Special Clinical Focus

  • Treatment of malignant tumours
  • Antibody therapy
  • Molecular tumour therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Tumour biopsy using interventional sonography
  • Radiofrequency hyperthermia

About us

Dr Axel Stang is the Senior Consultant at the Department of Haematology, Oncology and palliative medicine at the Barmbek Asklepios Hospital in Hamburg. As a specialist in oncology, Dr Stang in Hamburg supports patients in all phases of cancer diagnosis and cancer treatment. In the process, all up to date diagnostic and therapeutic techniques are utilised at the Department of Oncology in Hamburg. In the interdisciplinary tumour conferences, therapeutic strategies adapted to the patients are developed by Dr Stang in Hamburg, as well as strategies for unusual cases. If required, the Department of Oncology in Hamburg can provide both psychological and palliative medical support in the integrated Palliative Care Ward. Contrast medium sonography for unclear tumours is also part of the range of services of the Department of Oncology, together with taking low-risk tissue samples, the insertion of port catheters, pleural and ascites drainage and radiofrequency ablation of tumours.

The Department of Oncology in Hamburg is characterised, inter alia, by the use of up to date cancer treatments by the cancer specialist in Hamburg, together with classic cancer treatments, such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and multimodal tumour therapy (i.e. the combination of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgical treatment). So, Dr Stang in Hamburg utilises antibody therapy and molecular tumour therapy in order to destroy cancer cells in a targeted manner. Some cancer medications do not work for all patients and this can sometimes already be determined prior to commencing the cancer treatment. By means of special tissue tests, the cancer specialist in Hamburg can select the specific medications for the treatment. Thanks to the application of this innovative technique at the Department of Oncology in Hamburg, the side-effects due to the cancer treatment are reduced and the chances of healing are increased.

A particular feature of the Department of Oncology in Hamburg is the interdisciplinary Sonography Centre. Dr Stang in Hamburg investigates organs and detects tumours with the aid of sonography (ultrasound). For this purpose, the Department of Oncology in Hamburg has state of the art, high-end ultrasound equipment with precise imaging available. In the course of interventional sonography, the cancer specialist in Hamburg performs punctures of tumours under ultrasound control in order to obtain tissue samples for the diagnosis and therapeutic planning. Ultrasound-guided tumour therapy (e.g. in the form of radiofrequency ablation), however, plays a large role in the Department of Oncology in Hamburg in the treatment of inoperable hepatic tumours and hepatic metastases, for example.

In the Palliative Care Ward, Dr Stang in Hamburg cares for patients with chronic, progressive and incurable conditions, who suffer from debilitating symptoms such as pain, dyspnoea or nausea. Together with individual medication treatment, competent nursing care and the consideration of psychological and social needs also have priority for the cancer specialist in Hamburg.

Diagnostic Services

  • Treatment of malignant tumours
  • Antibody therapy
  • Molecular tumour therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Tumour biopsy by means of interventional sonography
  • Radiofrequency hyperthermia
  • Palliative medicine and pain therapy
  • Psycho-oncology
  • Port catheter, pleural and ascites drainage

Special Offers / Arrangements / Rooms

  • Palliative Care Ward
  • Interdisciplinary Sonography Centre
  • Interdisciplinary tumour conferences
  • Intestinal Medical Centre
  • Certified Breast, Intestine and Pancreas Centre
  • Centre of Excellence for Hepatic, Gastric and Oesophageal Surgery
Leading Medicine Guide

Selected expert in the specialist field Oncology / Hematology

Other services

  • Diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs
  • Acute and chronic leukaemia
  • Chronic lymphatic leukaemia
  • Multiple myeloma
  • Solid organ tumours
  • Hodgkin’s and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL)


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  • Hamburg airportapprox. 4 km

Railway stations in the vicinity

  • Fernbahnhof Hamburg-Altonaca. 30 km
  • Hauptbahnhof Hamburgca. 30 km

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Additional staff

Hauke Weilert - Oncology / Hematology - Hamburg

Hauke Weilert


Dr. - Nicole Prasnikar - Oncology / Hematology - Hamburg

Nicole Prasnikar