Dr - Christian Schoepp - Knee surgery -

Dr med. Christian Schoepp

Specialist for knee surgery, sports traumatology, sports medicine in Duisburg

Dr - Christian Schoepp - Knee surgery -
Dr Schoepp enjoys an excellent reputation in sports medicine extending beyond the Ruhr region – and has made a name for himself in arthroscopic surgery as well as in sports traumatology. He has a high level of expertise especially in joint-preserving therapies of the knee, ankle, shoulder and elbow.

Special Clinical Focus

  • Anterior and posterior cruciate ligament surgery incl. revisions and multi-ligament procedures
  • Primary treatment of knee dislocations
  • Patellofemoral instability surgery
  • Corrective osteotomies close to the knee joint
  • Meniscus surgery incl. meniscus transplantation
  • Cartilage replacement therapy (ACT, AMIC, OATS, microfracturing)

About us Dr med. Christian Schoepp

Dr med. Christian Schoepp is a proven expert in all aspects of joint-preserving treatment for the knee. As head physician, he has been in charge of the Clinic for Arthroscopic Surgery, Sports Traumatology and Sports Medicine at the BG Klinikum Duisburg since 2015. At the trauma hospital, which in turn enjoys a good reputation beyond the borders of the Ruhr region, he is supported by an interprofessional team in the treatment of his patients. The close interaction between specialist doctors, physiotherapists and sports scientists is crucial for the success of his clinic.

"Nothing is better than the original" is this specialist's motto and so his versatile range of treatments is primarily aimed at preserving the joints. This includes, above all, anterior and posterior cruciate ligament surgery, all types of reconstructive surgery of the patellofemoral joint, the treatment of complex knee dislocations, cartilage treatments of all kinds and leg axis corrections close to the knee joint. Schoepp also enjoys a great reputation in the successful treatment of extremely complex joint injuries and wear & tear.

As an expert in his field, he believes that the intensive care of his patients does not end with the removal of the stitches. From rescue to rehab – this guiding principle of the BG Klinikum Duisburg also applies to joints: from injury or surgery to the process of "Return to Sport", "Return to Work" or "Return to Competition". The doctor supports his patients during the entire period, i.e. until they have fully recovered and are reintegrated into their profession or sport. Because only when Schoepp and his experienced team find at the end of the recovery process that the surgery was successful and the rehabilitation was well-structured, only when all the necessary professions have been involved, are the patients treated discharged into their everyday lives.

Irrespective of this, Dr med. Christian Schoepp is also an expert in all other sports-related injuries. In the Clinic for Arthroscopic Surgery, Sports Traumatology and Sports Medicine, patients receive specific diagnostics and treatment from experienced specialists. The Athletikum Rhein Ruhr, established by Schoepp within his clinic, offers additional opportunities here. It is a high-tech motor skills laboratory, offering unique screening possibilities, a purpose-built training area for sports rehabilitation and technically sophisticated tests that serve functional movement analysis and diagnostics of physical performance. With the Athletikum as a link between sports medicine and sports science, the clinic works to achieve the highest possible quality of medical treatment and thus appeals to athletes of every performance level and sport. It’s not for nothing that Schoepp and his team have decades of experience in the medical care of professional sports teams.

Dr Christian Schoepp is also happy to contribute his expertise to numerous partnerships with, among others, the State Sports Association, the Rhine-Ruhr Olympic Support Centre and various regional handball and football clubs. As a member of the board of the German Knee Society, he also organises various scientific courses and symposia, such as the annual Sports Medicine Symposium Duisburg.



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