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Pulmonology, sometimes also called pneumology or pulmology, attends to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disorders, dysfunctions and deformities of the lungs, the bronchia, the pleura and the mediastinum.

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Common pulmonary and respiratory diseases are COPD, tuberculosis, cystic fibrosis, bronchial asthma, pneumonia as well as allergies and allergy induced diseases of the respiratory organs. Furthermore, malignant tumors of the lungs (lung cancer) is diagnosed and treated with the area of pulmonology.

Different subspecialties for diseases of pulmonary and respiratory diseases

Pulmonology, allergology, bronchology and thoracic surgery are the different medical subspecialties which are all specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary and respiratory diseases.

While pulmonology primarily makes use of conservative, non-surgical treatment methods such as respiratory therapy or drug treatment, thoracic surgery, as a subspecialty of general surgery, makes use of surgical procedures such as thoracoscopy or thoracotomy.

Interventions in thoracic surgery usually serve as treatment for pneumothorax or funnel chest.

In allergology, allergy induced diseases of the lungs and the respiratory organs are treated, e.g. via hyposensibilization. Meanwhile, bronchology attends to diseases of the bronchia such as chronic bronchitis or bronchiectasis.

For the diagnosis and treatment, endoscopic procedures such as the broncoschopy are used.