Dr - Henning Roehl - Bone Clinic at Diako Mannheim

Bone Clinic at Diako Mannheim

Specialists for orthopaedics, trauma surgery and endoprosthetics in Mannheim

Dr - Henning Roehl - Bone Clinic at Diako Mannheim
In the Bone Clinic, specialists for all issues relating to the musculoskeletal system complement each other to provide comprehensive patient care at the highest level. From conservative treatments to precise surgical interventions and innovative aftercare programmes – Dr Röhl's team has an extremely high level of expertise in all relevant areas.

Our doctors

Dr - Henning Roehl - Knee endoprosthetics -

Dr med. Henning Roehl

Patrik Krol - Knee endoprosthetics -

Patrik Krol

Dr - Jürgen Kaiser - Knee endoprosthetics -

Dr med. Jürgen Kaiser

Dr - Ralf Kotsch - Knee endoprosthetics -

Dr med. Ralf Kotsch

Dr - Sebastian Schmitt - Knee endoprosthetics -

Dr med. Sebastian Schmitt

Special Clinical Focus

  • Spinal surgery
  • Revision surgery
  • Interchangeable endoprosthetics
  • Geriatric traumatology

About us

Situated in the middle of Mannheim, a renowned clinic treats functional limitations in mobility, with several proven specialists working simultaneously. Appropriately named “Die Knochenklinik” (The Bone Clinic), a highly specialised team offers specialised surgical treatments and therapies for all issues relating to the musculoskeletal system – all coordinated in close cooperation with clinics and departments for neurology, physiotherapy, angiology, geriatrics, pain therapy, orthopaedic technology and rehabilitation.

In the summer of 2021, the prestigious Clinic for Orthopaedics, Trauma and Reconstructive Surgery at the Diako Mannheim made headlines: As a newly established “Bone Clinic”, the flagship department at Mannheim's Diakonissenkrankenhaus now bears its innovative approach to state-of-the-art high-performance medicine directly in its name.

The team led by distinguished Head Physician Dr med. Henning Röhl knows exactly how to find the right solution for ideal mobility based on the latest research and technology. All limitations of the locomotor organs are treated here at an international level.

High-class sports orthopaedics: networked in the region

All specialists in the team attach great importance to a balanced and extremely thorough diagnosis. For each individual joint of the musculoskeletal system, the Bone Clinic has a highly competent expert. It is not only numerous sports clubs and sports associations that benefit from this multi-shouldered expertise, relying on the enormous expertise of the Clinic’s doctors. But also non-organised athletes and numerous people active in sports in the entire Rhine-Neckar region have top-class care through the Bone Clinic – for instance in the treatment of typical sports injuries to the joints and tendons. This also includes cruciate ligament replacement operations, tendon sutures or reconstructive procedures on the shoulder and elbow joints.

Young and older patients: empathy required

The specialists also offer outstanding experience with the still growing skeleton of children and adolescents – for example, in the context of emergency first aid for fractures and dislocations. The orthopaedic specialists at the Bone Clinic are all familiar with the unique situations among young patients. This naturally includes the corresponding empathy – a crucially important factor here.

A great deal of empathy and special expertise is also required in the treatment of older people: That is why the in-house centre for geriatric traumatology also works closely with the department of geriatrics. When it comes to therapies for the consequences of accidents in senior citizens, the often limited resilience and any accompanying diseases must also be taken into account. The Bone Clinic Team takes advantage of the proximity to the Geriatric Rehabilitation Clinic at the Diako Mannheim. In this way, the hospital with its interdisciplinary approach meets the special challenges of an adapted recovery of everyday abilities.

Mobility for all: individual therapy planning

To ensure that mobility has a firm basis, instabilities and malpositions of the feet and ankles play a major role in the Clinic’s treatment spectrum. Whether it is age-related changes or damage caused by an accident: the Bone Clinic covers the entire range of therapies in foot and ankle surgery – all with adequate partners in orthopaedic technology. In order to leave nothing to chance when planning the therapy, a detailed foot surgery consultation is held after the diagnosis.

Of course, the spine is at the centre of mobility. So it should come as no surprise that the treatment of degenerative diseases and acute injuries of the spine receives special attention in the Clinic. In order to provide all patients with comprehensive treatment, the Bone Clinic takes the very best interdisciplinary approach. This includes cooperation with the neurologists, neurosurgeons, pain and physiotherapists at the Diako Mannheim.

The specialists at the Bone Clinic all have a high level of expertise – and enormous versatility. And yet they all have their designated areas of expertise – having focused in detail on these during their studies. Because today, more than ever, highly specialised doctors make a real difference in care.

Meet the team:

Dr med. Henning Röhl, Head Physician at the Bone Clinic, is a specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery, special trauma surgery, special orthopaedic surgery and endoprosthetics. As an experienced specialist in endoprosthetics, he is very familiar with artificial joints for the ankle, knee, hip and shoulder. He also has a wealth of experience in replacement and revision operations. And when it comes to reconstructions or corrections of the leg axis, for example, his expertise is in demand far beyond Mannheim.

Patrik Krol, Senior Consultant at the Bone Clinic, is a specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery and in special orthopaedic surgery – with responsibility for quality assurance, transfusions and tissue. He primarily specialises in artificial joints for the shoulder, hip and knee. He has also gained a high level of expertise in arthroscopic interventions on the shoulder and knee joints. Besides this, Patrik Krol specialises in revision arthroplasty and traumatology – the treatment of particularly complex bone fractures.

Dr med. Jürgen Kaiser, Senior Physician, is a specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery and in special orthopaedic surgery. He treats injuries and diseases of the spine in the Bone Clinic, always trying to avoid surgery. Yet he has immense experience especially in complex spinal surgery – an area where he is also considered a master of very gentle minimally invasive therapies.

Dr med. Ralf Kotsch, Senior Physician, has an outstanding reputation as a specialist in geriatric traumatology. Since mobility restrictions are often accompanied by concomitant diseases, especially in older people, this specialised view is so important. As a senior physician at the Bone Clinic, Dr Kotsch is a specialist in surgery and trauma surgery and also holds the additional title of special trauma surgery.

Dr med. Sebastian Schmitt, Senior Physician, specialises in foot and ankle surgery. As a specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery, he also has additional qualifications in emergency medicine and radiation protection – this making him an ideal radiation protection officer for the Bone Clinic. However, the focus of his daily work in the Clinic is on the lower extremities, where he is very familiar with every possible problem – also and especially with active athletes.

All these highly specialised physicians pursue essential common goals at the “Diako Mannheim”: The aim is always to achieve freedom from pain as quickly as possible and to restore the function of joints to a high level. And they all use biologically reconstructive procedures that cause little trauma in their orthopaedic and accident surgery therapies. The benchmark here is always surgical precision in perfection, based on therapeutic foresight.

The Bone Clinic’s speciality: joint replacement

So whether it's the shoulder, the spine or the hip, the foot or ankle, the arm or hand – in the Bone Clinic, patients benefit from a highly specialised team of experts who excel in absolute professional competence. This also rings true for joint replacement: endoprosthetics is always about restoring or maintaining the functionality and circulation of the body structures. With an enormous wealth of experience and combined expertise, the team around Dr med. Henning Röhl offers absolutely competent solutions – and, of course, precisely fitting prostheses that usually allow the greatest possible mobility after a very short time. When implanting artificial joints – especially at the large joints, and especially in complicated replacement situations of loosened or infected prostheses – the Bone Clinic reconstructs lost bone substance at the highest level.

Whether it is a long-planned therapy or acute accident surgery care – the field of activity of the Bone Clinic at the Diakonissenkrankenhaus Mannheim truly is broad. So it is good that you can rely on its versatility, commitment and tremendous experience. This applies not only to the team of highly specialised medical specialists, but also to the nurses and carers – and to all those who day after day in physical therapy, in patient administration and in social services lend vitality to the Bone Clinic’s holistic approach. Indeed, no detail is ignored in patient care – thanks to the expert direction of Head Physician Dr med. Henning Röhl.

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