Prof. - Frank Martetschlaeger - Shoulder surgery -

Prof. Frank Martetschlaeger

Specialist for Shoulder surgery, Elbow surgery, Shoulder endoprosthetics in Munich

Prof. - Frank Martetschlaeger - Shoulder surgery -
Prof. Martetschläger has an exceptional international reputation, especially as a specialist for the shoulder and elbow. His patient list includes many successful athletes - precisely because of his reputation in highly developed joint surgery and artificial joints.

Special Clinical Focus

  • Arthroscopic shoulder procedures
  • Open and minimal invasive shoulder procedures
  • Arthroscopic elbow procedures
  • Open elbow procedures
  • Conservative treatment of injuries and conditions of the shoulder and elbow

About us

Featured by Focus Gesundheit (Focus Health) in 2019 as a recommended medical practitioner, Prof. Frank Martetschlaeger, specialist in orthopedics and trauma surgery, provides in-patient and out-patient services at the highest standard for all injuries and conditions of the shoulder and elbow at the German Shoulder Center of the ATOS Hospital in Munich.

During his specialization as a shoulder and elbow surgeon, he was awarded the prestigious “Shoulder Fellowship” of the German-speaking Arthroscopy and Joint Surgery Association (AGA) at the Steadman Clinic (Vail, Colorado, USA / 1 year) and the Asia / Traveling Fellowship of the European Shoulder and Elbow Association (SECEC) (Japan, South Korea / 5 weeks).
In the course of his postdoctoral thesis on the treatment of instabilities of the shoulder girdle at the Rechts der Isar Hospital, in 2014, Prof. Martetschlaeger was awarded the Rechts der Isar Hospital’s postdoctoral prize.
In 2015, he won the “Best Research Paper Award” of the AGA with his research paper on the acromioclavicular joint (AC joint).

In close interdisciplinary collaboration with 32 specialist practices of the ATOS Hospital in Heidelberg and 15 specialist practices of the ATOS Hospital in Munich, all the requirements of advanced joint surgery and shoulder and elbow pathologies are fulfilled using the most up-to-date surgical techniques and the maximum patient safety with brief in-patient treatment times. More than 1500 in-patients and over 5000 out-patients are treated here each year. Physical therapy, which ensures the therapeutic result with a specific follow-up care plan for the patients, is integrated in the Shoulder Center.

The work at the German Shoulder Center focuses on arthroscopic shoulder procedures, open and minimal invasive shoulder procedures, arthroscopic and open elbow procedures and on conservative treatment of injuries and conditions of the shoulder and elbow. Thanks to the high level of patient satisfaction, long-standing clinical experience and consistent scientific activity, Prof. Frank Martetschlaeger enjoys the highest reputation among colleagues and patients and is a nationally and internationally acknowledged specialist in his field. His objective is always to help patients to return to pain-free activity, day-to-day and in amateur or professional sport, with the aid of the most advanced treatment techniques.

Prof. Frank Martetschlaeger, whose emphasis is on injuries of the upper extremities, focuses on minimal invasive, arthroscopic surgery to the shoulder and elbow joint and is a regular member of numerous national and international specialist associations (DOSE, AGA, SEA, ESKER and SECEC).
He acts as the “Scientific Chairman” on the Executive Committee of the European Shoulder Coalition (ESA-ESSKA) and, as the Deputy Chairman, he is a member of the “Guidelines / Assessment” Committee of the German Shoulder and Elbow Surgery Association (DVSE) and the “Shoulder Instability” Committee of the German-speaking Arthroscopy and Joint Surgery Association (AGA).

He is active in the Arthroscopy and Joint Surgery Association (AGA) as an instructor (AGA Instructor) and has been awarded the “Shoulder and Elbow Surgeon’s Certificate” by the German Shoulder and Elbow Surgery Association (DVSE).

Diagnostic Services

  • Clinical examination
  • Ultrasound examination
  • X-ray examination
  • MRI examination (in collaboration with the in-house Department of Radiology)

Therapeutic Services

Shoulder surgery
  • Rotator cuff: arthroscopic reconstruction and revision surgery
  • Biceps tendon: arthroscopic treatment (tenotomy, tenodesis) of lacerations and instability of the long biceps tendon (SLAP, pulley lesions)
  • Shoulder luxation: arthroscopic and open stabilization techniques (Bankart repair, latarjet procedure, Eden-Hybinette procedure)
  • Acromioclavicular joint: arthroscopy-guided stabilization for acute and chronic instability of the acromioclavicular joint (AC joint), arthroscopic resection of the AC joint for osteoarthritis of the AC joint
  • Sternoclavicular joint: stabilization for instability of the sternoclavicular joint (SC joint); resection of the SC joint for osteoarthritis of the SC joint
  • Arthroscopic decompression for subacromial entrapment syndrome (impingement)
  • Arthroscopic cartilage treatment (chondroplasty, MACHT, microfracturing)
  • Arthroscopic decompression for nerve entrapment syndromes
  • Arthroscopic treatment for precocious osteoarthritis of the shoulder in young patients (CAM procedure)
  • Further arthroscopic procedures: excision of calcification for calcareous shoulder, arthrolysis for shoulder stiffness
  • Shoulder prosthetics: implantation of anatomic or inverse shoulder prostheses for osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint, non-reconstructable rotator cuff injury or humeral head fracture
  • Fractures of the shoulder girdle: treatment of humeral head, shoulder blade and clavicle fractures
  • Muscle tendon transfer procedures for chronic injury to the rotator cuff
  • Complex arthroscopic and open revision procedures following prior failed surgery
Elbow surgery
  • Arthroscopic excision of loose joint bodies
  • Arthroscopic plica resection to the elbow
  • Arthroscopic excision of loose joint bodies in the elbow
  • Treatment of insertion tendinopathies in the elbow (epicondylitis)
  • Treatment of acute and chronic instability of the elbow joint (ligament surgery)
  • Neurolysis for nerve entrapment syndromes in the elbow
  • Refixation of the distal biceps tendon at the elbow
  • Osteosynthesis for fractures of the elbow

Medical spectrum


  • Acromioclavicular joint fracture
  • Biceps tendon injury
  • Bursitis of the shoulder
  • Calcareous shoulder
  • Clavicle fracture
  • Cubital osteoarthritis
  • Elbow pain
  • Fracture of the head of the humerus
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Glenoid fracture
  • Golfers elbow
  • Growth plate fracture
  • Impingement syndrome
  • Inflammation of the shoulder
  • Injury to the shoulder
  • Luxation of the shoulder
  • Osteoarthritis of the shoulder
  • Shoulder impingement
  • Shoulder pain
  • Sulcus ulnaris syndrome
  • Supinator syndrome
  • Tennis elbow


  • ACP treatment
  • Muscle transfer surgery
  • Shoulder arthroscopy
  • Shoulder joint-maintaining surgery
  • Shoulder prosthesis
  • Shoulder prosthesis revision

Special Offers / Arrangements / Rooms

  • Multiple specialist practices integrated under one roof
  • Concise methods ensure smooth progress and close coordination between multiple specialist departments
  • An ambience has been created for in-patient hospitalization in which the patients will feel like guests in a first class hotel
  • First class service is also guaranteed by our dedicated service and care team, who always have a sympathetic ear for the requests of our guests



German Shoulder Center at the ATOS Hospital, Munich

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