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  • Therapy of gait disturbances and vertigo
  • Therapy in cognitive impairments and dementia
  • Drug therapy for multiple sclerosis
  • Therapy of Parkinson’s disease

About us

Prof. Ralf Werner Baumgartner is a specialist in neurology at the NeuroCentre of the Hirslanden Hospital in Zurich. Here, the specialist in neurology also works as a specialist at the so-called Stroke Center at the NeuroCentre in Zurich. The specialist in neurology, Prof. Baumgartner, is among the stroke specialists, who undertake the care of stroke patients at the Stroke Center in Zurich. In doing so, the specialist in neurology collaborate with other specialists in other medical fields at the Zurich NeuroCentre. Thus, Prof. Baumgartner and his colleagues can achieve the best treatment possible in Zurich.

Thanks to this patient care and the applied clinical research, the Stroke Center at the Hirslanden NeuroCentre in Zurich is among the leading centres in Switzerland. At the same time, the specialist in neurology collaborates with other internationally highly regarded stroke specialists. Together with the specialist in neurology, these also include specialists in anaesthetics and cardiology, as well as vascular surgeons, neurosurgeons and neuroradiologists. As well, the nursing staff, together with occupational therapists, physiotherapists and speech therapists, is indispensable for successful treatment by the specialist in neurology.

Furthermore, the most up to date patient monitoring methods and the most up to date diagnostic and therapeutic technology is available to Prof. Baumgartner in Zurich. Consequently, the specialist in neurology can monitor the patient around the clock.

As well as specialising in stroke, the particular treatment emphases of the specialist in neurology in Zurich also include other neurological conditions. Together with stroke, other neurological conditions, which are treated at the Stroke Center, mentioned above, are among the particular treatment emphases of Prof. Baumgartner. The treatment emphases of the specialist in neurology also include cognitive impairment in dementia, gait disorders and vertigo, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

Due, in particular, to demographic change and a steadily ageing society, the specialist in neurology and his medical field are becoming more and more important. Since research and medication in the medical field of neurology are developing more and more rapidly, which demands continuous advanced training for the specialist in neurology, only in this way can degenerative neurological conditions, in particular, be treated by Prof. Baumgartner in Zurich. Thus, Prof. Baumgartner, the specialist in neurology in Zurich, is able to give his patients the best treatment possible.

This is because neurological conditions require a specialist, who is able to assess the disease progression and the symptoms of the neurological condition correctly. In particular, the special treatment emphases of the specialist in neurology, gait disorders and vertigo, involve a detailed and specific diagnosis in order to be able to define the cause of the vertigo and to find the optimum treatment.

Asking questions about complaints and precise observation are particularly important diagnostic tools of the specialist in neurology, who can ascertain and assess a large number of disease progressions in this manner. As a rule, the specialist in neurology only uses an imaging technique to diagnose neurological deficiencies where the deficiency appears to be severe. Thanks to the imaging, Prof. Baumgartner is able to determine precise localities in the brain or in the spinal cord, which makes further treatment possible.

Many of the current conditions cannot be healed by the specialist in neurology; only their symptoms can be treated. Here, the concomitant treatment which Prof. Baumgartner prescribes plays a crucial role. Stroke, in particular, has repercussions, which can have a negative impact on motion sequences or on speech. The specialist in neurology is able to recognise their causes, but he must hand their treatment over, for example, to speech therapists or occupational therapists.

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