Special Clinical Focus

  • Hip joint replacement
  • Minimally invasive and muscle-protecting hip endoprosthetics
  • Replacement of hip endoprosthesis
  • Hip arthroscopy
  • Corrective osteotomy
  • Entire range of joint preserving hip surgery

About us

Prof. Hans Gollwitzer - Hip Specialist in Munich

Prof. Hans Gollwitzer is a nationally and internationally recognised specialist in hip and knee replacement in Munich. At the ECOM® Excellent Center of Medicine, Prof. Gollwitzer covers the entire range of services in the field of endoprostheses for the knee and hip, including the replacement of endoprostheses and joint-preserving hip surgery. Prof. Gollwitzer’s treatment emphases are hip joint arthroscopy (inspection of the hips) and minimally invasive hip endoprosthetics using the AMIS technique and, as a renowned hip specialist in Munich, Prof. Gollwitzer can look back on over 400 publications and lectures, as well as his activities as a tutor for surgical courses. In the field of knee endoprosthetics, partial and total endoprostheses specially adapted to the patient represent a further emphasis.

Thanks to his long-standing experience in a leading role at a university hospital, the hip specialist from Munich has at his command well-founded knowledge and experience, even in complex endoprosthetic procedures, such as for dysplasia (malformation) and deformity (malposition). For this reason, the hip surgery department in Munich at the ECOM® Excellent Center of Medicine under the direction of Prof. Gollwitzer is also able to treat such complex disorders, as well as loosened endoprostheses successfully.

The hip specialist in Munich works in close association with the University Medical Faculty. For example, Prof. Gollwitzer is the section head of endoprosthetics and joint-preserving hip and knee surgery at the Orthopaedics and Sports Orthopaedics Clinic of the Technical University of Munich. Hence, the most up to date techniques are introduced early in the patients’ treatmentat the hip surgery department in Munich. Thanks to the advanced treatment techniques in endoprosthetics, Prof. Gollwitzer succeeds in replacing arthritic joints, treating pain and hence in giving the patients back their quality of life and activity.

The advanced, innovative techniques which are utilised in hip surgery in Munich include the minimally invasive and muscle-preserving implantation of hip prostheses by means of the AMIS technique. As a hip specialist in Munich, Prof. Gollwitzer is able to provide the entire range of conservative as well as surgical joint-preserving hip surgery, depending on the symptoms and the patient, in order to prevent chronification and hence permanent damage, such as osteoarthritis in sportsmen with pain in their hips and inguinal region, for example. These techniques include, for example, the correction of complex deformities, arthroscopy of the hip, as well as cartilage cell transplantation. The hip specialist in Munich is one of the specialists in Germany with comprehensive experience in arthroscopy of the hip.

Diagnostic Services

  • Digital radiology
  • Computed tomography including 3-D reconstruction
  • Magnetic resonance tomography
  • Puncture and biopsies
  • Arthroscopic diagnostics
  • Ultrasound diagnostics
  • Differential rheumatology diagnosis
  • Gait analysis

Therapeutic Services

  • Endoprosthetic joint replacement of the large joints (including implantation of individual endoprostheses)
  • Prosthesis change (revision endoprosthetics) in the ultra clean air operating theatre
  • Joint-conserving surgery, in particular, of the hip and knee
  • Hip, knee, foot and shoulder orthopaedics
  • Arthroscopy (hip, knee, shoulder, ankle)
  • Minimally invasive procedures / surgery
  • Shockwave therapy
  • Rheumatology
  • Sports medicine

Special Offers / Arrangements / Rooms

  • Modern single and 2-bed rooms (a companion can be accommodated, if desired)
  • In-house Physiotherapy Department
  • Social counselling for organisation of follow-up treatment
  • International Patient Service
  • Porter service to your room
  • Individual bedside service by our service staff
  • National and international television programmes
  • Flannels and towels replaced daily
  • Dressing gown
  • Internet access via WLAN
  • Recovery Ward
  • Individualised menu counselling
Leading Medicine Guide

Selected expert in the specialist field Hip Surgery

Other services

  • Osteoarthritis of the hip joint
  • Hip dysplasia, malposition
  • Femoroacetabular impingement
  • Labral tear of the hip
  • Cartilage defects
  • Necrosis of the femoral head


Airports near

  • Munich airportapprox. 22.4 miles (36 km)
  • Airport Augsburgapprox. 75 km
  • Airport Salzburgapprox. 138 km

Railway stations in the vicinity

  • Central Station Munichapprox.. 6 km