Dr. med. Florian J. Netzer - Phlebology, Munich - Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae Florian Johannes Netzer

  • 23.8.1962 born in Munich
  • 1968 – 1981 elemantary school and High School at Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm
  • 1981 – 1987 medical school at the Universität Regensburg and the Technische Univeristät München, approbation 1987
  • Laureate 1989: “communication between the cercaria and the water snail in schistosomiasis, a common tropical disease”, Technische Universität München
  • 1987 – 1993 special surgical training in vascular and plastic and abdominal and orthopedic surgery at different hospitals: Kreiskrankenhaus Pfaffenhofen, Bavaria; department of vascular surgery and then department of orthopedic surgery and trauma intensive care unit; starting to work as an emergency physician on the helicopter and on the ambulance in 1988; Kreiskrankenhaus Freising: department of general and vascular surgery; Klinikum München Bogenhausen: Plastic Surgery, department of Plastic Surgery and ICU for Burns; still working as an emergency physician on the helicopter in Germany and later also in Tyrol/Austria. More than 2000 operations on emergency ambulances and helicopters since 1988 and still training young physicians and other medical staff in emergency medicine especially under outdoor conditions and in critical situations such as burning buildings, recovery from extreme depth or height, etc.
  • 1993 Bayerische Landesärztekammer: entitled as “surgeon” after passing the exams
  • 1994 – today working self employed as surgeon, specialized on the treatment of varicose veins, leg ulcers and lipedema. From 1994 on running a private clinic and surgical unit with in- and outpatients and own theatres in two different locations in Munich. Meanwhile appr. 30 000 surgical procedures, most of them on varicose veins. Staff in between 10 and 20 persons (surgeons, anesthetists, nurses, secretaries, students, radiology staff).
  • From 1994 until 2005 lecturer with the Bayerische Landesärztekammer (i.e. GMC in the UK) in emergency medicine and general surgery
  • Sale of the theatre and clinic in 2002 and leaving the public health system
  • From 2003 on only private patients from whole Europe as well as former Russian countries and Russia, Asia, Turkey, Arab States; Israel
  • From 2003 on private clinic in the center of Munich and proceeding the surgical procedures in a private hospital (www.iatros-klinik.de), normally 15 – 20 procedures per week
  • Further training in emergency medicine and from 2004 on training physicians on the special requirements in emergencies occurring e.g. in mass events, riding and motocross competitions and under conditions with practically no medical equipment
  • Since 2004 completely concentrating on a very sophisticated mix of techniques to do varicose veins: combination of several different catheter techniques (such as: VNUS CLOSURE FAST®, CELON®, ELVES RADIAL®, STEAM VEIN SCLEROSIS SVS®, transcutaneous laser and endoscopic removal of the GSV).
  • All procedures under total anesthesia, only short Touch Ups by SVS® under local
  • All patients have to be without any pain after surgery and must not get any painkillers postop or any analgetics during the procedure, no medical stockings, back to work next day: still worldwide unique combination of techniques, so far approximately 7,000 cases
  • 1991 – today: working as author (medical literature) and in research projects, training other surgeons in special minimally invasive techniques and developing new catheter systems for vascular treatments
  • 2009 “Das Venenbuch” (= The Vein Book) by Dr. Florian Netzer is being published in Germany (SCHLUETER`sche Verlagshandlung)
  • 2010 founding the “Medical Specialists Munich – MSM” a group of highly specialized physicians that offers up-to-date and state-of-the-art treatments in various fields to foreign patients and that is based as well in Munich as in London (10 Harley Street)
  • 2011 opening of medical office also at Milane/Italy
  • GMC registration
  • 2011 moving from 10 Harley Street to the LBPS with Mr. Chris Inglefield
  • Until today working there once o month for several days proceeding surgery at the Queen Anne Street Medical Centre
  • From 2011 on member of the governmental association “Bavaria – a Better State of Health”
  • Since 2012 member of the “Bavarian Health Association” which has been found to improve the quality of medical service on foreign patients in Bavaria and is only affiliating members on invitation with a perfect reputation
  • 2011 and 2012 patentee of two European patents on a vascular catheter and a smaller device
  • Lecturer at different medical meetings upon veins in Istanbul, Hamburg, Cyprus, Munich and this year e.g. in Boston, Beograd, at the Charing Cross Meeting in London and in Genova
  • Publications in different medical specialist journal such as: “Vasomed” (Germany) and “Phlebologie” (Germany)
  • teaching endoluminal treatments to so far around 150 surgeons and dermatologists from 4 continents
  • 2015 editing the textbook “Endoluminale Varizentherapie” with the DE GRUYTER publishing house


  • Living with family (wife, one daughter 11 yo) on the own farm
  • Fishing and hunting since childhood
  • Running an own farm and livery with 40 horses
  • Eventing in national and international competitions on the continent since many years
  • Skiing, Scuba Diving and (not at the moment) Paragliding


  • German, English, Italian, basic French