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In the search for specialists in radiology you will find medical experts in imaging diagnostics. You would like to have preventive screening carried out for the early detection of cancer, such as breast cancer, cardiovascular disease or osteoporosis? Or you would like to contact a specialist in radiology for a second medical opinion? Here you will find selected specialists in radiology.

Specialist radiology/radiologist

Radiology is a specialty of medicine that focuses on dealing with imaging techniques. The radiologist specializes in the application of electromagnetic radiation and mechanical waves for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. The images that are produced are prepared and medically interpreted in order to clarify the symptoms of acute complaints. Thus your disease or injury can be treated optimally. The earlier a disease is detected the better the healing prospects in most cases.

The radiological expert now carries out a wide range of highly developed radiological procedures of medical diagnostics. To be allowed to practice as a radiologist, specialised physicians must complete at least five years of postgraduate training.

Diagnostic range of services of radiology

The diagnostic range of services of radiology includes for the most part conventional x-rays, native (without contrast medium), x-rays, ultrasound sonography, mammography, computer tomography (CT), magnetic resonance tomography (MRT), functional diagnostics, nuclear medicine, positron emission tomography (PET), scintigraphy (NM), galactography and thermography.


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