Special Clinical Focus

  • Radioservice computer-navigated liver surgery
  • Metastasis surgery
  • Surgery using the ultrasonic knife
  • Minimally invasive abdominal surgery
  • Liver, gallbladder and biliary tract surgery (hepatobiliary surgery)
  • Pancreatic surgery

About us

Prof. Karl J. Oldhafer is the Senior Consultant of the Department of General and Abdominal Surgery and Surgical Oncology at the Abdominal Medical Centre of the Barmbek Asklepios Hospital. As a specialist in general and abdominal surgery and hepatic surgery, Prof. Oldhafer heads a Centre for Liver Disease, where complicated surgery is also performed on the liver using the most advanced technology. Together with specialists in the field of oncology, gastroenterology and radiology, the main focus, tumour surgery, is further developed by the liver specialist in Hamburg. At the Barmbek Asklepios Hospital, Prof. Oldhafer and his team of experienced surgeons perform the surgical treatment of all abdominal conditions. At the same time, numerous procedures can be performed gently for the patients at the hospital, using minimal invasive (laparoscopic) techniques.

Thanks to the wide experience of the department under Prof. Oldhafer, the liver specialist in Hamburg, in the surgical treatment of liver conditions, the large numbers of complicated procedures performed and the use of the most advanced diagnosis and treatment techniques, the Liver Centre in Hamburg has been certified as a “Centre of Excellence for Surgical Conditions of the Liver” by the German Association for General and Abdominal Surgery. This certification guarantees the highest medical standard for the care of the patient by the liver specialist in Hamburg. New surgical techniques and innovative cancer therapies have become a part of the care in Prof. Oldhafer’s department. For example, the liver specialist in Hamburg is able to remove even the smallest metastases by means of virtual surgery planning in conjunction with three-dimensional computer-guided navigation, with the aid of the most advanced surgical techniques such as the ultrasonic knife and, at the same time, maintain the function of the liver. As well as malignant tumour conditions of the liver, the liver specialist in Hamburg also treats benign conditions such as cirrhosis of the liver, hepatic cysts, haemangiomata of the liver, adenomata of the liver and FNH (focal nodular hyperplasia).

As a “Pancreatic Cancer Centre with the commendation of the German Cancer Association”, Prof. Oldhafer’s department also cares for patients with difficult to diagnose conditions of the pancreas, maintaining the high standards of quality. These include benign and malignant pancreatic tumours, as well as acute and chronic pancreatic inflammation (pancreatitis). As well, for all intestinal and gastric conditions, the most up to date treatment techniques are employed in the department under the liver specialist in Hamburg. The team under Prof. Oldhafer also specialises in the treatment of hernias, which is shown by the accolade, “Quality-assured Hernia Surgery”, by the German Hernia Association. A hernia clinic with counselling and individual surgical planning rounds off the range of services.

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Other services

  • Tumours of the liver
  • Biliary tract conditions
  • Cancer of the large intestine and the rectum
  • Cancer of the pancreas
  • Liver conditions
  • Cirrhosis of the liver


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