Special Clinical Focus

  • Hernia surgery
  • Minimally invasive surgery

About us

Dr. med. Andreas Kuthe is Senior Consultant in the Department for General, Visceral and Trauma Surgery at the DRK Clementinenhaus hospital in Hanover. He is a specialist in surgery and visceral surgery, and he has further qualifications in minimally invasive surgery and special visceral surgery. The specialist has extensive experience and is thus also recommended on an independent list of recommended doctors in the fields of abdominal surgery, hernia surgery and obesity surgery. In addition, Dr. Kuthe is also a founding member of the German Hernia Society (DHG), where he has also been an active member of board the since 2001. Together with Chirurgische AG Hernie (CAH) of the German Society for General and Visceral Surgery (DGAV), the DHG is the central institution in Germany that defines quality targets and certifies hernia centers. Dr. Kuthe thus plays a major role in the development of modern hernia surgery.

Consequently, the surgical treatment of hernias is a main focus for visceral surgery at Clementinenhaus (see special diseases/disorders). Between 2012 and 2016, a total of 6078 hernias were surgically treated at Clementinenhaus, approx. 4200 of which were inguinal hernias and femoral hernias. In most of these procedures, a laparoscopically inserted mesh was used to close off the weakness in the abdominal area. Thanks to the extensive expertise of Dr. Kuthe and his colleagues, the department was able to obtain certification from the DHG for quality-certified hernia surgery (2011). In cooperation with the CAH, DHG also certified Clementinenhaus as the first German Reference Center for Hernia Surgery in 2013 (recertification in 2016). But it goes without saying that the visceral surgeons from Hanover also treat other typical disorders of the abdominal cavity, including for example gallstones, colorectal and gastric tumors, intestinal disorders and surgical treatments for obesity. In the field of general surgery, common procedures that are performed in the Department for General, Visceral and Trauma Surgery include treatments of varicose veins, diabetic foot syndrome, chronic wounds and implantations of venous access ports. Every year the department provides surgical treatment for around 3000 patients. The specialists in the team headed by Dr. med. Kuthe have been working since 2012 with a state-of-the-art 3D system, which provides a three-dimensional display of the operation area on a screen during endoscopic operations. In this way, the operating surgeon, who cannot see the operation area directly during this type of minimally invasive procedure, still retains a very detailed overview, allowing him or her to work even more precisely. The Clementinenhaus hospital in Hanover is therefore one of the pioneers in the field of surgery among hospitals and clinics in Lower Saxony. The excellent quality of minimally invasive treatment available here is also confirmed by the hospital's distinction of being certified as the first German Certified Reference Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery by DGAV & CAMIC in 2008 (last recertification 2018).

Diagnostic Services

  • Clinical examination
  • Laparoscopic diagnostics
  • X-ray
  • CT
  • MRI
  • Cardiological clarification
  • Gastroenterological clarification
The complete diagnosis is made in close collaboration and exchange with our colleagues in the departments of Anesthesiology/Pain Therapy/Intensive Care, Gastroenterology, Cardiology and Radiology.

Therapeutic Services

  • Inguinal hernia/femoral hernia: laparoscopic: TEP, TAPP; conventional: Lichtenstein, Shouldice
  • Umbilical hernia: laparoscopic: IPOM; video endoscopy: Mesh plastics (sublay, inverse TEP), conventional: Mesh plastics, suture plastics
  • Epigastric hernia: laparoscopic: IPOM; video endoscopy: Mesh plastics (sublay, inverse TEP), conventional: Mesh plastics, suture plastics
  • Incisional hernia: laparoscopic: IPOM; video endoscopy: Mesh plastics (sublay, inverse TEP), conventional: Mesh plastics (sublay), component separation (Ramirez, Rosen)
  • Parastomal hernia: laparoscopic: IPOM (IPST); conventional: Mesh plastics
  • Hiatus hernia (diaphragmatic hernia): laparoscopic: Suture plastics and mesh plastics (with and without fundoplication)

Special Offers / Arrangements / Rooms

  • Optional services/room options
  • Single room or room with two beds
  • Radio and TV
  • Internet access
  • Pastoral care
Leading Medicine Guide

Selected expert in the specialist field Hernia Surgery

Other services

  • Inguinal hernia/femoral hernia
  • Umbilical hernia
  • Epigastric hernia
  • Incisional hernia
  • Parastomal hernia
  • Diaphragmatic hernia


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Additional staff

Dr. - Friedrich Mainik - Hernia Surgery - Hannover

Friedrich Mainik

Lead Consultant

Jamshid Ahmadpour - Hernia Surgery - Hannover

Jamshid Ahmadpour

Senior physician
Surgery and visceral surgery

Dr. - Heiko Aselmann - Hernia Surgery - Hannover

Heiko Aselmann

Senior physician
Surgery and visceral surgery