Dr. - Andreas Bätscher - help your cells – Zürich-based regenerative medicine

help your cells – Zürich-based regenerative medicine

Experts in pain medicine in Zürich

Dr. - Andreas Bätscher - help your cells – Zürich-based regenerative medicine
HELP YOUR CELLS is a regenerative medicine centre that provides a new type of stem cell therapy for the skin and joints. Treatment for aging and wear processes of the musculoskeletal system and the skin are provided there in accordance with scientific findings by experienced pain specialists.

Our doctors

Dr. - Andreas Bätscher - Pain Medicine -

Dr. Andreas Bätscher

Dr. - Michael Hartmann FIPP EMBA - Pain Medicine -

Dr. Michael Hartmann FIPP EMBA

Special Clinical Focus

  • Arthrosis therapy
  • Skin rejuvenation

About us help your cells – Zürich-based regenerative medicine

This totally innovative organisation in Zürich can help make the skin appear visibly younger, magic away pain that patients have been suffering with for a long time, and erase wrinkles in a totally natural manner: HELP YOUR CELLS is an innovative centre of regenerative medicine founded by two renowned experts in the field of pain medicine and anaesthesiology. Treatment for aging and wear processes of the musculoskeletal system and the skin are provided at this clinic in accordance with the latest scientific findings.

As experienced pain doctors and anaesthesiologists, Dr Andreas Bätscher and Dr Michael Hartmann FIPP EMBA understand how much pain, arthrosis or scarring can affect a patient’s self-esteem and therefore what they are able to do. In a big step away from conventional approaches, they focus on the wellbeing of their patients. This is demonstrated by the selection of methods and treatments, which are always interdisciplinary and totally individual, at the pain clinic run by the two experts.

With HELP YOUR CELLS, these two experts are being highly innovative, much to the delight of lots of people who place their trust in pioneering regenerative treatments. This is because, at this new organisation, the natural aging process cannot only be stopped but, in some cases, can even be reversed.

Stopping, or even reversing, aging processes

To do this, the Zürich-based experts primarily use the countless mesenchymal stem cells found in our fatty tissue. These stem cells are extremely powerful: Even as early as in the womb, it is mesenchymal stem cells that allow us to develop and turn embryos into babies: this is what makes us into unique individuals with flesh, bones, joints and, of course, soft baby skin. The term ‘mesenchyme’ refers to the original connective tissue of the embryo, which creates blood vessels, lymph vessels and the various types of connective tissue.

But what happens to these cells then? “In the adult body, stem cells are dormant in all tissue and are waiting to be reactivated,” say the experts at HELP YOUR CELLS. They are only used sporadically, for example to treat inflammation or heal injuries.

HELP YOUR CELLS: this is about utilising the stem cells which are present in bone marrow, subcutaneous fat and loose connective tissue and which are enormously important for the development and repair of cartilage and bone as a practically endless source of the body’s own cell regeneration mechanism. Dr Andreas Bätscher and Dr Michael Hartmann are now using these stem cells in a very targeted manner to regenerate worn-out joints or aged skin. And the method is very simple: they obtain cells, in particular from the fatty tissue of their patients, and re-insert them in other places in the body, where they then fulfil their purpose as medical signal cells.

Restoring joint function: pain-free in everyday life and during sport

Transplantation instead of operation: this motto refers to a non-invasive treatment method which can be carried out without any medication or chemical substances. Experts refer to this as autologous or autogenous transplantation. It is unbelievable how quick the actual treatment process is: the extraction of the cells and their subsequent use in the relevant place in the individual’s body actually takes place in just one treatment session. Cells are extracted from healthy fatty tissue. The experts then inject these cells in a targeted manner into tissue which has degenerated, e.g. into joints in which pain needs to be relieved or even alleviated entirely. As a best-case scenario, joints are magically restored to full functionality.

Skin rejuvenation and scar treatment

Another field of use is the treatment of aged, thinned, wrinkled and scarred skin. The transplantation of the body’s own cells which have been extracted is used to regenerate all layers of the skin here. This tightens and smooths the unsightly wrinkles and does so lastingly. Unlike Botox treatments, a single treatment session at HELP YOUR CELLS leads to lasting physiological skin rejuvenation, whilst retaining the individual’s physiognomy and facial expressions. And the treatment can last for years.

Modern high-performance medicine is now using the body’s own resources, which seem to have been long forgotten, more than ever before. This is a new development which has been researched and confirmed in studies in recent years. In the hands of experienced pain doctors, this innovation is transformed into a pioneering treatment method: because aging processes can actually be slowed down using this treatment, which does so much more than just offer an effective treatment option for conditions of the bone and cartilage, as well as arthrosis. Even better, the aging process can often be stopped entirely or even reversed.

The power of the body’s own stem cells... targeted exactly where they are needed

Dr Andreas Bätscher and Dr Michael Hartmann use the regenerative properties of the body’s own stem cells in a targeted manner to treat their patients. Since they have a rare level of expertise in the diagnosis of chronic pain, neurostimulation and interventional pain therapy and also offer a wealth of experience in areas such as acupuncture, physical therapy and psychotherapy, these two experts are the right doctors to carry out this new procedure. Their empathy, which is well above average, makes both of the founders of HELP YOUR CELLS the ideal points of contact for any matters relating to regenerative medicine.

In the hands of these experts, patients are provided with long-lasting regeneration of worn-out or aged body parts, primarily the joints and skin. Since cell storage is used for the treatment, the consultants can target the treatment on an individual basis. The subcutaneous fatty tissue generally serves as the source and cells are often taken from the abdominal wall, flank or thigh.

Long-lasting regeneration of aged body parts

Often people who turn to HELP YOUR CELLS for a very wide range of reasons are quickly pleasantly surprised. This is because the process of using the helpful cells, which can be achieved very easily and most importantly without a stay in hospital for the patient, stands out thanks to the versatility and many positive properties of the cells: these cells have an anti-inflammatory effect, plus immunological and growth-promoting properties.

Dr Andreas Bätscher and Dr Michael Hartmann FIPP EMBA have already used these types of cells in all parts of the body where signs of wear can be treated in a targeted manner and have achieved excellent results. Whether it’s about skin, joint or tendon treatment, acute pain relief, treating arthrosis that restricts mobility, or scars or wrinkles on the skin perceived to be problematic: HELP YOUR CELLS gives patients rapid and simple assistance. The experts make use of the infrastructure at Schmerzklinik Zürich and the experience of the highly skilled team there. The procedures in the field of regenerative medicine are carried out there.



help your cells – Zürich-based regenerative medicine

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