Dr. - Guido Scholz MHBA - Lung Cancer -

Dr. med. Guido Scholz MHBA

Specialist for Lung Cancer, Thoracic surgery in Paderborn

Dr. - Guido Scholz MHBA - Lung Cancer -
Dr. Scholz has made a name for himself above all as a specialist for lung cancer. The international scientific community repeatedly pays attention to his innovative procedures. As the head of thoracic surgery, he is of course familiar with all diseases in the chest area - and thanks to his worldwide network, he always stays up to date with the latest research.

About us Dr. med. Guido Scholz MHBA

The St. Josef Brothers Hospital in Paderborn plays an important role as a health care center in the entire eastern part of North Rhine-Westphalia. In recent years, this traditional institution, where care is always accompanied by a high degree of attention, has attracted attention mainly in one medical specialty: With Dr. med. Guido Scholz, the hospital has a renowned thoracic surgeon.

When the German Cancer Society certified the St. Josef Brothers Hospital in 2015 as one of only a few lung cancer centers in the German-speaking world, this certification was primarily linked to the director of the center in Paderborn. Because Dr. med. Guido Scholz MHBA, who is also head of the Thoracic Surgery Center, is considered a recognized expert on lung cancer in the professional world.

Lung cancer centre: Renowned far beyond the region

For the chief physician and his highly competent team, the certification was primarily an incentive. Because the certified high quality of the Lung Cancer Center is more than just a momentary snapshot - it is lived in Paderborn every day. This ensures that the processes here are always perfectly coordinated - and that the comprehensive treatment is always as patient-oriented as possible. The prerequisites for this are perfect, even beyond the expertise of the clinic manager and team: both the Lung Cancer Center and the Thoracic Surgery Center at the St. Josef Brothers Hospital offer state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

The latest methods for diagnosis and therapy

In addition to the high-quality technical and medical equipment, another plus point is convincing: With the knowledge that modern oncological treatment is only possible if an interdisciplinary approach is taken, all relevant departments work hand in hand here. In the Oncology Centre network, the communication channels are exemplarily short: internists, lung specialists, thoracic surgeons, radiotherapists and oncologists from a wide range of disciplines form a real team in Paderborn - which also includes psychologists. This not only guarantees that the best therapy is determined and carried out for the patients, the interdisciplinary cooperation also makes repeat examinations unnecessary.

This is why the joint conferences and case discussions are so important, in which Dr. Scholz and his colleagues also involve general practitioners. This ensures that the respective treatment concept is based on the individual and personal needs of the patients and that the latest scientific standards are applied. Traditional patterns of thought, which divide patients into outpatient and inpatient cases, are also repeatedly broken down in Paderborn. The focus is on the comprehensive treatment of cancer patients.

Thoracic surgery centre: certified contact point

The Thoracic Surgery Center headed by Dr. Scholz is also certified according to strict guidelines: According to the criteria of the German Society for Thoracic Surgery, Dr. Scholz and his team diagnose and treat diseases of the respiratory organs and the thorax. Here, too, the focus is on interdisciplinary thinking: Together with the experienced pneumologists of the Lung Center, Dr. Andreas Zaruchas and his team, individual therapy concepts are developed based on the latest research.

Whether it is in the Thoracic Surgery Centre or the Lung Cancer Centre of the St. Josef Brothers Hospital: all those involved are aware that the patients are in a special situation. Anyone who is dealing with a serious lung disease requires treatment and care of the highest standard. This is one of the reasons why, in addition to the medical specialists and nursing staff in the hospital, many other professional groups are involved in the therapy - above all physiotherapists and psychologists. In Paderborn, the communication channels are also short in this respect.

Important foundation: international exchange

But Dr. Scholz is also happy to take other paths: When it comes to improving standards, the renowned specialist relies on international exchange with scientists and professional societies around the world. Especially in his special fields of diagnostics and therapy, Dr. med. Guido Scholz MHBA is always up to date - for example in lung function diagnostics, bronchoscopy or laser resection procedures.

Even in areas that require a lot of experience and skill, further training and professional exchange are part of the daily routine. This applies, for example, to video endoscopic operations and minimally invasive surgery. The specialist also has additional training in respiratory therapy. It is obvious that Dr. Scholz is a master of all lung surgeries - including keyhole surgery and plastic procedures for preserving lung tissue.

It is therefore clear that the treatment of lung diseases is a major focus at the St. Josef Brothers Hospital in Paderborn. Word of this has spread in the professional world as well as among the patients. It is no coincidence that Dr. med. Guido Scholz MHBA is one of the most experienced specialists in lung resections in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Diagnostic Services

  • Bronchoscopy: flexible and rigid bronchoscopy, chip bronchoscopy, autofluorescence bronchoscopy for early diagnosis of carcinomas
  • Ultrasound-assisted endobronchial punctures of tissue and tumors, taking tissue samples from all areas of the lung
  • EBUS: Endobroncial ultrasound (combination of bronchoscopy and sonography)
  • Interventional bronchoscopy, insertion of stents, argon beamer, bronchus blocker, removal of foreign bodies
  • Pulmonary function diagnostics: spirometry, body plethysmography, respiratory drive measurement (p 0.1), CO diffusion, ergometry, spiroergometry, right heart catheter, sleep apnea screening examination, echocardiography, thoracic sonography
  • Videoendoscopic mediastinoscopies (mediastinal endoscopy)
  • Modern breathing therapy methods (specially trained breathing therapists)
  • Thoracoscopic diagnostic and therapeutic methods
  • 145 anatomical lung resections annually (status 2017), amongst TOP TEN in NRW according to IQM Quality Monitor
  • all lung surgery procedures, including keyhole surgery and plastic procedures to preserve lung tissue
  • Laser resection method
  • Respiratory tract-sparing surgical and anesthetic procedures

Therapeutic Services

  • Interdisciplinary conferences and case discussions
  • Complication Conferences
  • Clinico-pathological conferences



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