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In a search for specialists in allergology you will find medical experts for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases due to allergies. You suffer from an allergy? We will help you find an allergy expert.

Allergology is concerned with the occurrence and treatment of allergies. Allergologists are specialised in identifying the cause of an allergy through a variety of diagnostic procedures and then treating this. Frequently it is not easy to identify an allergy (allergen) and indeed resembles detective work. Because when it comes to allergens, the field of allergology has already identified over 20,000 possible known triggers. Patients must often undergo a variety of different allergy tests before the relevant allergen or allergens are found.

Once the relevant allergen has been found, allergology can make use of various treatment options. The most important measure is avoidance of the allergen. The allergic person must attempt to avoid the relevant allergen. In a situation where there is an allergy to only one or few allergens, hyposensitisation over a period of 3-5 years can be successful.

If there are allergy-related complaints, various medical treatments can be used that act both locally and systemically. To be allowed to practice as an allergologist, specialised physicians must complete at least a year of advanced training.

The diagnostic range of treatment of allergology comprises the following points:

  • Detailed history
  • Patch test
  • Prick test
  • Scratch test
  • Intracutaneous test
  • Exposure test
  • Search diet
  • Blood tests

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