Special Clinical Focus

  • 3-D computer-navigated minimally invasive dental implantology with immediate load (“teeth in 24 hours”)
  • Implant surgery with or without flap (flapless)
  • Immediate implantation / mini implants
  • Challenging and highly aesthetic prosthetic solutions (also on implants)
  • Complex restorations
  • Highly aesthetic full ceramic restorations in zircon (tooth veneers / Lumineers / crowns / inlays / onlays)

About us

Dr Robert Stillmann is a specialist oral surgeon / implant surgeon in Vienna. At the same time, he is the founder, proprietor and head of the Dr Robert Stillmann Dental Practice.

The dental practice (or “Ordination”, as it is known in Austria) is located in a beautiful old building in the middle of the first district in Vienna. Here, the practice is distinguished by an exceptional ambience and by its homely furnishings and styling. Nevertheless, Dr Stillmann provides all dental treatments here, at the cutting edge of scientific knowledge and medical technology.

The range of services of the specialist implantologist, who is also certified as a Premium Implantology Expert, also includes, for example, the restoration of complex tooth damage, purely aesthetic dentistry and prophylaxis (preventative treatment) against tooth damage. Thanks to this combination of services, Dr Stillmann and his team are able to maintain or restore the patients’ dental health optimally.

Here, the individual requirements of the patient play a large and important role for Dr Stillmann and he adapts each treatment to the patient's aesthetic, health and personal requirements.

In addition, the Premium Implantology Expert, Dr Stillmann, strives to perfect his dental treatment. Here, of course, competent advice and discreet service play an important role.

As a Premium Implantology Expert, of course, the explicit specialisation of Dr Stillmann in Vienna lies in the field of implantology. But aesthetic dentistry is also a focus of the Dr Stillmann Dental Practice. The team is supported in the area of orthodontics by a specialist orthodontist. With a comprehensive range of services at his dental practice, Dr Stillmann pursues the objective of making a radiant and healthy smile possible for his patients.

As a Premium Implantology Expert, in the area of implantology, Dr Stillmann specialises both in single tooth implants, as well as bridges and prostheses, which are supported by implants. Added to this are immediate implants and computer-navigated tooth implantation, which is particularly low-risk.

In addition, fixed and removable prosthetics can be utilised as dental replacements. This includes crowns, bridges and prostheses. Dr Stillmann also specialises in the field of aesthetic dentistry and, in this area, utilisesceramic inlays, which match the colour of the teeth, metal-free crowns, veneers and, of course, bleaching, which brightens unattractive discolorations, for example.

In order to make a beautiful smile possible at any age, orthodontic treatment for any age is also provided at the Dr Stillmann Dental Practice in Vienna, including, for example, “invisible braces”.

Of course, the conventional range of dental treatment is also utilised by the Premium Implantology Expert, Dr Stillmann, at his practice in Vienna. That is, prophylactic measures such as professional oral hygiene and conservative dentistry such as root canal treatment, fillings and sealing of fissures.

Dr Stillmann himself had first successfully completed his training as a dental technician before he obtained his degree as a Doctor of Dentistry in 2005. Just two years later, he participated in the general three-year degree programme of the Austrian Dental Association.

Diagnostic Services

  • Digital three-dimensional virtual implant planning for the purposes of minimising risk and maximum utilisation of the available bone (avoiding sinus lift or bone augmentation in 80% of cases)
  • 3-D diagnostic radiology using digital volume tomography (DVD)
  • Digital radiology (incl. digital X-ray chips for single-tooth diagnostics)
  • Endometric length determination
  • Laboratory analysis of periodontal organisms

Therapeutic Services

  • Treatment under anaesthetic
  • 3-D diagnostic radiology
  • In-house dental laboratory
  • One-stop implant surgery and implant prosthetics
  • Complex “all-round” restorations
  • Bone augmentation and sinus lift
  • Large range of customised prosthetic solutions
  • General and aesthetic dentistry
  • Removal of retained or impacted teeth
  • Resection of root apices
  • Bleaching / prophylaxis
  • Tooth displacement
  • Treatment under general anaesthetic
  • Emergency dental implantology service

Special Offers / Arrangements / Rooms

  • Foreign languages: German / English / Russian
  • The practice is located in the historical centre of Vienna, surrounded by numerous hotels, tourist attractions and shopping precincts
  • Exclusive “drawing room” atmosphere combined with the most up to date medical equipment and technology
  • Maximum privacy protection
  • In-patient admission to a prestigious private hospital on request for treatments under general anaesthetic
  • In-house dental laboratory headed by a master dental technician
  • Hotel reservations
  • Transfer
  • Leisure activity organisation
  • Spa, health and skiing holiday planning and arrangement
  • Assistance with visa formalities
Leading Medicine Guide

of selected experts in the specialist field Oral Surgery / Dental Implant Surgery

Other services

  • Tooth loss / edentulous jaw
  • Jaw bone atrophy
  • Functional dental disorders
  • Cosmetic dental defects
  • Dental injuries
  • Anxious patients

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Additional staff

Dr - Alena Zymbal - Oral Surgery / Dental Implant Surgery - Vienna

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Dr - Carmen Bluehml - Oral Surgery / Dental Implant Surgery - Vienna

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General dentistry

Dr - Barbara Horninger - Oral Surgery / Dental Implant Surgery - Vienna

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