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In a search for specialists in radiotherapy/radio-oncology you will find medical experts in the radio-oncologic treatment of cancer disease. You have cancer and want a radiotherapy specialist with particular expertise? We will help you find an experienced specialist in radiation therapy.

After surgery and chemotherapy, radiation therapy is one of the three most important pillars of cancer therapy. However, ionising radiation by a specialist in radiation therapy is used not only in the treatment of cancer (and in a palliative way) but also for the treatment of benign tumours. Actual therapy must follow a complex planning process. Not every cancer or every type of cell of cancer can be treated with radiation therapy.

The principle of radiation therapy is that ionising rays destroy malignant cells much more intensively than benign ones. Radiation therapy is only used locally, so that at most unwanted side effects occur only in the irradiated area. These days it is largely possible to spare healthy tissue.

Radiation therapy should be administered by an experienced specialist for radiation therapy/radio-oncology or radiology (radiation therapy was only differentiated in this way in the 1980s). An expert in radiation therapy has completed five years of postgraduate training after completing his medical studies.

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