Professor - Andreas Kirschniak, MBA - Surgery -

Professor Dr Andreas Kirschniak, MBA

Specialist in general, abdominal and oncological surgery in Mönchengladbach

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Professor - Andreas Kirschniak, MBA - Surgery -
Professor Dr Andreas Kirschniak, MBA Specialist in general, abdominal and oncological surgery in Mönchengladbach
+49 2161 2969053 (Landline at local rates)
Professor Kirschniak has a high level of expertise in all conditions of the digestive organs and also has an excellent reputation for the treatment of glands and soft tissue. He is primarily known for being the Director of the Intestinal Cancer Centre, which achieves impressive results.

About us Professor Dr Andreas Kirschniak, MBA

The Maria Hilf clinic and the seventeen specialist departments of which it is comprised is the perfect choice for patients looking for the highest standard of medical care in the greater Mönchengladbach area. The clinic is led by an outstanding expert in conditions of the digestive organs, glands and soft tissue, who is able to provide an excellent standard of care, ranging from a thorough diagnosis and a high level of precision in procedures to individual aftercare: as the Chief Physician at the Clinic for General and Abdominal Surgery, Professor Andreas Kirschniak MBA enjoys a reputation that extends far beyond this city in the Lower Rhine area. Professor Kirschniak has made a name for himself internationally, primarily as an expert in the field of intestinal cancer.

He is an experienced chief physician with an in-depth understanding of all areas of the clinical treatment spectrum: when Professor Andreas Kirschniak MBA took over the directorship of the Clinic for General and Abdominal Surgery in Mönchengladbach in 2020, the clinic acquired a true expert. Professor Kirschniak is an excellent all-rounder and offers university-level expertise in everyday clinical matters.

Before coming to Mönchengladbach, Professor Kirschniak had already established a reputation as a university professor in the field of surgical technology at the Eberhard Karl University of Tübingen, acted as Chairman of the “Young Surgeons’ Surgical Working Group” for several years and built up an excellent network as co-editor of the journal “Zentralblatt für Chirurgie”. A consultant of this calibre, who is also a member of renowned societies such as the “European Association of Endoscopic Surgery”, gives this location, which is rich in tradition, even more prestige.

Specialty: Digestive organs

The chief physician’s first area of specialty is the entire spectrum of acute and chronic conditions of the digestive organs. Professor Kirschniak predominantly uses minimally-invasive surgical techniques to treat conditions of the oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, rectum, liver and bile ducts. A renowned master of innovative keyhole surgery, he was, for example, awarded a professorship in “Minimally-invasive and robot-assisted oncological surgery” at the University of Lübeck.

The chief physician also uses minimally-invasive surgical techniques to treat conditions of the pancreas, adrenal gland, thyroid gland or parathyroid gland because these techniques have a number of benefits for his patients. Thanks to even just the tiny steps which make extremely high levels of precision possible in robot-assisted surgery, patients experience less pain and reduced scarring.

Perfect implementation of minimally-invasive surgical techniques

In addition, this allows the time which patients have to spend in hospital in Mönchengladbach to be reduced enormously. Patients are also able to return to their everyday lives much more quickly and the risk of wound infections can, of course, almost be ruled out. As such, minimally-invasive surgical techniques are an ideal match for the patient-oriented approach taken by the hospital in the Lower Rhine region.

The entire team working with chief physician Professor Kirschniak has a great deal of experience: the team performs over 2400 inpatient operations a year. In addition, the team treats hernias, such as inguinal hernias, incisional hernias and umbilical hernias. On top of this, the team treats many patients for whom surgical intervention can be avoided. These patients can rely on Professor Kirschniak to use a wide range of non-surgical treatment methods, which is, in part, thanks to his excellent network.

Outstanding experience in oncological surgery

One of the areas of speciality in the impressive treatment spectrum offered by the chief physician is based in a dedicated department at the Clinic for General and Abdominal Surgery: as a renowned expert in the field of oncological surgery, Professor Andreas Kirschniak MBA also heads up the certified interdisciplinary Intestinal Cancer Centre. The optimum treatment method for the patient in question is determined there in close interdisciplinary cooperation, from diagnostic and treatment steps to psychological support. State-of-the-art equipment is used in the comprehensive diagnostic process: there is a wide range of diagnostic options, from sonography, x-ray examination and computer tomography to magnetic resonance imaging.

Since intestinal cancer is associated with very good chances of recovery with early detection, the team working with Professor Kirschniak places emphasis on developing completely individual treatment plans. Only in this way can each individual decision contribute to achieving the greatest possible chance of a complete recovery for the patient. For this purpose, a tumour conference is always scheduled to discuss the type of treatment and intervention and resident family doctors and consultants are involved in this process too. The Mönchengladbach Intestinal Cancer Centre develops a perfectly tailored treatment plan for each patient thanks to this close interdisciplinary cooperation. This not only concerns the type of surgical intervention but also the aftercare and psychological support.

Intestinal cancer: certified quality

Regardless of whether a colonoscopy, proctoscopy, polyp removal or colon and rectum carcinoma removal is required, it is only possible to determine whether an open or minimally invasive surgical technique will need to be used, for example using state-of-the-art transanal microsurgery, after the tumour conference. The expertise of the renowned chief physician is also used to determine which types of chemotherapy or radiation therapy are used. And, thanks to his empathetic manner, Professor Kirschniak is also the right consultant for cases where social or psycho-oncological support or palliative care are required.

In addition, Professor Kirschniak has close connections with the Oncological Centre, which, under the directorship of Professor Ullrich Graeven, has established an outstanding regional reputation for treating patients with all types of cancer. The quality and national reputation of the organisation in Mönchengladbach ensure that it stands out: patients with cancer receive a comprehensive treatment package here, which is always coordinated with experts from a wide range of disciplines. As such, the Oncological Centre is building upon its reputation with its excellent treatment results. In addition, relatives praise the services offered by the centre, which extend far beyond the scope of the patient’s medical treatment.

An important aspect of the clinical work of Professor Andreas Kirschniak MBA is also his cooperation with the affiliated Centre for Continence. Patients experiencing functional disorders of the bladder or rectum are provided with support and treatment there. The Maria Hilf clinic group in Mönchengladbach stands out in this regard too because everyone who is involved believes in the positive impact of this interdisciplinary cooperation: when several highly specialised physicians contribute their expertise to a case in order to develop patient-oriented solutions, the chances of success increase and this is very important when it comes to incontinence, which has traditionally been a taboo topic. This approach also enables the rapid and differentiated development of diagnostic steps, even in the most complex of clinical pictures, and therefore the creation of individual treatment plans which meet the standards of international high-performance medicine.

Professor Kirschniak lives and breathes this approach. He personally specialised at university level and enjoys passing on his specialist knowledge to the next generation too. In 2017, he was awarded the Certificate for University Teaching in Medicine in Baden-Württemberg and also places emphasis on passing on knowledge as the Director of the Young Talent Department at the Professional Association of German Surgeons (BDC). His patients also benefit from his flair for teaching: at the clinic, the chief physician is often praised for his ability to talk to patients in a clear and concise manner about the reality of their condition and what to expect. Patients who choose to be treated by the experienced physician Professor Andreas Kirschniak are making an excellent decision.


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