Special Clinical Focus

  • Interventional treatment for coronary heart disease and acute coronary infarction
  • Catheter technique for the treatment of mitral valve insufficiency (MitraClip)
  • Transfemoral aortic valve replacement (TAVI)

  • LAA occluder and PFO / ASD closure
  • Cardiovascular emergency and intensive care medicine
  • Conditions of the aorta including aortic stenting
  • Cardiac insufficiency including HTX listing and LVAD evaluation

About us

The Cardiology Clinic team under Prof. Rassaf at the West German Cardiac and Vascular Centre sets the treatment of all patients as if they were part of their own family as its highest goal. For this purpose, the team creates an individualised concept for each patient, based on current international guidelines and the most up to date technical methods and on the practical experience of the attending physicians. Here, trouble-free progress is facilitated by a wide range of treatment directions, which have been integrated into the everyday routine of the Clinic. In addition, it is the objective of the Clinic to seek out new avenues in cardiology by continual work in the field of fundamental research and in clinical research.

The interventional cardiology team at the Cardiology Clinic possesses a high level of competence and expertise in the interventional diagnostics and treatment of cardiovascular conditions. In addition to conditions of the coronary vessels (cardiac infarction, coronary heart disease), the therapeutic emphases, in particular, are on the treatment of acquired cardiac defects (aortic valve stenosis, mitral valve insufficiency) and congenital cardiac defects (atrial septal defect), as well as vascular conditions, in particular, of the aorta (aortic aneurysm, aortic dissection). As well as all the established techniques, the diagnostic and therapeutic range also includes innovations which are utilised within the context of controlled clinical studies.

On request, patients can be given an out-patient cardiac catheter examination in our day clinic, following prior clarification, and, in the case of a coronary diagnosis without intervention, can be discharged home again in the afternoon. An out-patient transoesophageal echocardiograph can also be performed.

Diagnostic Services

The Cardiology Clinic of the Essen University Hospital provides the entire range of advanced cardiovascular medicine. As one of the first cardiology departments in Germany, the West German Cardiac and Vascular Centre has combined all the specialist disciplines involved in the treatment under one roof since 2004. Thanks to the spatial proximity of the Departments of Cardiology, Cardiac Thoracic Surgery, Angiology and Vascular Surgery, we guarantee the optimum care of our patients with short distances and ideally co-ordinated workflows.

In close collaboration with the supervising GPs and established cardiologists, our team guarantees complete one-stop care of our patients.

Therapeutic Services

  • Coronary heart conditions including the treatment of acute coronary syndrome
  • Acquired structural cardiac conditions including the interventional treatment of aortic valve and mitral valve conditions
  • Congenital cardiac defects including PFO, ASD and LAA closure
  • Cardiac arrhythmias including device implantation (ICD, CRT, cardiac pacemaker)
  • Cardiac insufficiency including mechanical support systems and heart transplant listing and follow-up care
  • Vascular conditions including the care of patients with acute aortic syndromes (aortic dissection, penetrating aortic ulcer, intramural haematoma)
  • Intensive cardiac care medicine including the treatment of patients in acute cardiogenic shock
  • Interventional treatment of complex coronary heart disease
Leading Medicine Guide

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Other services

  • Coronary heart disease including acute coronary syndrome
  • Acquired structural cardiac conditions (aortic valve and mitral valve conditions) 
  • Congenital cardiac defects (PFO, ASD and LAA closure)
  • Cardiac arrhythmias including device implantation (ICD, CRT, cardiac pacemaker)
  • Focus on the treatment of terminal cardiac insufficiency 
  • Acute aortic syndrome
  • Cardiogenic shock


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