Special Clinical Focus

  • Percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI)
  • Percutaneous implantation of heart valves (TAVI)
  • Stem cell therapy after heart attack
  • Carotid PTA
  • Implantation of pacemakers
  • Stent implantation

About us

The Red Cross Hospital Cardiology Center Frankfurt offers the complete spectrum of in- and outpatient care in the fields of cardiology, electrophysiology and angiology. Our institution is among the most long-standing German centers for interventional cardiology with over 50,000 minimally invasive catheter inventions within the last 20 years.

The connection of non-invasive outpatient diagnostics at two locations in Frankfurt and one location each in Offenbach and in Bad Vilbel as well as inpatient therapy at the Department of Cardiology at the Red Cross Hospital including an intensive care unit (chest pain unit) permits an individual and comprehensive treatment of our patients.

Following special services are offered:

Early detection of arteriosclerosis, ultrasound and ultrasound-doppler examinations of the heart and vessels, computed tomography, detection of cardiac arrhythmias, syncopal diagnostics, detection of cardiovascular diseases, electrophysiological examinations of the heart, complex percutaneous coronary interventions with stent implantation, acute treatment of emergencies (heart attack) 24/7, stem cell therapy after heart attack, catheter-assisted implantation of heart valves, catheter-assisted repair of septal defects, catheter-assisted auricular repair, catheter-guided ablation for cardiac arrhythmias, pacemaker treatment and after-care, cardiac resynchronization therapy, catheter-guided dilation of the carotids, renal arteries and pelvic/leg arteries with stent implantation, catheter-guided renal artery denervation.

Diagnostic Services

  • One-, two- and three-dimensional echocardiography
  • Color doppler echocardiography
  • Transesophageal echocardiography
  • Stress echocardiography
  • Resting ECG
  • 24-hours long-term ECG
  • Stress ECG
  • Treadmill ergometry
  • 24-hours long-term blood pressure measurement
  • Pacemaker monitoring and programming
  • Cardiac resynchronization therapy
  • Tilt table test
  • 64-slice cardio-CT
  • Carotid-duplex examination
  • Arterial doppler examination
  • Doppler examination of the leg veins
  • Sonography of the thyroid gland and the abdomen
  • Left and right heart catheterization
  • Intravascular ultrasound, fractional flow reserve measurement (FFR)
  • Intracardiac ultrasound
  • Electrophysiological examinations
  • Event recorder (external and implantable)
  • Angiography of the extracranial cerebral arteries
  • Aortography
  • Angiography of the renal arteries
  • Arteriography of the arteries in the pelvis and legs
  • Digital subtraction angiography

Therapeutic Services

  • Percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI)
  • 24-hours on-call catheterization unit for acute interventions (pPCI)
  • Percutaneous implantation of heart valves (TAVI)
  • Stem cell therapy after heart attack
  • Percutaneous closure or patent foramen ovale, atrial septal defect and ventricular septal defect
  • Pulmonary vein isolation (cryoablation)
  • Isthmus ablation
  • Ablation of accessory pathways
  • Implantation of pacemakers
  • Implantation of ICD/CRT-systems
  • Percutaneous carotid angioplasty
  • Percutaneous renal artery angioplasty
  • Percutaneous pelvic / leg artery angioplasty
  • Percutaneous renal artery denervation

Special Offers / Arrangements / Rooms

24-hours on-call diagnostic and therapeutic services for chest pain (chest pain unit), on-call catheterization unit of experienced interventional cardiologists, stem cell therapy after heart attack.

All rooms are equipped with radio, television, telephone, bathroom and safe. Additionally, wireless internet can be booked upon request. All rooms are equipped with a balcony. If desired, single bedrooms are available. We also offer an individual menu selection.

Leading Medicine Guide

of selected experts in the specialist field Cardiology

Other services

  • Coronary heart disease
  • Heart valve disorders
  • Peripheral vascular disease
  • Congenital heart defects in adulthood
  • Heart failure
  • Cardiac arrhythmias

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Additional staff

Dr. - Sven  Linzbach - Cardiology - Frankfurt

Dr. med.
Sven Linzbach

Internis - Kardiologe - Sportmediziner

Dr. - Jürgen Vogt - Cardiology - Frankfurt

Dr. med.
Jürgen Vogt

Internist – Cardiology

Dr. - Christian  Fischer  - Cardiology - Frankfurt

Dr. med.
Christian Fischer

Internist - Kardiologe

Ernst Geiss - Cardiology - Frankfurt

Ernst Geiss

Internist – Cardiology

Dr. - Manfred Hofmann - Cardiology - Frankfurt

Dr. med.
Manfred Hofmann

Internist – Cardiology

Dr. - Nikitas Lironis - Cardiology - Frankfurt

Dr. med.
Nikitas Lironis

Internist – Cardiology Intensive Care

Dr. - Harald  Reinemer - Cardiology - Frankfurt

Dr. med.
Harald Reinemer

Internist – Cardiology

Prof. - Johannes Ruef - Cardiology - Frankfurt

Prof. Dr. med.
Johannes Ruef

Internist – Cardiology Angiology

Dr. - Josef Schoepf - Cardiology - Frankfurt

Dr. med.
Josef Schoepf

Internist – Cardiology

Prof. - Rainer Schraeder - Cardiology - Frankfurt

Prof. Dr. med.
Rainer Schraeder

Internist – Cardiology

Dr. - Claus-Eberhard Schwarz - Cardiology - Frankfurt

Dr. med.
Claus-Eberhard Schwarz

Internist – Cardiology

Dr. - Hans  Stoeger - Cardiology - Frankfurt

Dr. med.
Hans Stoeger

Internist – Cardiology

Prof. - Thomas Wendt - Cardiology - Frankfurt

Prof. Dr. med.
Thomas Wendt

Internist – Cardiology Prevention - Rehabilitation