Prim. - Lukas Lusuardi - Urology -

Prim. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Lukas Lusuardi

Specialist for urology, pelvic floor and prostatic cancer in Salzburg

Prim. - Lukas Lusuardi - Urology -
Prof. Lusuardi has made a name for himself internationally with therapies for cancer of the prostate and bladder. The experienced urologist is also considered highly competent in surgeries on the pelvic floor and for incontinence. The treatment unfulfilled desires to have a child also belongs to his enormous spectrum.

Special Clinical Focus

  • Bladder carcinoma
  • Prostatic carcinoma
  • Testicle carcinoma
  • Calculus treatment
  • Incontinence
  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia
  • Fertility treatment

About us Prim. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Lukas Lusuardi

Prim. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Lukas Lusuardi, Chief Physician, has been Chief Physician of the University Department of Urology and Andrology at Salzburg University Hospital in Austria since 2017 and, prior to this, was Chief Physician of the Urology Department at Brixen Hospital. He focuses on treatment of all types of urological tumors (kidney, bladder, testicles, prostate), treatment of renal calculi and bladder-related neurological conditions. As a center for laparoscopic surgery, we were able to introduce the DaVinci® system into robot-assisted surgery at the University Hospital under the leadership of Professor Dr. Lusuardi.

In the showcase department for urology in Salzburg, the first surgical procedures ever in Austria or sometimes in Europe were carried out in the field of radical prostatectomy, tumor nephrectomy, partial kidney resection, renal pelvic graft, ureteral reimplantation, retroperitoneal lymphadenectomy, adrenalectomy and sacrocolpopexia for incontinence. The drive of Professor Dr. Lukas Lusuardi for innovation has helped to extend the diagnostic range to include PSMA therapy. A more gentle treatment for removal of large renal calculi using miniaturized instruments was initiated by Prof. Lusuardi who is particularly well known for his interdisciplinary activities. He also always focuses on the training of younger colleagues.

Salzburg University Hospital is the third hospital in the whole of Austria since 2017 to carry out robot-assisted surgery with the latest generation of the DaVinci® system since, with only one other system of this type in London. The DaVinci® is a big help with bladder, colon, esophageal, pancreatic and gall bladder surgeries. The surgeon controls the instruments using two operating elements that are attached to the robotic arms. There is up to a 40-fold magnification of the operating field allowing for a detailed assessment of the tissue while the seven degrees of freedom of the robotic arms enable a much higher and more precise mobility of the hands. Patient safety has improved significantly thanks to the DaVinci® system.

In the University Department of Andrology and Urology, Professor Dr. Lusuardi and his team offer all modern endoscopic procedures with the most advanced equipment, such as the holmium YAG laser, which allows renal calculi to be destroyed in the renal pelvis or ureter so that they can be extracted without a large incision.

Diagnostic Services

  • Prostatic biopsy
  • Cystoscopy (bladder examination)
  • Ureteroscopy (endoscopy) of the ureters and kidneys
  • Bladder pressure measurement
  • X-ray
  • Ultrasound

Therapeutic Services

  • DaVinci robot
  • Tumor surgery
  • Vasectomy
  • Radical prostatectomy
  • Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT = destruction of renal calculi)
  • Endoscopic treatment of calculi
  • Radiotherapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Hormone therapy
  • Ileum conduit side outlet



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