Special Clinical Focus

  • All operative techniques for pancreatic tumors
  • All operative techniques for liver tumors
  • All operative techniques for gastric and esophageal tumors
  • All operative techniques for complex abdominal cancer
  • All operative techniques for acid reflux
  • All operative techniques for diseases of the thyroid and parathyroid

About us

Professor M. Schilling has nearly 30 years of surgical experience encompassing the full range of general and abdominal surgery. In the field of oncological surgery, he has expanded his skills and expertise through clinical training at various tumor centers in USA, Japan and England. Personally, he has conducted over 800 esophageal/gastric resections, 1500 liver and 900 pancreas surgeries and over 4000 colorectal procedures himself or assisted as the responsible senior surgeon. The procedures he has performed also include multivisceral resections of the abdomen and thorax.

In interdisciplinary conferences, a treatment strategy is developed for each patient according to their individual needs, where quality of life issues play a central role in therapeutic planning.

Professor Schilling is also happy to provide second opinions on and assessments of the resectability of complex tumor diseases.

In the field of minimally invasive surgery, Professor Schilling limits his activity to anti-reflux surgery, including the LINX magnetic ring, cholecystectomies using the 2-trocar technique and inguinal hernias.

Thanks to his close cooperation with the Chirurgie Zentrum Zentralschweiz (Surgery Center of Central Switzerland), patients benefit from entire surgical spectrum, including minimally invasive, coloproctological, thoracic and vascular surgical disciplines at the highest level of expertise.

Professor Schilling operates at the Hirslanden Klinik St. Anna in Lucerne as well as the Hirslanden Klinik in Zurich.

The Hirslanden Klinik St. Anna is the largest private hospital in central Switzerland. In terms of technology, facilities and human resources, the hospital meets all requirements necessary for performing the full range of general, abdominal, vascular and thoracic surgeries. The Chirurgie Zentrum Zentralschweiz's interdisciplinary organization ensures continuous surgical care of patients requiring both elective surgical and emergency interventions 365 days a year.

All surgeons and internist cooperation partners in gastroenterology, oncology, angiology, pulmonology as well as diagnostic and interventional radiology have many years of clinical experience, often holding senior positions after many years of international and university training in their respective fields.

Especially those patients with tumors avoid long waiting times though a centralized patient management system.

Diagnostic Services

All radiological, nuclear medicine and internal medical examination techniques for diagnostic verification and exact planning of the surgical procedure.

Leading Medicine Guide

Selected expert in the specialist field Oncologic surgery

Other services

  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Liver metastasis in particular in colon cancer (simultaneous surgeries)
  • Gastric and esophageal cancer
  • Complex abdominal tumors
  • Gastroesophageal acid reflux
  • Diseases of the thyroid gland


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