Special Clinical Focus

  • Urological cancer surgery (oncological surgery)
  • Potency preserving prostatectomy
  • Surgical reconstruction of the urinary tract
  • Urological laparoscopic surgery for cancer (minimally invasive)
  • Urological endoscopic surgery (endourology)
  • Incontinence surgery (bladder suspension, bands)

About us


Prof. Shahrokh Shariat is a specialist urologist at the Vienna General Hospital, where he is the Head of the Urology Clinic. At the same time, he also works at a private clinic in Vienna.

Together with the general Out-patients’ Urology Clinic, the Urology Clinic of the Vienna General Hospital houses an Out-patients’ Incontinence Clinic, an Out-patients’ Urological Tumour Clinic and a Paediatric Out-patients’ Urology Clinic, which holds a special paediatric clinic for childhood urinary incontinence and enuresis.

Among the particular treatment emphases of the specialist urologist and Head of the Urology Clinic, Prof. Shariat, are urological cancer procedures (oncological surgery) such as potency-preserving prostatectomy, laparoscopic urological procedures for cancer (minimally invasive) and endoscopic urological procedures (endourology), in addition to the surgical reconstruction of the urinary tract and incontinence surgery, for example, by bladder suspension.

By means of these treatments, as a specialist urologist, Prof. Shariat treats prostatic cancer, bladder cancer, kidney and ureteral stones, urinary incontinence, bladder dysfunctions, as well as penile cancer and testicular cancer.

As a specialist urologist in Vienna, Prof. Shariat has published more than 400 research papers in his specialist field and holds five patents in the field of prostatic and bladder cancer research.

The specialist urologist, Prof. Shariat, was born in Teheran and grew up in Vienna, where, today, he practises in two locations. He has also spent time in Spain, Switzerland and the USA.

As a postdoctoral fellow, Prof. Shariat continued his medical training at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. Here, he was involved in gene therapy for urological conditions and in urological oncology. The Viennese specialist urologist later attended the Southwestern Medical Center of the University of Texas, before ultimately teaching at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

Today, Prof. Shariat also continues to be engaged in research in the field of urology, focusing particularly on prostate and bladder cancer research. In particular, the research emphases of Prof. Shariat in Vienna include gene therapy and vaccine protection against certain urological conditions.

This also includes the further development of surgical minimally invasive techniques and, at the same time, is among the particular treatment emphases of the specialist urologist. Potency-preserving prostatectomy, laparoscopic procedures (keyhole technique) for cancer of the prostate and cancer of the bladder can be cited as examples.

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Other services

  • Prostate Cancer
  • Bladder cancer
  • Renal and ureteral stones
  • Urinary Incontinence
  • Bladder dysfunctions
  • Penile and testicular cancer


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