Special Clinical Focus

  • Hip endoprosthetics
  • Knee endoprosthetics
  • Prosthesis replacement surgery
  • Direct anterior access
  • AMIS access
  • Customised surgical template

About us

Prof. Henrik Schroeder-Boersch Prof. Henrik Schroeder-Boersch is a specialist in orthopaedics with additional qualifications in the fields of special orthopaedic surgery and sports medicine. As a specialist in orthopaedics and special orthopaedic surgery with many years of experience, Prof. Schroeder-Boersch specialises in endoprosthetics, that is, the use of artificial joints, in particular. Above all, his surgical activities are particularly focused on hip endoprosthetics and knee endoprosthetics. Here, as well as the initial implantation of hip and knee prostheses, he also performs replacement surgery for worn or loose hip and knee prostheses.

The Lilium Clinic

The Lilium Clinic is a 12-bed private hospital, newly founded in 2017. Lilium stands for the successful mix of medical excellence, personal care and a high degree of comfort because there should be no compromises when it comes to health. The Clinic is located in Wiesbaden-Nordenstadt, an attractive part of the Hessian state capital. As a private hospital, the Clinic provides the best possible medical care. A pleasant atmosphere, modern, comfortable facilities and outstanding treatment await you.

Of course, all in-patients, without exception, are tested for resistant pathogens before admission and, if necessary, treated. So you will have the highest possible degree of protection against a “hospital pathogen” infection.

Your New Knee Prosthesis

In the field of knee prosthetics, knowledge of the correct techniques for implantation has increased in recent years. Here, Prof. Schroeder-Boersch has always been a pioneer; he has been the Organiser and Chairman of a large number of national and international training courses since 2006. His innovative electronic textbook on soft tissue balancing in knee joint replacements has been viewed in professional circles over 10,000 times.

Prof. Schroeder-Boersch continues to conduct regular visiting courses on the topic of knee and hip joint prosthetics for senior consultants at the Aukamm Clinic. State-of-the-art templates, tailored to the individual patient, are also utilised in the implantation of knee prostheses on request. Further information on customised knees can be found here.

Your New Hip Prosthesis

Both high-quality implants have been developed and surgical techniques have been continually optimised in recent years in order to meet the increasing demands of patients. Here, as one of the few surgeons in the Rhine-Main area, Prof. Schroeder-Boersch has performed the muscle-preserving direct anterior access (also called AMIS access) in the implantation of hip prostheses since 2009. This technically demanding surgical technique allows early mobilisation under full load and almost completely reduces post-surgical limping. A detailed assessment of conservative alternatives, however, is also always a part of the consultation since each patient has his own requirements and preferences. One of the conditions for the long durability of a prosthesis is an accurate, precisely aligned implantation of the joint components. Navigation systems have been developed in order to support the surgeon in the procedure. These work with optical sensors and have nothing in common with a so-called “surgical robot”. The currently most up-to-date Swiss navigation system is employed for hip navigation at the Lilium Clinic. This controls the precise co-ordinates for the insertion of the shaft and the socket.

Diagnostic Services

  • Digital X-ray with digital planning of hip and knee prosthesis surgery
  • Sonography

Therapeutic Services

  • Muscle-preserving anterior access for hip endoprosthetics
  • Navigation techniques for hip endoprosthetics
  • Customised incision templates for knee endoprosthetics

Special Offers / Arrangements / Rooms

Harmonious surroundings are also part of a successful recovery. We feel more at ease in a comfortable atmosphere – the body heals optimally and the mind can relax properly. The Lilium Private Hospital has ten rooms, which are optionally available as single or two-bed rooms, as well as rooms with a connecting doorway, for a possible companion.

You may look forward to carefully prepared meals, made with high-quality ingredients. The catering at the Lilium Clinic will be tailored to your individual requirements.

Our service also includes:
MRSA screening for each patient
24-hour round-the-clock service
Satellite and Internet TV
Telephone and Internet (WLAN)
Chauffeur service on request
Hotel booking for a companion on request As the state capital, Wiesbaden has a wide range of hotels. A good 4-star hotel (Courtyard by Marriot) is within walking distance. Other hotels of various standards are located in the city centre, 5.6 miles (9 km) away. We work in close collaboration with the local rehabilitation clinics (the Aukammtal Median Rehabilitation Clinic and the Klaus-Mielhke Median Clinic).
Leading Medicine Guide

Selected expert in the specialist field Knee endoprosthetics

Other services

  • Osteoarthritis of the hip
  • Osteoarthritis of the knee
  • Coxarthrosis
  • Gonarthrosis


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  • Frankfurt20 km

Railway stations in the vicinity

  • Wiesbaden central railway station9 km