Dr - Hassan Allouch, MBA - ATOS Clinic Stuttgart – Spine Surgery

ATOS Clinic Stuttgart – Spine Surgery

Specialists for spine surgery in Stuttgart

Dr - Hassan Allouch, MBA - ATOS Clinic Stuttgart – Spine Surgery
Dr Allouch and Dr Abu Nahleh enjoy a high reputation for all spinal diseases and injuries. As highly specialised specialists, they jointly determine the ideal therapies for their patients – carefully and comprehensively. So anyone in Stuttgart who has problems with their spine is welcome to contact them.

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Dr - Hassan Allouch, MBA - Spinal surgery -

Dr med. Hassan Allouch, MBA

Dr - Kais Abu Nahleh - Spinal surgery -

Dr med. Kais Abu Nahleh

About us ATOS Clinic Stuttgart – Spine Surgery

As a specialist clinic for spinal disorders, the ATOS Klinik Stuttgart is fully specialised in diseases and injuries of the spine. The specialists at the renowned facility pay special attention to movement diagnostics in connection with spinal problems. Dr med. Hassan Allouch, MBA, and Dr med. Kais Abu Nahleh are two highly experienced specialists who are united by a clear concern: Only those who can move without pain take an active part in life – with joy and the desire for mobility. The two specialists, who have known each other for a long time, make everything secondary to this goal.

Experienced orthopaedic surgeons with a broad range of services who focus entirely on the spine – this is what makes up the highly specialised cutting-edge medicine of our time. With Dr med. Hassan Allouch, MBA, and Dr med. Kais Abu Nahleh, patients at the ATOS Clinic in Stuttgart have exactly the right contacts. After all, the philosophy of the clinic includes not only the outstanding expertise of the two responsible specialists, but also the high-class service that affects all areas of the clinic – both medical as well as human.

With the two spine specialists, the spine surgery department is the heart of the clinic. Since 2021, the clinic has also offered innovative and modern treatments in the areas of the knee, hip and shoulder – but it is and remains the spine that has been the focus of treatments since the clinic was founded. Dr Allouch and Dr Abu Nahleh both guarantee the most careful clarification of the complaints right from the first diagnosis. What are the causes of the pain? If there is no acute injury, there are many possible clinical pictures: Is it a slipped disc? Is there lumbago? Is lumbalgia or ischialgia diagnosed? All these diseases have one thing in common: They cause severe pain in the spine.

Many reasons for back pain: a comprehensive diagnosis

It is good to have two specialists who know exactly how to treat back pain. It is also important that both specialists leave no stone unturned to avoid surgery. On the one hand, there are many conservative treatment methods that can be used to treat spinal problems without surgery. On the other hand, the two follow the international development of medicine very closely – and this has made enormous progress in recent years, especially in the area of the musculoskeletal system.

Classic methods of conservative therapy – in which the two specialists have plenty of experience – involve targeted medicinal and interventional pain therapy measures, these utilised effectively in Stuttgart. However, Dr Allouch and Dr Abu Nahleh also know that these treatments do not always achieve the desired results – and that interventions are often unavoidable. For example, if there are severe changes, if the degree of pain can no longer be controlled even by the most innovative forms of physiotherapy or by complex applications of manual medicine – then surgical options are called for.

Conservative treatments: leave no stone unturned

Before spinal complaints are treated with modern surgical procedures, there is a detailed consultation – absolutely individual. Because spinal column changes can have very different effects from case to case, great importance is attached in Stuttgart to individual therapy planning based on years of experience – no wonder with two such highly specialised specialists. With their clear focus on the spine, Dr Allouch and Dr Abu Nahleh are also always up to date with the scientific findings of new treatment methods. And they are familiar with findings from long-term histories down to the smallest detail.

For the two spine specialists, innovative surgical methods always have priority. If possible, this means: Anyone undergoing spinal surgery at the ATOS Klinik Stuttgart can be sure of first-class and, of course, contemporary therapy. These are mostly minimally invasive procedures – in all areas of the spine.

Dr Allouch and Dr Abu Nahleh are both familiar with the most modern endoscopically assisted or microscopically assisted procedures, with which they specifically and safely achieve the respective surgical goals. This state-of-the-art surgery has immense advantages over open surgery: Minimally invasive procedures guarantee much faster wound healing – and thus shorten the hospital stay. In this way, the longed-for mobility is regained more quickly and smaller scars remain. Often, the two specialists also encourage their patients to do exercises after a short period of time, which enable a particularly quick return to their usual daily routine. The two specialists have already experienced several times that people only developed real sporting ambition after a complicated operation: When the pain is gone, boundaries can be moved quickly.

Herniated disc: Straight to the specialist!

Dr med. Hassan Allouch, MBA, and Dr med. Kais Abu Nahleh have a particularly good reputation in the field of slipped discs. Whether such an incident affects the cervical spine, the thoracic spine or – most commonly – the lumbar spine: After a comprehensive diagnosis, the two specialists in Stuttgart find exactly the right treatment method for each individual complaint.

Due to the high degree of specialisation, which is noticeable in every phase of treatment, patients find great competence at the Stuttgart institution for all diseases and injuries – for example, for vertebral fractures or spondylolisthesis, which is unfortunately still often overlooked, especially in young people. It is therefore important that renowned specialists quickly recognise spondylolisthesis, as spondylolisthesis is known in technical jargon – before the severe loss of stability of the spinal column can develop into
Consequential damage in the form of neurological deficits.

In the range of services: Spondylolisthesis and narrowing of vertebral canals

The experts are also on hand when vertebral bodies of the lower lumbar spine shift due to overloading and incorrect movement patterns. Or when spinal canal stenosis occurs in old age due to wear and tear. Precisely because we are getting older and fortunately place great value on mobility even in old age, Dr Allouch and Dr Abu Nahleh also have a wealth of experience in what is known as spinal canal stenosis.

The ATOS Klinik Stuttgart is also a top address for vertebral fractures. These fractures occur more frequently than is generally assumed. However, a vertebral fracture can have serious consequences, so highly professional care by respected spine specialists is important. In addition, Dr Allouch and Dr Abu Nahleh have access to state-of-the-art medical equipment, especially for complex vertebral fractures.

The competence in the spine centre of the ATOS Klinik Stuttgart is mainly divided between two specialists. The big advantage: The two have known each other for many years and are used to making decisions together – always in dialogue with their patients.

Dr med. Hassan Allouch, MBA, has many years of experience as a specialist in spine surgery. He masters innovative methods of minimally invasive surgery and uses endoscopically assisted or microscopically assisted procedures on all sections of the spine. He completed his medical studies in Poland and received his training as a specialist in neurosurgery at the Zentralklinik Bad Berka. Immediately after his specialist qualification in 2009, he focused on the spine. In Bad Berka, a certified maximum care spinal centre, he became familiar with all methods of modern spinal surgery, even for the most complex clinical pictures. As a member of numerous professional societies, Dr Allouch is very well networked and thus always keeps up to date with the latest surgical procedures. For example, he is a member of the German Spine Society, from which he also holds a Master's certificate. He is also a member of the Working Group for Osteosynthesis Issues – AOSpine – and the German Society for Neurosurgery. He has the additional title of chiropractic, a EUROSPINE diploma and is also a certified medical expert. He also attracted international attention with numerous publications. Since 2021 he has been Medical Director of the Spine Surgery Department at the ATOS Klinik Stuttgart.

Dr med. Kais Abu Nahleh has been acting as Head Physician of Spine Surgery at the ATOS Klinik Stuttgart since May 2021. He is familiar with all diseases and injuries of the spine from the head to the pelvis. Immediately after his studies at the Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, he concentrated fully on spinal surgery – and also received his orthopaedic training at the Clinic for Spinal Surgery at Zentralklinik Bad Berka. Whether it is tumours on the spine, the implantation of intervertebral disc prostheses, cement injections for osteoporotic vertebral fractures or X-ray-assisted infiltrations of vertebral joints – Dr Abu Nahleh is very familiar with all the details. His additional qualifications include X-ray diagnostics and radiation protection, and he is also experienced in emergency medicine. As a member of the German Spine Society (DWG) and the Working Group for Osteosynthesis Issues – in short: AOSpine – he is also very well connected. Dr Abu Nahleh has also already distinguished himself with several publications.

So anyone in Stuttgart who has problems with the spine and is looking for specialists who convince with individual and always holistic therapies is welcome to contact the ATOS Clinic. Dr med. Hassan Allouch, MBA, and Dr med. Kais Abu Nahleh are two proven specialists who have already carried out many consultations and therapy plans during their long time together – always with a clear focus on the mobility of their patients.



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