Special Clinical Focus

  • Paediatric urology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Paediatric traumatology
  • Haemangioma and lymphangioma treatment
  • Hydrocephalus surgery
  • Neonatal surgery
  • Oncology surgery
  • Paediatric abdominal surgery

About us

In the Cnopf Children’s Hospital, one of the longest-standing hospitals for children and adolescents in Germany, everything is done in order to arrange as comfortable and problem-free as possible a hospital stay for parents and children. For this purpose, skilled specialists and nursing staff collaborate closely in surroundings designed for children. In the Paediatric Emergency Clinic, we treat emergencies at times when your local paediatrician has no consultations.
The main Department of Paediatric Surgery and Paediatric Urology under Prof. Maximilian Stehr cares for neonates, children and adolescents in two wards with 42 beds. Thanks to our decades of experience, we are optimally tuned to the young patients and their parents, both in out-patient treatment and in in-patient treatment.
Our highest goal is to achieve a maximum of safety, freedom from pain and anxiety, as well as comfort for the patient. Our heart is set on the welfare of our little patients. So, for example, it is always possible to spend the night with your child in the hospital, in order to be with him around the clock.
Any treatment, above all, any surgical treatment, requires a differentiated preliminary diagnosis. These required preliminary examinations can all be performed at the Cnopf Children’s Hospital. Together with X-ray and endoscopic diagnostics, we also perform measurements to determine pressure ratios in organs (manometry) and long-term acid/base measurement (pH measurement). For complex conditions, comprehensive follow-up care is crucial for treatment success. We also tend to the complete recovery of your child following discharge in out-patient appointments fortreatment.

Diagnostic Services

  • Sonography
  • Radiology
  • CT / MRI
  • Gastroscopy
  • Colonoscopy
  • Bronchoscopy
  • Laparoscopy
  • Cystoscopy
  • Uroflow
  • Bladder pressure measurement

Therapeutic Services

Neonatal surgery

In neonatal surgery, we correct congenital deformities.

Medical treatment so soon after the birth is also very difficult for the parents. Our whole team supports the parents during this period.

Minimally invasive paediatric surgery
- Varicocele devastation
- Appendicectomy (laparoscopic appendicectomy)
- Treatment of Hirschsprung disease
- Cardioplasty
- Treatment of abdominal testis
- 15 years experience in sunken chest correction

Paedriatric urology
- Diagnosis in the area of kidney and bladder function, radiology, pressure and flow measurement
- Surgical treatment, such as pyeloplasty, hypospadia correction, reflux correction
- Cystoscopy with subureteral injection
- Treatment of voiding disorders, enuresis treatments

Surgical procedures on the digestive tract (gastroenterology)
- Oesophageal stricture
- Hirschsprung disease
- Anal atresia
- Intestinal obstruction

Oncology surgery
- Surgery for solid tumours such as renal tumours, hepatic tumours, neuroblastomata, rhabdomyosarcomata, etc.
- Hickman catheter for chemotherapy
- Surgery for pulmonary metastases

Paedriatric traumatology
-  Surgical and conservative treatment of all bony fractures
- Accidents (accident insurance medical processing)
- Care of children with brittle bone conditions

Central nervous system

Hydrocephalus surgery (diversion of cerebrospinal fluid into the abdomen using a valve, spina bifida closure)

Haemangioma, lymphangioma (haemangioma and lymphangioma treatment)
- Medication-based treatment
- Cryotherapy
- Laser therapy

Thoracic and pulmonary surgery
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Other certificates of the specialist

Additional staff

Dr. med.
Kerstin Remmel

Oberärztin und Chefarztvertretung

Dr. med.
Stephan Oehler


Dr - Thomas Mika - Pediatric Surgery - Nuernberg

Thomas Mika

Lead Consultant, Paediatric Surgery / Paediatric Urology
Facharzt für Kinderchirurgie

Dr. - Mattias Schäfer  - Pediatric Surgery - Nuernberg

Dr. med.
Mattias Schäfer

Facharzt für Kinderchirurgie

Prof. - Wolfram Scheurlen - Pediatric Surgery - Nuernberg

Wolfram Scheurlen

Senior Consultant, Paediatrics

Prof. - Michael Schroth - Pediatric Surgery - Nuernberg

Michael Schroth

Senior Consultant, Neonatology and Paediatric Intensive Care Medicine

Dr - Wolfgang Schmidt - Pediatric Surgery - Nuernberg

Wolfgang Schmidt

Consultant, Paediatric Oncology
Facharzt für Kinder- und Jugendmedizin, Schwerpunkt Pädiatrische Hämatologie und Onkologie