Dr. - Marcus Mumme - Pediatric orthopedics -

PD Dr. Marcus Mumme

Specialist in knee and sports surgery for children, adolescents and adults in Basel

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+41 61 7041212 (Landline at local rates)
Dr. - Marcus Mumme - Pediatric orthopedics -
PD Dr. Marcus Mumme Specialist in knee and sports surgery for children, adolescents and adults in Basel
+41 61 7041212 (Landline at local rates)
PD Dr. Mumme has specialised with great dedication in orthopaedics for children, adolescents and adults. His main focus is on the knee joint, where he is well-known for his successes, especially in joint-preserving surgery. He is also an expert in cartilage surgery.

Special Clinical Focus

Conservative treatments as well as arthroscopic, regenerative and joint-preserving knee joint surgery and orthobiological procedures in children, adolescents and adults
  • Sports injuries and sports overexertion complaints
  • Patellar instability/patellar luxation (conservative therapies, MPFL-plasty, trochleaplasty, correction of patella height, growth guidance, axis and rotation corrections),
  • Deformities of the leg (bow leg, knock-kneed leg, rotation defect)
  • Meniscus injuries and congenital meniscus disorders: preserving meniscus surgery, meniscus transplantation (allograft), revision cases
  • Cruciate and collateral ligament injuries: All reconstructive ligamentoplasties of the knee joint (anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments, collateral ligaments), revision cases
  • Cartilage damage, osteochondrosis and early arthrosis: Cartilage cell transplantation (ACT and NoseToKnee), osteochondral transplantation, bone marrow stimulation/biomaterials, revision cases
  • Anterior knee pain syndrome, Osgood-Schlatter disease, Sinding-Larsen disease, patellar tendinopathy, patellar and quadriceps tendon rupture, chronic knee pain syndromes
  • Treatment of joint-related bone pathology, e.g. bone bruises, chronic osteoporosis. Bone oedema, bone necrosis, bone cysts
  • Fractures and post-traumatic problems
  • Ankle joint instability and osteochondrosis of the ankle joint
  • Chronic knee pain of unknown origin
  • Second opinions

About us PD Dr. Marcus Mumme

When children and adolescents are the focus of highly specialised medicine, this is always good news. Not only because children are particularly vulnerable anyway - but because children and adolescents often require a different medical approach than adults. Basel pays tribute to this realisation in an absolutely exemplary way: With the University Children's Hospital of Basel, a university competence centre for paediatrics and adolescent medicine has been created that offers a wide range of medical, therapeutic and other specialties and services in accordance with the highest international standards. A prime example of the forward-looking approach is PD Dr. med. Marcus Mumme, who heads the paediatric and adolescent sports orthopaedics and knee surgery unit and specialises in paediatric orthopaedics, sports and cartilage surgery.

Growing can hurt: Almost a third of all children complain of growing pains from time to time. Often such pain is harmless - but if children and adolescents complain of aching joints for a longer period of time, parents should contact a specialist doctor who specialises in exactly this. In the region of Northwestern Switzerland, such a specialist can be found in the person of PD Dr. med. Marcus Mumme, Head Physician of Orthopaedics at the UKBB - the University Children's Hospital of both Basels.

An entire hospital that is geared in every detail only to children and adolescents; in this regard, the UKBB has caused an international sensation. What is often not clear to everyone in other hospitals forms the clear basis in Basel: Children are not small adults! And because our offspring often have to deal with problems in their legs or arms, especially during the growth phases, serious diseases of the skeletal system should be ruled out quickly - or detected in time. Whether it's the knees, the feet, the calf or the shin, PD Dr. med. Marcus Mumme, as a specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery (D) and as a specialist in orthopaedics and traumatology of the musculoskeletal system (FMH/CH), is familiar with all the details - far beyond those of growth management.

Sports and recreational injuries or congenital and growth-related problems: Specialisation in the knee

In this child-friendly institution, guardians have the right contact person for all orthopaedic questions in PD Dr. Mumme. Often it is complex tasks that he is confronted with. For example, when it comes to restoring a knee joint to health after an accident during sports or due to a congenital or growth-related problem, very specialised expertise is called for. Due to his high level of specialisation, PD Dr. Mumme is known for using innovative procedures in knee joint surgery to make joints that are growing functional again in everyday life or suitable for sports. In his everyday practice as well as in his research, he is intensively involved with arthroscopic and regenerative methods and always keeps abreast of international developments through his memberships in scientific societies and academies.

Orthobiology and cartilage transplants: State-of-the-art procedures for children, adolescents and adults who do not want a prosthesis

This is especially true for novel orthobiological procedures, which are otherwise less of a focus for children and adolescents. If children or adolescents have cartilage damage, suffer from osteochondrosis or even early arthrosis, there is no substitute for the eye of an experienced specialist. PD Dr. Mumme is one of the pioneers in the innovative field of modern cartilage cell transplantation and osteochondral transplantation - and also in bone marrow stimulation with biomaterials. Adult patients who still feel too young for an artificial joint can also benefit from these procedures in particular. The modern procedures developed at the University of Basel can sometimes also be used to treat complex cartilage and bone damage.

Whether due to problems with growth, an accident or a usually very rare disease that often shows the limits of general orthopaedics already during diagnosis, there are many reasons to turn to an orthopaedic specialist for young people. Whether it is an instability of the kneecap, a correction of the patella height or rotation corrections, PD Dr. med. Marcus Mumme is there for his young patients from precise diagnostics to targeted follow-up treatment. They trust him right away - because that is also part of the expertise of the renowned paediatric orthopaedic surgeon. He approaches people with a high degree of empathy and sensitivity. The children and young people feel this immediately - and so do the parents.


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