Prof. - Günther Winde - Oncology surgery -

Prof. Günther Winde

Specialist for Oncology surgery, Proctology, Liver surgery, Pancreatic surgery, Gastric surgery, Esophageal surgery, Intestinal surgery, Intestinal Cancer, Biliary Surgery, Colpoproctology Center of Excellence in

Prof. - Günther Winde - Oncology surgery -
Prof. Winde has gained an excellent reputation mainly through surgeries on the esophagus, the intestine or the stomach, and he has a great deal of experience, particularly in the treatment of cancer of the abdominal cavity. He is regarded as an absolute specialist in minimally invasive surgery - and has also made a name for himself in research.

Special Clinical Focus

  • More specific, complex surgery to the organs of the digestive tract
  • Special cancer surgery, tumour surgery
  • Difficult repeat procedures (debulking surgery, enteroatmospheric fistulas)
  • Minimally invasive carcinoma surgery to the lower gastro-intestinal tract with hypogastric plexus monitoring

About us Prof. Günther Winde

Prof. Guenther Winde is a specialist in abdominal surgery, special abdominal surgery and vascular surgery with additional training in the field of proctology. As such, he specialises in the prevention, diagnosis and surgical treatment of conditions, injuries and malformations of the internal organs, in particular, the organs of the digestive tract. At the same time, Prof. Winde’s specialist fields include, above all, oncological surgery, the surgical treatment of cancer conditions such as cancer of the colon, cancer of the stomach, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, cancer of the oesophagus and thyroid cancer, and minimally invasive surgery, also called keyhole surgery. One further specialist field of Prof. Winde is the treatment of polyposis syndromes such as rectal polyps.

As its Senior Consultant and Director, Prof. Winde heads the Department of General and Abdominal Surgery, Thoracic Surgery and Proctology at the Herford Hospital, which provides the entire range of surgical procedures in the area of the neck, the abdomen and the thoracic cavity, and which is certified both as an Intestinal Centre and as a Pancreatic Centre. Specialists in a variety of specialist fields, including gastroenterologists, surgeons, oncologists and radiotherapists, work together in an interdisciplinary fashion under Prof. Winde at the Intestinal Centre of the Herford Hospital certified by the German Cancer Association, in order to provide patients with colonic cancer with the best possible treatment of the highest medical standard.

At the same time, the therapeutic and diagnostic emphases of the Intestinal Centre include surgery for colonic and rectal cancer, new treatment techniques such as antibody therapy and diagnostic techniques such as colonic inspection (colonoscopy), the examination of tissue samples (biopsies) and positron emission tomography (PET-CT). In the certified Pancreatic Centre at the Herford Hospital, Prof. Winde and his team address the preventative care, treatment and follow-up care of all conditions of the pancreas. These include, for example, acute and chronic pancreatic inflammation and pancreatic carcinomata and pancreatic metastases.

Diagnostic Services

  • Magnetic resonance imaging, MRI
  • Computed tomography (spiral CT)
  • All nuclear medical examinations, including positron emission tomography (PET/CT)
  • Colour duplex sonography
  • 3-D ultrasound examination
  • Digital subtraction angiography (DSA)
  • Left heart catheter measurement unit
  • Virtual colonoscopy
  • Special surgical endoscopy
  • Pathology diagnosis
  • Endosonography
  • Sphincter manometry
  • Intra-operative ultrasound
  • Intra-operative neuromonitoring of the thyroid gland and the rectum / bladder

Therapeutic Services

  • Minimally invasive carcinoma surgery
  • Surgery to the oesophagus and the stomach
  • Surgery for axial hiatus hernia (including LINX anti-reflux magnetic band system)
  • Surgery to the small intestine / large intestine
  • Surgery to the rectum
  • Transanal endoscopic microsurgical resection, TEM
  • Anatomical and non-anatomical partial resection of the liver, including ALPPS
  • High radio frequency thermoablation (RFA) of hepatic metastases
  • Revision surgery to the biliary tract
  • Pancreatic resection
  • Surgery to the hormone-secreting organs (thyroid gland, pancreas, adrenal glands)

Medical spectrum




Special Offers / Arrangements / Rooms

  • Optional accommodation: Comfort floor and optional luxury rooms
  • Visitors’ and patients’ café with a lounge atmosphere
  • Hospital chaplaincy
  • Mosque
  • Patient library
  • Interpreters / translators
  • Hair dresser
  • Postal delivery to your room
  • Free WLAN



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