Special Clinical Focus

  • Taking care of severe injuries with complex types of trauma
  • Bone and cartilage transplants
  • Total joint replacement
  • Plastic, hand and reconstructive surgery
  • Foot surgery
  • Septic surgery

About us

The Berufsgenossenschaftliche Unfallklinik Frankfurt am Main (BGU) is one of nine casualty hospitals for members of institutions in Germany responsible for statutory accident insurance and prevention (Berufsgenossenschaften).

From its foundation in 1962, the clinic has developed into a leading center for trauma and orthopedic surgery in Germany. It has 348 beds. With nine specialist departments, the BGU Frankfurt am Main provides a comprehensive medical range of services and treatment options, as well as offering medical know-how that guarantees treatment of injured patients at the highest level, in a 24 h stand-by service. Over and above this, all of the joint replacement operations (endoprosthetics) on hip, knee and shoulder joints following injury or due to wear as well as the extensive endoprosthetic replacement operations that we perform are of the highest possible quality. The treatment is not only available to patients who have suffered accidents at work, but also to patients under national insurance cover and privately insured patients.

Being where the Christoph 2 (RTH) rescue helicopter and the 11/82 (NEF) emergency doctor's car are principally housed, as well as the location of an additional helicopter landing pad, the BGU Frankfurt am Main has specialized for decades in the treatment of patients suffering multiple trauma and the most severe injuries.

The services of the clinic include the whole range of conservative and operative casualty interventions and post-traumatic reconstruction surgery as well as concentrating on orthopedic operations. This involves the latest methods for treating bone fractures, including joint injuries, the care of injuries to capsular ligaments and joint fractures, and the reconstruction of severe pelvic and spinal cord injuries.
The artificial replacement of hip, knee, shoulder, elbow and ankle joints is a special area in our range of treatment.
We also concentrate on foot surgery, sports orthopedics, especially knee and shoulder surgery, manual and reconstructive plastic surgery, and septic surgery.

Diagnostic Services

  • Arthroscopic diagnostics
  • CT and MRI controlled punctures
  • Diagnosis of acute injuries, congenital skeletal deformities and bone tumors
  • Joint punctures
  • Conventional skeletal x-rays
  • MRI functional diagnosis
  • Open MRI
  • Nuclear medicine diagnosis
  • Diagnosis of osteoporosis
  • Ultrasound diagnostics
  • 3-D image converter

Therapeutic Services

  • Trauma and reconstructive surgery
  • Treatment of people with bone marrow injuries
  • Manual and plastic reconstruction surgery
  • Septic surgery for the treatment of chronic and acute bone infections (osteitis), spontaneously or after an operation
  • Sports orthopedics, knee and shoulder surgery
  • Center for spinal surgery and neuro-traumatology
  • Orthopedic and traumatological foot surgery
  • Therapy control and rehabilitation in accordance with the Berufsgenossenschaft (Institution for statutory accident insurance) - Extended Ambulant Physiotherapy (EAP) as well as Berufsgenossenschaft Hospitalized Extended Treatment (BGSW)
  • Joint replacement operations (endoprosthetics) for the shoulder joint, ellbow joint, hip joint, knee joint and ankle joint
  • Endoprosthesis exchange operations
  • Special orthopaedic surgery
  • Anesthetics,intensive care and pain therapy
  • Psychotraumatological Center for diagnostics and therapy planning

Special Offers / Arrangements / Rooms

  • Evaluations of accident complications and occupational illnesses for trade association, statutory and private health insurance companies as well as for personal liability insurance, health and pension insurance companies, professional bodies and courts.
  • Social rehabilitation officer
  • Social services
  • Ethics committee
  • Counselling
  • Patient advocates
  • Orthopedic workshop
  • Multimedia terminal to each bed
  • Hairdresser/cosmetics
  • Additional services agreement possible
  • Patient bistro
  • Accomodation for accompanying persons
  • Swimming pool
  • Ambulant rehabilitation (at the rehabilitation center MAIN.BGMED affiliated to the clinic)
  • Ambulatory healthcare center (at the ambulatory healthcare center MAIN:BGMED affiliated to the clinic)
Leading Medicine Guide

Selected expert in the specialist field Traumatology

Other services

  • Fractures of bones and joints
  • Head injuries 
  • Bone marrow injuries 
  • Chronic and acute bone infections
  • Neuro-traumatology
  • Intensive care and pain therapy


Airports near

  • Airport Frankfurt23 km – approx. 20 minutes
  • Main station Frankfurt7 km – approx. 20 minutes

Additional staff

Prof. - Louis  Hovy   - Traumatology - Frankfurt

Prof. Dr. med.
Louis Hovy

Doctor in charge of special orthopaedic surgery
Orthopaedic and trauma surgeon, orthopaedist, rheumatologist, special orthopaedic surgeon, orthopaedist for children, sports medicine, physiotherapy

Dr. - Edgar Soldner - Traumatology - Frankfurt

Dr. med.
Edgar Soldner

Acting Medical Director
Surgeon, trauma surgeon and sports medicine

Dr. - Hans-Peter Schlaudt - Traumatology - Frankfurt

Hans-Peter Schlaudt

Commercial Manager