airport50 km
  • Aarau Main Train Station0.5 km

Additional staff

Dr. - Andreas Meister - Radiation Therapy | Radiation Oncology - Aarau

Dr. med.
Andreas Meister

Consultant in Charge

Dr. - Jürg Heuberger - Radiation Therapy | Radiation Oncology - Aarau

Dr. med.
Jürg Heuberger

Head of Radiotherapy Planning, Acting Consultant in Charge, Pediatric Radiooncology, Lymphomas

Dr. - Emsad Puric - Radiation Therapy | Radiation Oncology - Aarau

Dr. med.
Emsad Puric

Head of Hyperthermia

Dr. - Istvan Takacs - Radiation Therapy | Radiation Oncology - Aarau

Dr. med.
Istvan Takacs

Head of Radiotherapy Inflammation and Joint Disorders

Prof. - Niloy Ranjan Datta - Radiation Therapy | Radiation Oncology - Aarau

Prof. Dr. med.
Niloy Ranjan Datta

Head Clinical Research Working Group Senior Staff Member,
Board Certified Radiation Oncologist