Über den Leading Medicine Guide

About the Leading Medicine Guide

The Leading Medicine Guide is one of the leading national and international online premium expert platforms for renowned medical experts. The Leading Medicine Guide presents over 250 selected and recommended, highly qualified medical experts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in a transparent and neutral way.



Every patient wants the best possible treatment, but how is a patient who is looking for information supposed to know which specialists are genuine experts in their fields? The Leading Medicine Guide shows patients from anywhere in the world where to find the leading medical specialists in the German-speaking world.

The Leading Medicine Guide showcases the crème de la crème of outstanding specialists within the medical care sector. This enables the Leading Medicine Guide to close an information gap and act as an intermediary between patients seeking information and leading medical specialists, with the aim of providing information about the best possible medical care to all patients, both nationally and internationally, and thus ensuring greater transparency in the high performance sector of medical care.

Network effect

The Leading Medicine Guide unites over 250 selected clinics and doctors from various medical disciplines in a single communication platform. With their specialized offers of above-average quality in medicine, nursing care and infrastructure, the clinics listed in the Leading Medicine Guide have positioned themselves among the top clinics.

The Leading Medicine Guide is a common platform for positioning high quality medical specialized services on offer not only in national but also in international health markets. By means of the joint approach, a network of highly qualified doctors for strengthening the health sector is created.

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Quality – independent and neutral

The doctors listed in the Leading Medicine Guide were selected by the Leading Medicine Guide team, jointly with the medical advisers and co-operative partners in the media, by means of intensive research and comprehensive surveys of doctors and patients. The Leading Medicine Team consists of highly qualified staff with many years of experience in the health sector. High-quality information is thereby assured.

In order to be admitted to the Leading Medicine Guide, physicians and their medical facilities have to meet at least seven requirements of the ones mentioned below. They need to have long-term medical experience, use the latest diagnostic and surgical methods, work in a modern infrastructure, and have a professional quality management, including the participation in certification processes.

In addition to analysis of the results collected, the admissions procedure includes intensive personal discussions with the doctors selected and managers of chosen medical facilities and an on-site visit.


Selection Procedure

Quality assurance of the Leading Medicine Guides is ensured by the Leading Medicine Guide competence network. Extensive research and interviews of senior physicians and patients provide the basis of the selection procedure. After the first negotiations with the selected doctors and managing directors of the medical facilities as well as a personal visit of a member of the Leading Medicine Guide team, the admission to the Leading Medicine Guide is effected by mutual agreement.

Admission criteria

The catalogue of requirements of the Leading Medicine Guide competence network comprises in detail the following points amongst other things:
  • At least 10 years of experience in medical treatment
  • Mastery of modern diagnostic and surgical procedures
  • Representative number of annual surgeries, treatments and therapies
  • Outstanding focus of treatment in their special field
  • Active member of a leading national medical society
  • Managerial position
  • Active participation in medical conferences, symposia etc.
  • Research and teaching
  • Reputation and recommendation
  • Quality management

Important note

The qualifications and skills of doctors who are not presented here are in no way called into question. The Leading Medicine Guide's list of medical experts is not exhaustive.

On account of the extensive and multi-lingual presentation, the expenses are partially covered by an annual membership fee.

The content of this website is legally reviewed in regular intervals with respect to the current legislation.