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In the specialist search of internal medicine oncologists you will find medical experts for therapies and surgical procedures in the speciality of haematology and internal medicine oncology. You are suffering from lymphoma, blood cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer or another tumour disease of the internal organs and are seeking an experienced specialist in internal medicine oncology? We will help you find the right specialist in the field of haematology and internal medicine oncology.

Speciality of internal medicine oncology

Haematology and internal medicine oncology are a sub-area of internal medicine and are involved with outpatient and inpatient diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care of malignant tumours of the internal organs as well as malignant or benign blood diseases in adults. For example, among others, the medical focus of internal medicine oncology includes tumours of the gastrointestinal tract and the lung, head and neck tumours, gynaecologic tumours such as breast cancer or cervical cancer, urological tumours such as prostate cancer and lymphoma, leukaemia and sarcomas.

Specialists for haematology and internal medicine oncology possess, in addition to surgical expertise, knowledge of the various diagnostic procedures as well as disease-related pre- and post-diagnosis treatment and preoperative and postoperative chemotherapy or radiation therapy. To become a specialist in haematology and internal medicine oncology, a physician must complete six years of postgraduate training.

Therapeutic range of services of internal medicine oncology

The therapeutic range of services of internal medicine oncology comprises various therapeutic measures for the treatment of tumours of the internal organs. The standard methods of tumour therapy that are used in the field of internal medicine oncology include radiation therapy and chemotherapy in combination with surgical procedures. In addition the therapeutic range of services of internal medicine oncology is supplemented by such newer developments as hormonal therapy, antibody therapy, immune therapy or antitumor therapies on an immunological basis.

Further therapeutic procedures that are used in internal medicine oncology include inclusive chemoradiation therapy, interventional therapies and chemo-embolisation or selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT), and radiofrequency-induced thermoablation (RITA) for liver tumours or tumours of the bones and lungs.