Prof. - Martin Kuhlmann - Nephrology -

Prof. Martin Kuhlmann

Specialist for Nephrology in Berlin

Prof. - Martin Kuhlmann - Nephrology -
Prof. Kuhlmann is without doubt one of the most outstanding nephrologists in the German-speaking world. He has long been familiar with all kidney diseases - and even uses modern dialysis methods to simulate the functions of the kidney.

Special Clinical Focus

  • Treatment of chronic renal insufficiency
  • Treatment of glomerular and interstitial renal diseases
  • Treatment of severe variable high blood pressure
  • Up to date dialysis techniques
  • Peritoneal dialysis
  • Nutritional medicine in renal diseases


About us Prof. Martin Kuhlmann

Prof. Kuhlmann is a specialist nephrologist in Berlin. He is the Senior Consultant at the Clinic for Internal Medicine and Nephrology at the Vivantes Hospital in the Friedrichshain in Berlin. The specialist nephrologist, who is a specialist internist – nephrologist, works in Berlin with both out-patients and in-patients. Here, the specialist nephrologist’s treatment embraces all conditions affecting the kidneys.

The kidneys are the filter organs of the human body. They filter out toxins and purify the blood. For this reason, the kidneys, which the specialist nephrologist treats, are such an important organ. Should one or both kidneys no longer be functioning properly, as a specialist nephrologist in Berlin, Prof. Kuhlmann must tackle this problem.

For this reason, the treatment emphases of Prof. Kuhlmann include chronic renal insufficiency, glomerular and interstitial renal diseases, as well as nutritional medicine in renal diseases. Severe variable high blood pressure, which can be induced by the kidneys, is also treated by the specialist nephrologist.

Prof. Kuhlmann is able to regulate the renal function artificially. The specialist nephrologist in Berlin regulates the renal function of the human body using up to date dialysis techniques, such as peritoneal dialysis. Thus, the toxins are filtered out of the blood and the patient can go on living, thanks to the support of the nephrologist.

The kidneys are complex organs, which a specialist nephrologist such as Prof. Kuhlmann must know intimately and master. Only in this way can he treat the diseases of nephrology. These can include both acute as well as chronic kidney diseases. The specialist nephrologist, Prof. Kuhlmann, works at the Vivantes Hospital in Berlin, where he can also perform in-patient treatments.

Prof. Kuhlmann in Berlin also performs additional diagnosis and subsequent treatment for haematuria, albuminuria and proteinuria. For renal stone conditions, the specialist nephrologist collaborates closely with the specialist urologists.

As a specialist nephrologist, Prof. Kuhlmann can also help where there are complications of pregnancy, whenever the complications of the pregnancy arise due to the involvement of the kidneys or the blood pressure. Essentially, the specialist nephrologist develops an individual treatment concept for his patients, which Prof. Kuhlmann and the patient follow together, whereby a successful treatment can be achieved.

Particularly in the case of chronic renal insufficiency, the treatment concept of the specialist nephrologist is of great importance since, in this way, Prof. Kuhlmann is able to delay the progression of the chronic renal insufficiency or a deterioration.
Together with his special treatment emphases, the specific treatment emphases of the specialist nephrologist, Prof. Kuhlmann in Berlin, also include the so-called glomerulonephritides and interstitial nephritides, which are examined by ultrasound or CT-controlled nephrobiopsy, together with hereditary glomerulopathies, diseases of the rheumatic spectrum and vasculitides such as  Wegener’s granulomatosis and Goodpasture’s syndrome.

Disorders of the electrolyte and acid / base balance, which can be very complicated and serious, are also among the treatment emphases of the specialist nephrologist Prof. Kuhlmann.

Dialysis, that is, the so-called “artificial kidney”, also plays a particularly important role in the particular treatment emphases of the specialist nephrologist, Prof. Kuhlmann in Berlin, because this lets the specialist nephrologist enable the patient to continue living with improperly functioning kidneys.

Here, a large number of patients rely on dialysis and the specialist nephrologist is able to utilise these correctly and select the suitable techniques for the patient, because the dialysis specialist is aware of the most up to date dialysis techniques, which enable the patient to live a life as free of complaints as possible. These also include, for example, peritoneal dialysis, which is administered by Prof. Kuhlmann in Berlin.



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