Dr Dr Brusco – Star Architect of the Face and Expert of the Chin Wing Method

Our most important body part for social interaction is — without a doubt — the face. Facial features and expressions are the first things we notice in other people. The face is important for communication from day one. Using their face, Infants can instantly interact with their mother and the environment. Empathy and imitation are the first interpersonal interactions that are „carried out“ by the face.

However, malformations, diseases, and accidents can disfigure a face. Modern medicine offers ways to mitigate the resulting impairments.

Oral and maxillofacial surgery deals with the treatment of functional and aesthetic impairments of the face. It is a relatively new discipline. The first professionally trained maxillofacial surgeon took up his work about 90 years ago.

The road to expertise is hard and long. To become a maxillofacial surgeon in Germany, you must earn a PhD in human medicine and a PhD in dental medicine. Only a few accept this challenge. One of them is renowned medical specialist and Leading Medicine Guide expert Dr Dr Brusco from Zurich, Switzerland.

Mr Brusco, why did you choose maxillofacial surgery as your speciality?

BRUSCO: There is this childhood experience that has left mark on me. A good friend of me had an accident and needed a jaw surgery. I was fascinated by what could be achieved with modern medicine even back then. Facial surgery healed my friend and made him laugh again. That was a formative influence.

And that’s what this specialist field is all about: With facial surgery you can manipulate the architecture of the face, meaning you can make fundamental changes to really help the patients.

I suppose you do not only change the patient’s face but also their whole life.

BRUSCO: That’s often the case indeed. The reactions we get when we show them before-and-after images are proof of this. It changes the patient’s self-perception. Something happens inside of them, they smile from ear to ear… and even further.

You are offering a so-called „Natural Profile Optimization“ using chin wing osteotomy, which you co-developed. What is this exactly?

BRUSCO: This new method — less than 10 years old — enables us to treat individual parts (editor’s note: of the face) without affecting any joints. With this method, we can treat the jaw and correct malalignments and disorders of the „frame“ of the face.

What makes the location of your practice so attractive?

BRUSCO: As in-patient doctor at the Zurich Clinic Pyramid, you can concentrate on your specialty and work completely independently. Still, you can use the excellent servies the Pyramid provides: great infrastructure, perfect location at a lake, restaurants, hotels and close proximity to the city center.

And what exactly is your specialty?

BRUSCO: Oral and maxillofacial surgery is a highly diverse field. I specialize mainly in malalignments of the jaw and profile optimization. Over the years, this technical know-how evolved into an artisanship, which I continuously expand with my expert knowledge and execute taking the latest medical insights into account. This makes my work really varied, challenging and exciting.

Many thanks for this great conversation, Mr Brusco.


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