Prof. - Henning Niebuhr - Hernia surgery -

Prof. Henning Niebuhr

Specialist for Hernia surgery in Hamburg

Prof. - Henning Niebuhr - Hernia surgery -
As a highly specialized hernia surgeon, Prof. Niebuhr has a high level of expertise, especially in complicated incisional hernias. But in all types of hernias, the experienced specialist has great expertise. With his scientific approach, he also continuously improves international hernia medicine.

Special Clinical Focus

  • Inguinal hernia
  • Femoral hernia
  • Umbilical hernia
  • Abdominal wall hernia
  • Incisional hernia
  • Hiatus hernia
  • Sportsman’s groin

About us

Prof. Henning Niebuhr is a distinguished specialist in the treatment of hernias and has around two decades of specialist experience in abdominal surgery. He founded the Hanseatic Hernia Centre in Hamburg in 2007 and is the Senior Consultant at the Hamburg-Bergedorf site. Prof. Niebuhr has an outstanding reputation among his colleagues in the specialist field, not only because of his extensive experience, but also because of his research activity and his involvement in a variety of institutions.

In 2016, Prof. Niebuhr was appointed to the board of the German Hernia Association and he has also been a member of the scientific consultative committee of the nationwide HerniaMed Register for almost ten years. In addition, the hernia specialist holds a professorship at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg and is the co-founder of the Hernia School Germany. As well, an independent patient-orientated specialist evaluation portal includes Prof. Niebuhr among the best medical practitioners across Germany in the treatment of hernias.

With over 6,400 hernia procedures in six years, the Hanseatic Hernia Centre in Hamburg is one of the most renowned hernia centres in Germany. Here, specialist medical practitioners and highly trained personnel work together as an interdisciplinary team. Thanks to the outstanding quality of the treatment and the high number of surgical treatment cases, the Hanseatic Hernia Centre has achieved certification as a Centre of Excellence in hernia surgery.

Currently, only five centres in Germany have been awarded this highest level of certification of the German Hernia Association. The certification ensures that a strict, external quality control underlies the hernia treatment at the Hanseatic Hernia Centre, that the specialists offer all procedures, actively research further developments in the procedures and provide advanced training events for other medical practitioners.

Today, many of the procedures for the surgical treatment of hernias can be performed laparoscopically, i.e. minimally invasively within the body. In this way, open surgery, with a large tissue incision, can often be avoided. With the same surgical results, the wounds heal more rapidly following the procedure and the patient has a lower risk of infection. Thus, laparoscopic procedures are essentially gentler for the patient. Laparoscopic surgery is a particular focus of the hernia specialist, Prof. Niebuhr.



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