Special Clinical Focus

  • Gastric sleeve surgery
  • Gastric bypass surgery
  • Gastric balloon surgery
  • Minimally invasive bowel surgery
  • Minimally invasive hernia surgery
  • Minimally invasive anti-reflux surgery

About us

Prof. Thomas Carus is a specialist in bariatric surgery at the Obesity Centre at the Asklepios West Hospital in Hamburg. With his team of experts, Prof. Carus covers the entire range of the medical treatment of severe obesity (adiposity) at the Obesity Centre in Hamburg. So, for example, his range of services includes gastric sleeve surgery, gastric bypass, gastric pacemaker and plastic reconstruction.

The Obesity Centre in Hamburg has been certified by the German General and Abdominal Surgery Society (DGAV). For the patients at the Obesity Centre in Hamburg, this means that they are cared for in accordance with the recent medical insights, by specialists with wide experience in the greatest variety of diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. Together with specialists in various fields, the GP and the patient himself, strategies are developed at the Obesity Centre in Hamburg, so that obese patients are able to reduce their weight and to maintain this. Hence, the Obesity Centre in Hamburg has a variety of services, both for outpatient and for inpatient treatment. For example, the Obesity Centre in Hamburg has developed a four-stage dietetic treatment for obesity patients. Other therapeutic options at the Obesity Centre in Hamburg are exercise therapy, behavioural therapy and medication therapy, even if the latter plays only a minor role at the Obesity Centre in Hamburg.

If the conservative measures for weight reduction are not successful or if these cannot be used, bariatric surgery, with a variety of surgical techniques, is available at the Obesity Centre in Hamburg as an option for treating obesity patients. Together with the patient, the specialists in bariatric surgery in Hamburg select the most suitable technique for the patient. The specialists in bariatric surgery in Hamburg can, for example, reduce the size of the stomach surgically (gastric sleeve) or create a bypass of the stomach (gastric bypass). So-called gastric pacemakers are also implanted in the course of clinical studies at the centre for bariatric surgery in Hamburg. For most techniques, the specialists in bariatric surgery in Hamburg pursue the goal of achieving a more rapid feeling of satiety so that the quantity of food taken in decreases.

In addition, the surgeons at the centre for minimally invasive surgery have wide experience in laparoscopic procedures. The entire range, from simple laparoscopy to complex resection of the rectum for carcinoma, is performed with the highest degree of expertise.

Diagnostic Services

  • Sonography
  • Doppler and duplex sonography
  • Computed tomography
  • Magnetic resonance tomography (MRT)
  • Colonoscopy and rectoscopy
  • Endosonography
  • Laparoscopy
  • Fluorescence angiography

Therapeutic Services

  • Gastric sleeve surgery
  • Gastric bypass surgery
  • Gastric pacemaker implantation
  • Dietetic treatment
  • Exercise therapy
  • Behavioural  therapy
  • Bariatric surgery
  • Laparoscopic bowel resection
  • Laparoscopic anti-reflux surgery
  • Laparoscopic hernia repair
  • Anal pacemaker implantation
  • Plastic surgery

Special Offers / Arrangements / Rooms

  • Detailed patient information
  • Internal list of interpreters
  • Day unit
  • Overnight accommodation for patients and relatives at the Atlantic Kempinski Hotel
  • In addition to the special facilities in the room, additional services are available for you as an optional benefits patient: 
  1. Porter service to your room and flowers on arrival
  2. Individual bedside service by our service personnel
  3. Your regional or national daily newspaper each day
  4. Free headphones for your television
  5. Hand towels and bath towels changed daily and
  6. Free personal laundry service
  7. Bed linen changed every second day
  8. Sponge bag on arrival and on request
  9. Dressing gown

Our service personnel will gladly respond to your further individual and personal requests each day.

The facilities in your room, as an optional benefits patient:

Our rooms are situated in a select tranquil location. We provide homely decorated rooms with high-quality furnishings in which you will be able to feel comfortable.

Our optional benefits rooms have their own bathroom facilities. The rooms are equipped with electrically adjustable comfort beds and wall-cabinets with a built-in safe. On request, we can fit your bedside cabinet with a built-in refrigerator (empty).

Leading Medicine Guide

Selected expert in the specialist field Bariatric Surgery

Other services

  • Morbid obesity
  • Adiposity
  • Diabetes mellitus type II
  • Abdominal hernia
  • Chronic reflux
  • Benign and malignant conditions of the bowel


Airports near

  • Airport Hamburgca. 20 km

Railway stations in the vicinity

  • Hauptbahnhof Hamburgca. 30 km

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Additional staff

Dr. med.
Klaus Hornig


Dr. med.
Peter Pick

Consultant, Bariatric Surgery