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Lucerne located in central Switzerland at the north-western end of Lake Lucerne at the effluent of the River Reuss has about 77,500 residents and is the seventh largest city in Switzerland after Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Lausanne, Bern and Winterthur. The city which is at 436 metres above sea level has an area of 29 square kilometres and is surrounded by gently rolling hills. Its average population density is 2600 residents per square kilometer.

Lucerne is the capital of the canton having the same name. It is the social, economic and cultural capital of central Switzerland. Its picturesque location between lakes and mountains and the well maintained old town, makes Lucerne a very popular resort for tourists. The landmark of Lucerne is the 35 metre high octagonal water tower located in the centre of the chapel bridge, the oldest covered wooden bridge spanning the River Reuss.

The canton of Lucerne has 8 hospitals in total, providing medical care to residents of Lucerne. The general hospitals and specialty hospitals in the city alone have about 1500 beds available for almost 49,000 people receiving inpatient treatment every year. Almost 8000 people are employed there. Besides, there are 519 doctors, 105 dentists and 19 pharmacists in Lucerne.