Special Clinical Focus

  • Accident surgery
  • Sports traumatology
  • Knee surgery
  • Knee endoprosthetics

About us

Gelenkpunkt is a team of doctors consisting of three experienced medical practitioners, who focus on the area of sports, accident and joint surgery in their daily work. Personal care, top-qualified support, accessibility and the highest possible degree of flexibility are not just promises at Gelenkpunkt but are the reality. Patient satisfaction is both their mission and likewise their endeavour.

Prof. Christian Fink is a specialist in accident surgery and sports traumatology in Innsbruck, where he has worked as the co-founder and specialist of the “Gelenkpunkt, Sports and Joint Surgery Practice” health insurance-associated medical practice for accident surgery and sports traumatology at the Tivoli in Innsbruck since 2015.

Prof. Fink was born in Gmunden and attended primary school and secondary school in Upper Austria. Prof. Fink completed his studies in human medicine in Innsbruck. From very early on, he was particularly interested in the specialist field of sports medicine and knee surgery. Prof. Christian Fink obtained his doctorate in the topic of injuries to the cruciate ligament. As part of his training as a specialist, he spent a great deal of time studying overseas, in the USA and in Australia.

Christian Fink has been a “specialist in accident surgery also specialising in sports traumatology” since 1998. After a 2-year research stay at Duke University, USA, Prof. Fink qualified as a professor, writing on the topic of “the Pathology of the anterior cruciate ligament and the menisci of the knee joint – clinical and experimental investigations” at the Faculty of Medicine in Innsbruck. Following this, the knee joint has remained the focus in all his clinical and scientific activity to date.

Prof. Fink, of the “Gelenkpunkt, Sports and Joint Surgery Practice” accident surgery practice in Innsbruck, is a very much sought-after lecturer at national and international conferences. His over 100 publications and more than 400 presentations worldwide distinguish Prof. Christian Fink as an internationally recognized specialist in the field of accident surgery.

Scientific research is quite an important component of the daily medical work at the health insurance-associated medical practice accident surgery in Innsbruck. Together with foundational research, which looks for new solutions, above all, applied clinical research is very significant for patients. Based on standardised evaluation questionnaires, treatment results, for example, are documented and evaluated at the accident surgery clinic in Innsbruck. As a result, among other things, international comparisons can be made. With over 800 scientific publications and presentations, the team under Prof. Fink has a very lively exchange with other specialists worldwide.

The institute specially chartered at the UMIT for qualitative research work, the “Research Unit for Musculoskeletal Sports Medicine and Injury Prevention”, provides a large number of courses and advanced training. Once again, this underlines the scientific orientation of all the specialists at the Accident Surgery and Sports Medicine Practice in Innsbruck.

Diagnostic Services

From the knee to the shoulders and hips, right to the ankle? For all types of joint complaints, you are in the best of hands at Gelenkpunkt. A particular emphasis is placed on knee surgery in the treatment of sports injuries and overload syndromes, and as well as knee and hip prostheses. Numerous top sportsmen in various different sports are treated by the medical trio.

Therapeutic Services

Cutting edge surgical techniques are used at Gelenkpunkt. Treatment results are continuously evaluated; study results and the results of research projects are presented and discussed internationally. Over 800 publications and presentations already bear the mark of the experienced Innsbruck medical team. The “Research Unit for Musculoskeletal Sports Medicine and Injury Prevention”, a specially chartered Institute at the private health university, UMIT in Hall in Tirol, establishes the academic orientation of Gelenkpunkt.

Special Offers / Arrangements / Rooms

Patients are cared for in accordance with the health insurance-associated doctor principle, both as out-patients and as in-patients. At the Hochrum Sanatorium, which is located in a popular recreational area not far from Innsbruck, in-patient beds with a high feelgood factor are reserved for this. Holistic care is important to the team at Gelenkpunkt. Private out-patient insurance or accident insurance is adequate for treatment at the health insurance-associated medical practice. A higher level of insurance is required to cover the costs of in-patient care at Hochrum.
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Additional staff

Prof. - Karl J. Oldhafer - Knee Surgery - Innsbruck

Karl J. Oldhafer

Senior Consultant

Priv.-Doz. - Sepp Braun  - Knee Surgery - Innsbruck

Priv.-Doz. Dr. med.
Sepp Braun

Dr. - Peter Gföller - Knee Surgery - Innsbruck

Peter Gföller