Special Clinical Focus

  • Urolithiasis with minimally invasive methods, also for complex urinary calculus
  • Surgical and medicinal treatment of prostate cancer (including da Vinci robot)
  • Surgical and medicinal treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (TUR-P, Greenlightlaser, Holmiumlaser)
  • Treatment of bladder cancer (transurethral ablation guided by photodynamic diagnosis PDD, cystectomy with neobladder)
  • “No scalpel”-vassectomy

About us

The Department of Urology at the Cantonal Hospital Liestal in cooperation with the Basel Clinic at the University Hospital Basel constitutes the Department of Urology Basel-Liestal. It covers the entire spectrum of outpatient and inpatient urology including endoscopic ("endoscopy with fine instruments"), laparoscopic ("keyhole surgery") and open surgery.

Of particular important is the treatment of kidney stones including extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy ("stone pulverization"). A state-of-the-art lithotripter is shared with the Basel Clinic. Several general outpatient and specialty consultation hours are conducted on a daily basis. The department has its own operating rooms that are equipped in a state-of-the-art manner as well as its own ward with specialized personnel.

Outpatient consultation hours are also offered at the Cantonal Hospitals in Laufen and Bruderholz.

Diagnostic Services

  • Complete diagnostic spectrum with digital endoscopy and digital x-rays
  • CT
  • MRI
  • Spect CT
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Video urodynamics

Therapeutic Services

The Department of Urology offers the entire spectrum of outpatient and inpatient urology, both apparative diagnostics as well as open and minimally invasive surgery. These include preliminary screenings, treatments and follow-up care.

Center for kidney stone therapy

Stone treatment with the most modern minimally invasive methods. Even when treating complex stones, we are one of the few clinics that uses a combination of digital, flexible imaging of the kidney and ureteroscopy together with minimally invasive percutaneous (called "mini-perc"), drain-free (called "tubeless") surgery. This results in a significantly reduced duration of hospitalization. Additionally, the procedure is safer as a result of combining the two methods, although more complicated and cost intensive.

Outpatient procedures
Circumcision, vasectomy, smaller procedures on the external genitalia, lithotripsy of smaller stones. Catheter changing of all types.

Endourology (cystoscopic surgery)
Cystoscopy, ureteroscopy (for stone treatment, for diagnostic purposes), as well as nephro-lithotripsy (stone and tumor therapy), treatment of benign prostatic hypertrophy (TURP = Transurethral Resection of the Prostate, prostatic surgery via the urethra, called "small" operation) with monopolar, bipolar and laser technique. Excision of bladder tumors through the urethra.

Laparoscopy (keyhole surgery)

Open surgery
Smaller procedures on the external genitalia (e.g., hydrocele surgery), procedures on the kidney, very large surgeries in prostate cancer, bladder cancer with bladder replacement and removal of large kidney tumors. Preparatory surgeries for transplantation (e.g., removal of large cystic kidneys) and corrective procedures after transplantation.

Special Offers / Arrangements / Rooms

  • Modern, quiet private rooms with bathroom / toilet
  • Individual menu selection
  • Television
  • Broadband internet free of charge
  • Room service
  • Train station in walking distance
  • German-speaking personnel, but a majority speaks several languages (English, French, Spanish)
  • Typical Swiss hospitality
  • Very friendly and competent personnel
Leading Medicine Guide

Selected expert in the specialist field Urology

Other services

  • Complex nephrolithiasis (staghorn calculus, struvite stones etc.)
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Hormonal disorder in the aging male (male climacterium)


Airports near

  • Euroairport Basel – Mülhausen - Freiburg (International)25 km
  • Zurich Airport (International)82 km