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Medical experts in Berlin

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Medical Specialists in Berlin

Medical specialists and specialty clinics in Berlin recommended by senior consultants in Germany can be found in the Leading Medicine Guide. You can find experts in Berlin to treat your illness and you may contact them directly.

The metropolitan city of Berlin

Berlin is the largest city in Germany with about 3.5 million residents. As the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany with a turbulent past and several places of tourist attraction, Berlin is a magnet for visitors from all over the world.

Berlin as a healthcare location

There are a total of 91 hospitals with almost 22,000 beds and 43,000 employees. Each year about 720,000 patients receive inpatient treatment while 680,000 patients receive outpatient treatment in these hospitals. The Leading Medicine Guide shows you a selection of doctors and clinics that are ranked among the medical practitioners or specialty clinics in Berlin. Contact a specialist in Berlin directly.