Prof. - Bert te Wildt - Psychiatry -

Prof. Bert te Wildt

Specialist for Psychiatry, Psychosomatic medicine in

Prof. - Bert te Wildt - Psychiatry -
Prof. te Wildt has three areas of specialization that interact - making him the right specialist for all areas: psychiatry, psychosomatics and psychotherapy. His goal is, ideally, the complete recovery of body and mind. He treats depression, burnout, addictive behaviour and binge-eating, among other things.

Special Clinical Focus

  • Affective disorders, above all, stress-induced depressive exhaustion (burnout) and anxiety disorders
  • Impulse control disorders such as internet addiction, shopping addiction and binge eating disorder
  • Posttraumatic disorders, in particular, posttraumatic stress disorders
  • Somatoform disorders, that is, psychosomatic symptoms, which are experienced by the patient as a physical condition, including somatoform pain disorders
  • Personality disorders, for example, with narcissistic, histrionic or avoidant personality disorders

About us

Prof. Bert te Wildt is a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy with an additional qualification in primary addiction medical care. Prof. te Wildt has been the Chief Physician of the Diessen Convent Psychosomatic Hospital on Lake Ammer since 2018. Here, he now contributes his longstanding experience and proven specialist knowledge. Most recently, he headed the Out-patient Clinic and Media Addiction Clinic of the LWL University Hospital for Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy of the Ruhr University in Bochum. Prof. te Wildt has worked as the Chief Resident in the Department of Psychiatry, Social Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the Medical University of Hanover (MHH) for several years. Prof. te Wildt’s scientific and clinical focus is in the fields of behavioral addictions, internet addiction and online psychotherapy. The expert in online addiction is the cofounder of the Media Addiction Association, which has developed into a professional network since 2008. Prof. te Wildt’s doctorate on the topic of Comorbidity in Internet Dependency followed in 2009.

One particular achievement is the founding of the OASIS Online Addiction Clinic under the direction of Prof. te Wildt, which is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Health and which approaches internet addicts and meets them where their addiction started, namely in the digital world itself. With this application of digital technologies in psychotherapy, Prof. te Wildt wants to show that the positive side of the internet can also be utilized for internet addicts. Essentially, this does not involve surrendering to the digital revolution but taking control of the digital revolution and molding it in a positive fashion.

Prof. te Wildt also now implements this approach at the Diessen Clinic on Lake Ammer. Here, for example, digital virtual reality technologies are utilized in the treatment of anxiety and posttraumatic disorders. As well, the particularly extensive analogous cultural and natural environment in and around the convent are harnessed as therapy in order for the experience of peace and slowing down to counter the urban and digital environment.

Together with the treatment of behavioral addictions such as internet and shopping addiction, the service portfolio of the Clinic includes the treatment of all psychological conditions in the psychosomatic field. The program includes individual and group psychotherapy, as well as body psychotherapy, art and music therapy. Of course, detailed personal preliminary consultations, which can be conducted both in the Clinic itself and via a secure video conference system, lead the way for the indication and individual therapeutic planning.

Together with his leading positions over many years, as Chief Resident and now as Chief Physician in Diessen, Bert te Wildt is also engaged as a versatile author and editor of several textbooks and with contributions to specialist journals, as a publicist, lecturer and reviewer within the framework of his specialist expertise. Thanks to his scientific work, he has been awarded the Wilhelm Bittner Prize of the International Association for Depth Psychology and the Lebensnerv Foundation.

Diagnostic Services

  • Out-patient preliminary consultations on site, via webcam or telephone
  • Psychological testing with the aid of questionnaires and structured interviews
  • Preparation of applications for cost transfer
  • Detailed individual admission and treatment planning

Therapeutic Services

Depth analysis-based and client-centered behavior therapy psychotherapy:
  • Group psychotherapy
  • Individual psychotherapy
Special therapy such as:
  • Body psychotherapy
  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
Further therapeutic services such as:
  • Transference-focused therapy
  • Awareness-based therapy
  • Nature- and animal-assisted therapy
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Physical therapy
  • Yoga, Nordic walking and other sports programs

Special Offers / Arrangements / Rooms

  • Modern and elegantly restored convent buildings
  • Spacious cloisters with a meditative atmosphere
  • Exclusive single rooms with en suite bathroom, around half of these with a view of the lake
  • Spacious library as a recreation room
  • Dining hall with sunroom and terrace
  • Variety of cloister gardens with patient garden, cloistered courtyard, stream course, small wood, orchards and sheep pastures




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