Shoulder - Thomas Ambacher - ATOS Klinik Stuttgart – Shoulder and elbow disorders

ATOS Klinik Stuttgart – Shoulder and elbow disorders

Specialists for shoulder and elbow disorders in Stuttgart

Shoulder - Thomas Ambacher - ATOS Klinik Stuttgart – Shoulder and elbow disorders
As specialists in their field, Dr Ambacher and Dr Gröber share deep expertise when it comes to any disease or injury of the shoulder joint and elbow. Their individual and holistic therapies enjoy an outstanding reputation well beyond Stuttgart.

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Shoulder - Thomas Ambacher - Shoulder surgery -

Shoulder and elbow disorders: dr med. Thomas Ambacher

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Shoulder diseases and sports injuries: dr med. Jürgen Gröber

About us ATOS Klinik Stuttgart – Shoulder and elbow disorders

In 2019, the ATOS Klinik Stuttgart made headlines in the medical world far beyond the region: As a newly founded clinic, it brought cutting-edge orthopaedic medicine to the capital of Baden-Württemberg. The clinic also stood out with outstanding service – coupled with equipment of the highest international standard. In 2021, the clinic once again succeeded in making the professional world sit up and take notice: With the opening of its own department for shoulder and elbow medicine, the long-established institution showed that it can offer solutions for the entire musculoskeletal system. Two exceptional specialists were recruited for the new department: Dr med. Thomas Ambacher and Dr med. Jürgen Gröber.

Joy of movement, quality of life through mobility – this is what drives the two specialists in Stuttgart day after day. Because only when people can pursue their activities without pain do they take an active part in life – both professionally and privately. This is why Dr med. Thomas Ambacher and Dr med. Jürgen Gröber have set themselves the goal of restoring lost mobility to patients at the ATOS Klinik Stuttgart with state-of-the-art therapies and innovative treatment methods – all taking a holistic approach that always focuses on the individual circumstances of each person.

The two specialists are united by a passion that makes them an ideal choice in a clinic with high claims: With special, highly personalised therapies, they want their patients to return to everyday life as effectively as possible. Whether maintaining mobility or restoring mobility – Dr Ambacher and Dr Gröber will always find the right therapeutic approach – even for the most complicated problems.

Highly specialised in shoulder and elbow

Already fascinated by the shoulder joint during their medical studies, both specialists share this common passion. Because it connects the upper arm and shoulder blade, the shoulder joint is our most mobile joint of all: And because the head of the upper arm only rests against the socket, the shoulder more or less relies on strong muscles and tendons – making it susceptible to injury.

The very sensitive shoulder inspires the specialists at the ATOS Clinic Stuttgart not least because of its great complexity, which can lead to a whole range of injuries. Whether the quite common impingement syndrome (in which the tendon responsible for shoulder movement is constricted between the humeral head and the roof bone), whether shoulder instabilities (such as a shoulder dislocation after an accident) – or whether a calcified shoulder (which can be caused by calcium deposits, a rotator cuff rupture or omarthrosis): Especially in the case of complex injuries, patients in Stuttgart benefit from the fact that Dr Ambacher and Dr Gröber have decided to specialise in just a few joints. It is precisely such focus that makes all the difference in modern high-performance medicine – because the specialists are familiar with the entire spectrum thanks to intense concentration, with conservative therapies as well as with surgical treatments.

Avoiding surgery: conservative therapies

In fact, Dr Ambacher and Dr Gröber leave no stone unturned in treating shoulder injuries without surgery. Drawing on vast experience, the experts begin with a detailed case history and highly differentiated diagnosis to clarify whether the affected persons can do something for the shoulder joint themselves – typically with exercise or physiotherapy. This often avoids operations – which the patients had believed were necessary. Yet if this fails to bring relief, the most innovative methods of modern surgery are available to them.

Whenever possible, Dr Ambacher and Dr Gröber use minimally invasive surgical methods. Especially in shoulder arthroscopy, both have tremendous experience with the so-called keyhole technique. In many cases, the specialists can specifically examine the cause of the shoulder pain – and treat it directly. Because the interventions are performed with small incisions, the healing time is shortened and usually only tiny scars remain.

If the versatile forms of therapy used at the ATOS Klinik Stuttgart are not successful, modern orthopaedics has a wide range of endoprosthetic options at its disposal. After all, the shoulder joint is under practically constant strain, so wear and tear is inevitable. The ideal solution then is to utilise the expertise of renowned shoulder specialists who are well-versed in shoulder endoprosthetics – in other words, artificial shoulder joints.

Advanced expertise: artificial shoulder joints

Dr Ambacher and Dr Gröber prefer to decide together with their patients on how to proceed in such a situation. How extensive is the joint damage? What is the status of the bone quality? Here, too, in Stuttgart: The aim is to find the individual solution that can be used in a bone-saving and tissue-conserving way – preferably with minimally invasive surgical techniques – and usually without bone cement. Dr Ambacher and Dr Gröber both have a great reputation in the provision of shoulder prostheses – called shoulder TEP. This also includes helping those people who have problems with their artificial joints – and providing a new shoulder joint in a procedure that is also as gentle as possible at the ATOS Klinik Stuttgart.

Specialisation elbows: The very best care

It is not far from the shoulder to the elbow – and Dr med. Thomas Ambacher and Dr med. Jürgen Gröber also focus on the elbow. Elbows are also among the most mobile joints, and similar to the shoulder, an arthroscopy of the elbow joint can often find the cause of the pain – and treat the injury directly. The most common problems with elbows include joint locks, instability of the joint and, of course, classic fractures. Even if not very well known – with the elbow joint there is also the option of implanting an artificial joint, for example in the case of advanced elbow arthrosis. The specialists in Stuttgart are among the most experienced in this field.

These are the two specialists:

Dr med. Thomas Ambacher, specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery, has been head of shoulder and elbow surgery at the ATOS Klinik Stuttgart since 2021. He completed his surgical and trauma surgery training at the University Hospital of RWTH Aachen, at the BG Unfallklinik Bergmannsheil Bochum and at Klinikum Stuttgart. As early as 1996, the highly specialised medical doctor, who also completed training as a physiotherapist, discovered his passion for the shoulder joint. Besides conservative treatment of all joint diseases, his main areas of expertise include operations on the shoulder and elbow – where he is considered a master of the arthroscopic technique. Incidentally, he also has a high level of expertise in ankle joint diseases. In the field of shoulder and elbow surgery, he can boast well over 16,000 procedures completed over the past twenty years. He is also a member of numerous professional societies. For example, he heads the “Conservative Therapy” commission of the German Association for Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, where he has also served as a member of the board in the meantime – and is a medical advisor to the Deutsche Sportärztezeitung.

Dr med. Jürgen Gröber is a specialist in surgery, orthopaedics and trauma surgery, and also holds the additional qualifications of special trauma surgery, sports medicine and physical therapy. He is certified by the German Association for Shoulder and Elbow Surgery and holds the position of instructor in the AGA Society for Arthroscopy and Joint Surgery. As head physician of sports orthopaedics and shoulder surgery at the Paulinenhilfe Orthopaedic Clinic at the Diakonie-Klinikum Stuttgart for many years, he has excellent expertise in all degenerative and traumatic diseases of the shoulder joint – and also in the knee joint. His extensive experience in all conservative and surgical therapies sets him apart. Dr Gröber – who holds a state examination in biology and sports – is also a member of several renowned professional associations. These include the Association of German Surgeons (BDC), the German Association for Trauma Surgery (DGU) and the Osteosynthesis Working Group.

Patients suffering from diseases or injuries of the shoulder and elbow can therefore look forward to two experienced specialists who complement each other perfectly in their respective expertise. This is exactly what the ATOS Klinik Stuttgart is all about: Here, highly specialised specialists create individual therapies that always spring from holistic thinking. Experience shows: This is exactly the right way to regain lost mobility in the shortest possible time and as gently as possible.



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