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The city of Bern with almost 125,000 residents and a total area of about 52 square kilometres is located in the centre of Switzerland in the state of Bern on the River Aare. In terms of area as well as population density, Bern acquires the fifth spot in Switzerland after Zürich, Geneva, Basel and Lausanne. On an average there are 2484 people living in every square kilometer of Bern.

Surrounded by hills and woodlands Bern is a federal city and also the capital of Switzerland and as such serves as the administrative centre of Switzerland. Bern harbours not only the municipal and cantonal administration of Bern, but is also the administrative headquarters of the Swiss Confederation. The old city of Bern, which is a completely intact city of the Middle Ages, was listed by UNESCO as a World cultural heritage site in 1983. The so called bear pit at the end of the old city and the Bern monastery are among the most famous landmarks of Bern.

Bern has a total of 17 hospitals including 9 general hospitals and 8 specialty hospitals with a total of about 2200 hospital beds and 14,000 employees providing and medical treatment and care to the residents of Bern. About 94,000 patients receive inpatient treatment in these hospitals every year. In addition, there are about 350 Doctor’s surgeries, 115 dental practices and 52 pharmacies in Bern. In total, there are about 1200 doctors and 200 dentists working in Bern.