Dr - Jan F. Kukleta - Hernia surgery -

Dr Jan F. Kukleta

Specialist for Hernia surgery in Zurich

Dr - Jan F. Kukleta - Hernia surgery -
Dr. Kukleta has earned himself the reputation of an excellent hernia specialist - through numerous surgeries in which he treats complex incisional hernias, for example. He has also made a name for himself far beyond Zurich as an absolute expert in laparoscopic surgery, the particularly gentle keyhole surgery.

Special Clinical Focus

  • Abdominal surgery
  • Intestinal surgery
  • Laparoscopic surgery
  • Hernia and scar reduction surgery

About us

Dr Kukleta is a specialist abdominal surgeon in Zurich and, with his practice, is a partner in the Hernia Centre, Zurich, which is also known under the name NetworkHernia. NetworkHernia is considered to be a capable provider in the field of the diagnosis and treatment of inguinal hernias and abdominal wall hernias and is closely networked with leading specialists and opinion leaders worldwide in order to give patients with hernias the best possible care and access to the latest medical developments. Dr Kukleta has already performed endoscopic procedures for hernia repair for over 20 years at the Hernia Centre, Zurich. The long-standing experience of Dr Kukleta and the other specialists of NetworkHernia is important in order to be able to select those conservative methods such as surgical techniques, which meet the individual requirements of the patient, among the many options.

Thanks to his experience, Dr Kukleta’s practised eye and sense of touch enable him to diagnose many hernias correctly and rapidly. In some cases, however, the specialist abdominal surgeon in Zurich must use advanced diagnostic techniques such as ultrasound or magnetic resonance examination, so that the conditions resulting from a hernia can be better distinguished from conditions resulting from hip joint-related or spinal column-related conditions. On the one hand, diagnostic laparoscopy (intestinal examination) is also utilised occasionally at the abdominal surgery centre in Zurich in order better to be able to assess the situation within the abdominal cavity and, on the other hand, a laparoscopic hernia repair can follow in a second step. Contrast medium injections for the purposes of a herniography are only used in extremely rare cases at the Hernia Centre in Zurich since this technique can be associated with not insignificant complications.

All advanced hernia treatment techniques are available at the Hernia Centre, Zurich. Whenever necessary, Dr Kukleta enlists the aid of other specialists, such as neurologists, physiotherapists, invasive radiologists, sports medicine specialists or pain therapists in the decision-making, where the patient’s requests and his healthy constitution are important factors in selecting the suitable technique.

Both in the operating theatre and in the follow-up treatment, the most advanced technologies are employed and experienced, professional teams support the surgeons of the Abdominal Surgery Centre in Zurich. So, a patient at the Hernia Centre in Zurich is assured that he will benefit from the currently best possible treatment.

Special Offers / Arrangements / Rooms

Minor surgical procedures can be performed at the practice.



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