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Dr. - Mischa Wiegand - Chirurgie Lindenpark
Dr. Wiegand and Dr. Kölbl are regarded as proven specialists in surgery. Dr. Wiegand has made a name for himself above all as an excellent hand surgeon, while Dr. Kölbl enjoys a good reputation in plastic and esthetic surgery. The well-rehearsed team offers care with a lot of empathy - also for nerve surgeries and reconstructions.

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Dr. - Mischa Wiegand - Plastic and esthetic surgery -

Dr. med. Mischa Wiegand

Dr. - Thomas Kölbl - Plastic and esthetic surgery -

Dr. med. univ. Thomas Kölbl

About us

If you’re looking for an outpatient treatment centre in Switzerland where first-class surgeons offer a wide range of state-of-the-art surgical techniques, you will most likely find yourself here: At Chirurgie Lindenpark, in the Zurich district of Kloten, two established specialists have dedicated themselves to a clear task with a highly competent team: combining excellent medical care with a high degree of compassion and personalised care. This is exactly what Dr med. Mischa Wiegand and Dr med. univ. Thomas Kölbl offer: medical care by people for people – right through to the end of treatment.

The bright, welcoming practice rooms of Chirurgie Lindenpark in Kloten quickly take effect: Everything here is geared towards making patients feel comfortable. From the spacious waiting area to the brightly lit treatment rooms and the modern operating theatre, the outpatient treatment centre in the still-new Lindenpark Business Centre proves its all-round charm at first glance. You feel as if you are in another world, very quiet and relaxed – yet you are just a stone’s throw away from Zurich's Kloten Airport.

The equipment of the renowned practice also caters for every need. The latest X-ray and ultrasound equipment for examination and treatment form the perfect basis for a comprehensive treatment concept. In order to make the medical support as transparent as possible, after the diagnosis, a discussion is carried out with the patient as to which type of therapy is appropriate. This ensures planning and decision-making are a joint venture – always for the benefit of the patient. The support also continues beyond any eventual surgery, because even during rehabilitation, patients are unconditionally entitled to optimal care with a great deal of empathy.

A positive philosophy with a feel-good essence

The positive philosophy, appreciated by all the patients, is represented first and foremost by the two experienced specialists who complement each other perfectly in the daily routine of the clinic – Dr med. Mischa Wiegand and Dr med. univ. Thomas Kölbl.

Dr med. Mischa Wiegand, specialist in surgery (FMH) and hand surgery (FMH), founded Chirurgie Lindenpark in 2017 and has made a name for himself above all as an excellent hand surgeon. However, he first completed his basic training leading up to specialist in general surgery at the Affoltern a.A. district hospital and at the Triemli and Waid municipal hospitals in Zurich. Dr med. Mischa Wiegand subsequently trained in hand surgery at the University Hospital of Bern. He then worked for many years at the Schulthess clinic in Zurich before setting up – and managing – the hand surgery department at the Bülach hospital. In addition to hand surgery, Dr Wiegand’s areas of expertise also include peripheral nerve surgery. What’s more, he is very familiar with microsurgery and minimally invasive surgery – as he is with many other techniques such as arthroscopy of the upper extremities.

Research has always played a major role for Dr Wiegand. He is considered a pioneer in the field of video documentation in the operating theatre. The hand specialist has also been involved in the development of surgical instruments and positioning systems.

Dr med. univ. Thomas Kölbl is a specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, FEBOPRAS. Since August 2019, he has been the perfect addition to the team at Chirurgie Lindenpark. He was born in Vienna and studied at the Medical University of Vienna, but has been living in Switzerland since 2011. There he practised medicine at the Aarau cantonal hospital and the Bülach hospital. In addition to plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, in which he passed the European Medical Specialist Examination (EBOPRAS) in 2018, hand surgery and peripheral nerve surgery are also among his established areas of expertise.

Dr Kölbl has acquired international specialisations in aesthetic surgery: at the “Instituto Ivo Pitanguy” in Rio de Janeiro and at the “Akademikliniken” in Stockholm. As a member of the Swiss Society for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, he is also well connected.
Further information on Dr. med. univ. Thomas Kölbl can be found here.

Specialisms: hand surgery and peripheral nerve surgery

Supported by a dedicated, competent team, the two top surgeons jointly tackle the cases in their special fields. The team concept stands for successful collaboration, with the perfect blend of cordiality and utmost professionalism much appreciated by the patients of Chirurgie Lindenpark – flexibility and collegiality form the basis for a pleasant stay for patients.

Hand surgery, with the treatment of injuries and diseases of all structures of the hand up to the elbow, is one of Chirurgie Lindenpark’s two main pillars. The entire modern spectrum of hand surgery including arthroscopy (minimally invasive joint surgery), joint prosthetics and minimally invasive peripheral nerve surgery can be performed here. The consequences of accidents or degenerative processes of the most important human tactile and grasping organ are treated here at the highest international level.

Any patient coming to the outpatient treatment centre for peripheral nerve surgery is also in good hands. Many of the most common compression syndromes of the peripheral nerves can be treated by minimally invasive procedures by way of camera-assisted surgery. Among the best-known constrictions of the peripheral nerves are carpal tunnel syndrome of the wrist and cubital tunnel syndrome of the elbow. Painful neuromas, entrapment or irritation of nerves after surgery are also regularly managed conservatively and surgically at Chirurgie Lindenpark. The expert examination and treatment of all nerve compression syndromes is carried out in close cooperation with neurologists, pain therapists and occupational therapists.

Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery

Plastic surgery also has an important place in the treatment centre in Kloten. Aesthetic surgery, in particular, is offering more and more minimally invasive procedures in addition to surgical interventions, such as those using botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid or microneedling, in order to positively influence the external appearance, improve function and thus enhance overall well-being. Signs of ageing can thus be reduced in a non-invasive way, or their development can be slowed.

Dr med. univ. Kölbl sees it as his duty, together with the patient, to discuss their reasons for seeking help and to develop a personalised therapy programme. All of this is delivered within the scope of professional, medically high-grade and, above all, comprehensive and personal care.

General surgery

This also applies to general surgery – because Dr med. Mischa Wiegand and Dr med. univ. Thomas Kölbl also perform general surgery and minor surgery. Whether abscesses or boils, foreign bodies, cuts, bruises or ingrown toenails – in Kloten, patients always receive the best level of treatment.


To ensure that the patients of the outpatient treatment centre are optimally supported in their rehabilitation, Chirurgie Lindenpark works closely with outpatient occupational therapists. In many cases, hand rehabilitation is vital to optimal postoperative recovery for regaining the strength and function of the hand. Two partnerships, in particular, provide the perfect complimentary aftercare. The “MANOSMED – Manual Osteopathic Medicine” practice, as well as specialists in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), are located in the Lindenpark practice rooms and guarantee optimal complementary medical care. From February 2020, the ergohand practice will also offer outpatient occupational therapy directly on site.

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