Special Clinical Focus

  • Refractive corneal laser surgery - LASIK, transPRK, presbyLASIK
  • Retinal and vitreous surgery
  • Glaucoma surgery
  • Cataract surgery
  • Refractive lens exchange (RLE)
  • Implantable contact lens (ICL)

About us

The Aurelios Eye Center Recklinghausen was founded with a focus on providing innovative health services. The Ophthalmic Group Practice Recklinghausen offers the complete spectrum of conservative and surgical treatment in ophthalmology and thus is able to offer the highest level of patient care and the best services possible for patients in the northern Ruhr area and its surrounding regions.
In the practice’s own surgery department in Recklinghausen, equipped with modern technology, our eye surgeons, who can look back on over 50,000 performed surgeries, work closely with a well trained team.
Surgeries are performed on an outpatient as well as an inpatient basis at the St. Vincenz Hospital in Datteln.
A close cooperation with other consultants furthers the steady medical improvement of our staff which is necessary for any progress in research in order to offer the best medical treatment and care. 

The practices’ spacious rooms are all equipped with modern diagnostic and therapeutic devices and thus make it possible for our eye surgeons to collaborate in different medical activities and research.

The AURELIOS Eye Laser Center under the leadership of Dr. de Ortueta is associated with us and, as a reference center for SCHWIND eye-tech-solutions, offers all scientifically recognized methods of refractive surgery with state of the art technology.

Diagnostic Services

  • HRT – Heidelberg retina tomography – diagnosis of glaucoma
  • OCT – optical coherence tomography – diagnosis of retinal disorders
  • Fluorescence angiography – imaging / diagnosis of retinal disorders
  • IOL master (optical biometry)
  • Corneal wavefront analyzer – topography
  • Ocular wavefront analyzer, including pupillometry, keratometer – precise measurement of aberrations
  • Corneal endothelial cell density measurement
  • OCT of the anterior segments of the eye

Therapeutic Services

  • Cataract surgery (phacoemulsification)
  • Glaucoma surgery
    • Emphasis: non-penetrating glaucoma surgery (canaloplasty)
  • Laser surgery (argon, YAG such as Nd-YAG laser iridotomy, argon laser trabeculoplasty)
  • Retinal surgery (as well as macular translocation)
  • Vitreo-retinal surgery (pars plana vitrectomy)
  • Intravitreal administration of drugs, photodynamic treatment
  • Aesthetic eye lid surgery
  • Corneal transplantation
  • Pediatric ophthalmology and orthoptics
  • Corneal crosslinking for keratoconus
  • Phototherapeutic laser surgery (PTK)
  • Broad spectrum of refractive corneal laser and lens surgery
  • Strabismus surgery
  • Tear duct treatment

Special Offers / Arrangements / Rooms

  • Car service: in certain cases, the ophthalmic group practice offers car service for surgery patients
  • On-call 24/7 for patients who underwent surgery
  • Special consultation hours for private patients
  • Pagers are handed out in order to shorten waiting times
  • Special consultation hours, e.g. on the topic of LASIK or cataract
  • Regular information sessions for patients
  • Handicapped accessible entrance to the practice / free parking, automatic doors, elevator, handicapped accessible exam rooms
Leading Medicine Guide

Selected expert in the specialist field LASIK / Refractive Surgery

Other services

  • Corneal disorders
  • Inflammatory eye diseases (iritis, uveitis)
  • Age-related macular degeneration
  • Retinal diseases
  • Cataracts 
  • Glaucoma


Airports near

  • Airport Dortmundapprox. 30 km
  • International Airport Dusseldorf approx. 60 km
  • International Airport Cologne / Bonnapprox. 105 km

Additional staff

Prof. - Holger Baatz, FEBO - LASIK / Refractive Surgery - Recklinghausen

Prof. Dr. med.
Holger Baatz, FEBO

Chief of Staff

Dr. - Gábor B. Scharioth - LASIK / Refractive Surgery - Recklinghausen

Dr. Dr. med.
Gábor B. Scharioth

Chief of Staff

Heiner   Pause    - LASIK / Refractive Surgery - Recklinghausen

Heiner Pause

Dr.med. - Jens Dohrmann  - LASIK / Refractive Surgery - Recklinghausen

Jens Dohrmann