Dr. - Erich Bielesch - Oncology surgery -

Dr. Erich Bielesch

Specialist for Oncology surgery, Liver surgery, Intestinal surgery, Intestinal Cancer, Gastric surgery, Biliary Surgery in Munich

Dr. - Erich Bielesch - Oncology surgery -
Dr. Bielesch is held in particularly high esteem as a specialist for colon cancer - also because he is considered an absolute expert in keyhole surgery. But the competent specialist, whom his patients trust completely from the very beginning, also has a wealth of experience when it comes to surgeries in the entire abdominal cavity.

Special Clinical Focus

  • Bowel cancer
  • Oncological surgery
  • Minimal invasive surgery

About us

Dr. Erich Bielesch has been the Chief Physician of the Department of General and Intestinal Surgery at the Intestinal Center of the HELIOS Hospital, Munich West since 2015. Following his studies in Human Medicine at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Dr. Bielesch remained true to his Bavarian homeland and, in 2004, completed his training as a specialist in surgery, focusing on intestinal surgery, at the Pasing Hospital. In 2007, he was appointed Chief Resident in the Department of General and Intestinal Surgery at the Pasing Hospital in Munich and the Coordinator of the Intestinal Center Munich West shortly afterwards. He completed additional training in special intestinal surgery in 2012, which, in addition to qualification as a specialist, includes the prevention, identification, treatment, follow-up care and rehabilitation of disorders, injuries, infection, malformation of internal organs, in particular of the gastrointestinal and endocrine organs.

Dr. Bielesch’ interdisciplinary team always treats its patients individually and in accordance with the latest medical insights. Great importance is attached to close collaboration with specialists in other disciplines for the provision of tailored treatment for intestinal cancer patients. Whenever possible, as a specialist in oncological surgery, Dr. Bielesch performs surgery using gentle, low-risk keyhole surgery, in which the surgery takes place within the more or less enclosed abdominal cavity or thoracic cavity, which ensures less interference with patient’s gastrointestinal function, less potential pain and a cosmetically better result. Many procedures in abdominal surgery can be performed both as open procedures and as minimal invasive / laparoscopic procedures. Together with his medical treatment team, Dr. Bielesch carefully weighs up the pros and cons here in order to be able to preclude potential risks as much as possible. The “full-blood physician”, Dr. Bielesch, is not just extremely technically adept but, above all, he is available to his patients and is committed to them so that a good foundation of trust develops – vital for any successful recovery process.

Diagnostic Services

  • Clinical examination
  • Laboratory diagnostics
  • Ultrasound examination
  • X-ray examination with and without contrast medium
  • Contrast enema
  • Abdominal CT
  • MRI
  • Scintigraphy
  • Endoscopic diagnostics
  • Manometry (pressure measurement in the esophagus)
  • pH measurement (pH measurement in the esophagus and stomach)

Therapeutic Services

  • Port implantation
  • Medication-based therapy
  • Endoscopic treatment techniques
  • Gastric surgery
  • Resection of the large intestine (colon)
  • Resection of the rectum
  • Creation and relocation of ileostomies (anus praeter)
  • Subtotal gastrectomy
  • Gastric bypass surgery
  • Resection of the small and large intestine
  • Cyst surgery
  • Resection of the spleen
  • Resection of the adrenal glands
  • Separation of adhesions
  • Laparoscopy for staging for cancer conditions
  • Transanal tumor resection
  • Palliative procedures
  • Resection of benign and malignant hepatic tumors, hepatic metastases, hepatic cysts
  • Radiofrequency ablation (RFA), TACE
  • Interdisciplinary tumor conferences with specialists in various disciplines
  • Psychooncology care

Special Offers / Arrangements / Rooms

Optional benefits rooms Accommodation in high-quality furnished single and twin bed rooms and a wide range of service and additional benefits. Comfort components in detail:
  • Single bed room with comfortable furniture, foldout armchair for relatives
  • Hairdryer
  • Bathrobe, bath and hand towels
  • Selection of care products
  • Minibar and safe
  • Telephone with no standing charge
  • Flat screen television
  • Daily newspaper
  • W-LAN at no charge
Culinary extras
  • Selection of non-alcoholic beverages
  • Selection of fresh fruit daily
  • Menu rich in variety with individual menu selection
  • Cafeteria



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