Dr. - Frank Fischer - Proctology -

Dr. med. Frank Fischer

Specialist in thyroid surgery, proctology, abdominal hernias, and pancreatic surgery in Cologne

Dr. - Frank Fischer - Proctology -
Dr. Fischer specializes in abdominal surgery. This empathetic chief physician has considerable experience in the treatment of thyroid and pancreatic conditions, coloproctology, and all types of hernias.

Special Clinical Focus

  • General and abdominal surgery
  • Endocrine surgery, especially of the thyroid, parathyroid glands, and adrenal glands
  • Hernia Center in the Borough of Deutz, Cologne
  • Intestinal surgery and coloproctology
  • Pancreatic surgery
  • Minimally-invasive surgery
  • IPMN of the pancreas
  • TEP/ totally extraperitoneal hernia repair
  • Anal fistula-OP and anal abscess-OP

About us Dr. med. Frank Fischer

Whoever is looking for a specialist in abdominal operations within Cologne's metropolitan area can find this renowned doctor in the long-standing Eduardus-Hospital, located right of the Rhein river. As of November, 2020, Dr. med. Frank Fischer heads the local Clinic for General and Abdominal Surgery. At his previous workplace, he carried out operations on the thyroid and on both benign and malignant illnesses in the abdomen, such as procedures on the intestines, pancreas, and liver, at a high level. The long-standing Hernia Center and the Center for Coloproctology in Cologne will certainly benefit from the competence of this new chief physician. 

With Dr. med. Frank Fischer, this long-established healthcare center to the right of the Rhein has an expert who meets its exact requirements: as chief physician for general and abdominal surgery, he combines human care with high-quality treatment using the most modern equipment in every department.

This experienced specialist embodies the holistic approach of the institution that is highly valued in the region; Dr. Fischer has always focused on professional and human excellence in his medical practice. When it comes to operations on internal organs, he relies on particularly gentle procedures, especially for all minimally-invasive surgeries. Keyhole surgeries in particular are of great interest to Dr. Fischer.

Gentle Operations: Minimally-Invasive and Laparoscopic Surgeries

For patients, laparoscopic procedures have no downsides: these gentle abdominal operations require only small incisions and leave behind, at most, barely visible scars. They also allow for a quick rehabilitation afterwards. 

The team around Dr. Fischer always holds themselves to the highest scientific standards of quality. Here, it matters not whether a procedure is performed on the stomach, liver, intestines, or even on the gallbladder or pancreas, because Dr. Fischer has enormous experience operating on internal organs. 

When it comes to diseases that call for different medical disciplines, Dr. Fischer coordinates with colleagues from other in-house clinics in a comprehensive and interdisciplinary manner. There is also a tradition in Deutz, Cologne: to ensure optimal treatment success, interdisciplinary conferences are held on a regular basis. For Dr. Fischer, the importance of these events goes without saying, because specialization brings modern medicine a decisive advantage. It is apparent that practically all of the clinics and wards at the Eduardus-Hospital benefit time and time again from the expertise of this experienced abdominal surgeon. 

Center for Endocrine Surgery

Dr. med. Frank Fischer also has considerable expertise in thyroid illnesses. For these conditions, in certain cases of hyperthyroidism there are also nodular changes for which the possibility of cancer cannot be ruled out. Other nodes can cause tightness in the throat, which in the worst case may lead to shortness of breath. After a meticulous examination aided by the most modern criteria has taken place, and the patient's personal attitude has also been taken into account, an operation can be considered. Oftentimes, the entire thyroid will not need to be removed. After surgery, complications only seldom occur. However, even if a patient is diagnosed with cancer and needs more surgeries and lymph node removal, they are in the right place with Dr. Fischer at the Eduardus-Hospital. 

With the enlargement of the parathyroid glands (hyperparathyroidism) in particular, medical specialists need a lot of experience to ensure the success of these operations. Patients are in the right hands with Dr. Fischer, as he carries out these operations, for the most part, in a minimally-invasive manner. 

Hernia Center: High Expertise in Hernias

This specialist has another area of expertise: intestinal hernias. The diagnosis and therapeutic range of services offered by Dr. Fischer in his high-quality facilities range from the treatment of classic inguinal hernias, incisional and umbilical hernias, to hiatal hernias. Based on many years of experience and well-established science, the optimal procedure is carried out in each case. In the Hernia Center, only the most innovative techniques are used. 

The goal for all types of hernia cases is comfort and freedom from pain. In most cases, Dr. med. Fischer will therefore opt for minimally-invasive operations. Depending on the findings and therapy used, operations may even be carried out on an outpatient basis. 

Coloproctology: High Competence

This expert also focuses on proctology. In this field, Dr. Fischer’s pronounced empathy comes into play, because some patients are very hesitant to come to a doctor with complaints about the anus and rectum. Dr. Fischer can simultaneously relieve patients of their suffering and thus ensure an increase in mobility and quality of life. It is important for the clinic’s staff to create a trustworthy environment for their patients, because only then can Dr. Fischer, with his many years of experience and high degree of specialization, do everything in his power to ensure optimal healing. 

This also applies to fecal incontinence, which can bring a patient’s entire social life to a standstill. After a differentiated diagnosis, Dr. Fischer considers which of his treatment options is optimal. For example, one such option, sacral nerve stimulation, is a very effective method in which a pacemaker strengthens the sphincter through constant but barely noticeable stimuli. Many patients are surprised at how stress-free this operation is ‒ and yet it still leads to a clear improvement of their continence. 

Speciality: The Pancreas

The pancreas is an organ deeply implanted within the complicated anatomy of the upper abdomen. While some malignant diseases of other organs are uncommon, pancreatic cancer is becoming more common. Precursors of cancer are also increasingly coming to the foreground, like IPMN- tumors: intraductal papillary-mucinous neoplasms are of great importance because they are considered to be a precursor to pancreatic cancer. Due to Dr. Fischer’s enormous operational experience over the past fourteen years in a large pancreatic center, Eduardus-Hospital scores highly in the treatment of this complex organ. Maintaining interdisciplinary relationships with other departments is also very important to Dr. med. Frank Fischer and his team, because it ultimately benefits their patients. 



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